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PX Ranger

PX Ranger

hey this is Jeff rose welcome to soldier of finance today I'm asking the question are you a px Ranger PX Ranger was a term that was introduced to us in basic training before I go into it I need to explain what PX Ranger stands for P X stands for Post Exchange this was a little shop bet where we'd go and get any supplies that we needed and after we graduated basic training we could buy all our ribbons all our decorations kind of like you see on my dress uniform behind me Rangers they are the elite of the elite these guys are the hardcore badasses of the army these guys went through some horrible training that i could probably never endure but that's what they did and the term PX ranger comes from to be a ranger like having the mark of the ranger you would have a Ranger tab on your left arm and if when you're in basic training you saw that soldier had the Ranger tab you knew that they were a stud and the term PX Ranger came out to be because you could buy a Ranger tab at the store even if you weren't a ranger you could buy one so the kind of joke was if you're not a ranger you could become a px Ranger meaning that you could buy it and put on your sleeve and no one would know the difference other than the other Rangers that they found out that wouldn't be a very good thing so today I'm asking you are you a px Ranger in your financial life what does that mean well you've probably heard the term the Joneses or trying to keep up with the Joneses and the Joneses are the people to have the big houses the big cars and all of those things that you envy but when you actually get behind the scenes they are over leveraged over maxed out and just have done a horrible job managing your money so that's an example of being a px ranger sure they have a big house and drive that nice car and wear those clothes that you wish you had but it's all a fraud it's all hollow don't buy into that you're a soldier of Finance you don't need to be a px ranger sure you might not have the shiny ribbons or shiny medals now but by siccing to your guns staying low to the ground by keeping out of debt and saving your butt off eventually you will get ahead and you'll be in charge this is jeff rose soldier finance

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  1. As a former U.S. Army Infantryman (1BN/7INF, 3ID, Aco.), our definition of PX Ranger were soldiers who purchased every [earned] pin and award they could to put on their uniforms in order to show how "elite" they were. Before I ETS'd, we were encouraged to "keep it tight" (our Class-As) and not clutter our chest with a bunch of pins. I saw guys that pinned FOUR different Sharpshooter medals on their chest instead of just having ONE Sharpshooter medal with four rungs just so they could look like they accomplished more. THAT was a "PX Ranger" to us back in the day.


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