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PX Adventures, PART 1

PX Adventures, PART 1

okay in the pics your life TV you I guess it's going alright what we're going to do is read bill didn't really do it for me last time to be ones yet Sue's we have a life all right goodbye don't worry we're not going to sell it we are not endorsing these at all and so they shouldn't even be on there is a sluggish and if we're drinking it one of the group whatever that is look I might do it I do all right will you i'm looking at beverages what is this what know what kind of laws were violating right now but I'm kind of excited to find out subzi oh go there riding together let's pick one oh you're gay you're gay homo what are you writing yeah hi I do drugs yep that's probably why you're doing that so say we r we getting backwards we want coffee that makes you shit acids its mass happening in the car I want the one who passes what rebuild that I don't super assessment what is this like I was some black too with intent to supply co london energy supplements this shit right here Kurt out of years party super energy I know how I said vinegar delegation all right let's go back here on right let's go basketball first we are going to find a ling that's open this one my hands are cold oh yeah I'm gonna follow you anymore course officers oh we have priority only in that Lane not in this one's for wheelchairs call me what it was sighing separate you're on camera like them are here few dollars huh I don't know what are you doing okay when he gives you money I'm waiting to pay for my looks like what are you any more money yeah sorry 40 ml is a fun trip well shut up while we pool our buttons video game this is not yeah we're on camera right now I'm not going to put you on there I'm not going to put you on i did not pay you we are funny we're doing gave me the PX way too much time on her hands as you can see it's like The Blair Witch almost better funny & M knows all right I just want to say really quick that Joss but that this guy was on the dime come on Oh what's little moment this is gonna be good to be convenient

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