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Putin Tongue-Lashes American Journo Who Criticized Him For “Promoting Stereotypes About America”

Putin Tongue-Lashes American Journo Who Criticized Him For “Promoting Stereotypes About America”

First of all, this is related to a critical attitude towards each other. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that, as you surely know, an unprecedented anti-Russia campaign has been launched in the United States – starting with the late stages of the Obama Administration, and it is not over yet. I do not understand why you are surprised by my critical attitude towards the activity of the previous US administration, as well as the present administration. The United States has unleashed an unprovoked anti-Russia campaign. Somebody lost the election to Mr Trump, Russia was blamed for everything and a vicious anti-Russia hysteria – there is no other way I can describe this – was whipped up. Any issue, any failure is being attributed to Russia. Is that not so? Yes, this is exactly the case – on any issue. Look for the Russian trail, and, by the way, they immediately find one. This is my first point. The second is, we have met here today not to award medals and orders to each other; we are having a discussion and we are doing this sincerely and honestly. I also presented my position on many aspects of our relations that I consider negative. I did not create stereotypes; I spoke about facts. For example, the fact that chemical weapons have not been eliminated. Is this a stereotype or a fact? It is a fact. Instead of destroying chemical weapons, they (US administration) have put this off until 2023. I spoke about destroying plutonium. Is this a stereotype or a fact? It is a fact. Instead of meeting their bilateral obligations, they changed them unilaterally and are not complying with them within the framework of the treaty. This is what I spoke about. However, this does not mean that our relations in the past did not… Yes, by the way, when I said that we gave our partners access to all nuclear facilities – what is this, some kind of an anti-American stereotype? Of course not – I spoke about our openness, but said that this openness was not duly appreciated. Because it is perfectly obvious – and I have to repeat this: as a former FSB director, I know for sure that there was massive support for separatism and radicalism in our North Caucasus. Do not tell me anything about that – I know it. Was there no bombing of Belgrade? Without UN Security Council approval? What is this, an anti-American stereotype? It is a fact. Did the armed forces not move into Iraq without approval from the UN Security Council? Is this a stereotype? It is a fact. The United States itself is creating such stereotypes. However, this does not mean that there was nothing good in our relations. There were good things, too, I agree with you – support in joining the WTO, that is true, and there were other positive developments. Even on an interpersonal level, we had very good discussions and contacts. For example, I will never forget Bill Clinton’s support when I was taking my first steps as Prime Minister. Boris Yeltsin sent me to New Zealand to stand in for him and that was where I first met Mr Clinton. We established a very good, positive, kind human relationship. In other words, we do have something positive to talk about, but I am talking only about what is standing in our way. Have we gathered here only to praise each other or what? The current situation leaves much to be desired, doesn’t it? You have hysteria out there; we have discontent; you are tearing down our flags, closing our diplomatic missions. What is so good about it? All of this is the result of the problems that have accumulated. I explained where they came from. After all, we have met here not to praise and pamper each other but to identify problems, show where they come from and think about how to resolve them. Can they be resolved or not? I believe that they can. Let us work together to this end. We need your advice and recommendations. This is why we meet here at the Valdai Club. Thank you for your question.

Reader Comments

  1. american journos think they bring something to the table- belligerant and out of touch w international stage

  2. Please don't judge all Americans by the lefty libs..we see how good you are to your people.. Blessings from America

  3. She said the american institution does not change. Yes, it doesn't.
    How many presidents have changed?. The bottomline is the same, war, sanction and regime change without any UN resolution etc. Breaking treates of what has been agreed upon happens by the US. Is it the US institution or the president broke them?.
    Fake news & data used, to exert force to distroys countries are happening.

  4. Putin is a real leader Europe’s leaders are all leftists and horrible people putin is solid and I would be proud to call him mr president

  5. Fucking dumb american whore, there has been no such thing as a President in America since Abraham Lincoln and J.F Kennedy nor has there been anything politically positive from a child murdering country.

  6. She said that Americans respect the institutions more than the people. She's actually lying. She's only referring to the elite who profit from these said institutions. Most Americans hold the individual in higher regard than anything else. But yet most Americans aren't elite.

  7. Title is wrong, Putin always bust the negativity such non sense people creates, logically, sensibly and everytime.

  8. Damn… A clear, well-thought out and composed response to a drama-ridden egoistic vitriol of a question..

  9. I love Russia and it’s culture, I’m from America and trying to learn Russian. I can’t believe we have people like this in our country. She’s way passive aggressive and rude!

  10. Looks like she jumped out of that famous painting of the farmer and his Quaker wife. Poor old spinster never lost her virginity.

  11. 2 1/2 minutes of gum flapping for a question? Lady, sit down and shut up. Do you really think it's appropriate to attempt to lecture the head of a Nation? Who are you anyway? Why do you think you get to apply your values to someone else and then lecture them on not living up to your values. That's Vladimir Putin, not your 6 year old son….

  12. Yeah she didn't make it out of their alive these are the same people that take American from Grant the fake journalist turned activist it take their freedoms for granted in America

  13. I believe in my heart Mr. Putin wants TRUE PEACE! He's been on both sides of the coin and he knows the best path for Human kind to travel is a PEACEFUL one… Love one another and yourself this is the path to peace 😘🌎❤️💛💚💙💜

  14. I would love to have a 5 min private Talk with Putin just to talk about the whole world. I love to hear this man speaking

  15. Macho man of guts, spunk and knowledge bcz he knows his power.. Such a jerk journalist got befitted reply what she deserves..

  16. Yes interesting she thinks the past presidents running time was more positive then negative. The 60 million dead war victims can't speak up.

  17. i have no clue why they love putin but after watching this video, putin makes a lot of sense now and all of his statements is not solely for anti american but it is a fact. i love american people but im not sure about their goverment 😂

  18. The Greatest Hoax was perpetrated against the American people…The Russian Hoax. Mueller was a complete bust for the people who lost against Pres Trump. It is nothing more than the Coup attempt of a duly elected President.Against all odds Donald Trump beat a rigged system.It was rigged for Hillary Clinton…But the American said NO! Although Donald Trump is not exactly the most perfect man in the world…he is a far cry better than Hillary Clinton.These people the Democrats Obama Hillary Clinton refuses to accept the results of the 2016 elections.

  19. Let us not forget how much restraint Russia has shown after decades of American anti-Russian rhetoric. Back in 1945 already – the red army crushed Germany and obliterated Japan's forces in China – to the point where Tokyo was about to surrender. Who takes credit? USA. Who dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan JUST when Tokyo was ready to lay down arms? The bloody USA. None of this is told. But America is great, right?

  20. He remains so calm and level-headed, which allows him to focus and identify issues and their resolutions so clearly.

  21. Much respect Mister President! You are the honor of your country, its history, its people, its pride, its culture, its values. You are the damn BOSS!

  22. This journalist is so arrogant its painful. As an American I am grateful to Putin for pushing back against the unelected pundits in the media who none the less feel they've earned the right to control political discourse.

  23. Well done president, I don’t know how you put up with this crap, what a drone I’m surprised that you didn’t frog march her to the Volga.

  24. Reporter is a long winded garbage bag of puke.
    Nothing about The ☢️Uranium One Deal of Century? 🇷🇺Putin and 🇨🇳Xi Jinping uses US politicians like 🐷Hillary and 🌭Bill to shine their shoes for a 💵cash payment.
    Was the 💰WTO in reference to the 👹NWO System of Global Organized Political Crime run out of the US.
    🇷🇺Putin works for the betterment of his country just like 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP THE GREAT🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 does.

  25. Amazing response of amazing leader. Real man, real leader, real President – not some "colorful" entity without identity.

  26. Actually putin english is better than those lady but he still never ever want to bring up outsider language instead of russian language..this is what i really love!love your mother language!its your grandsuperfather language hundred thousand years why we do need to speak english?look japan,they still one of the best economically country,look china,look russia and many more..better you learn mandarin because i do believe mandarin would be the next world language in next [email protected]

  27. "Nyet! Nyet! OOH! AAH!"

    Courtesy of Patrick F. McManus in his book, The Grasshopper Trap. You're welcome. 😂

  28. Some people ask questions about the Russian government. and some people are suicided. Hey… accidents do happen.

  29. Super answers and at the end good balance,
    Hats off to you Mr.Putin,
    Beloved Russian President,
    Love from India, Andhra Pradesh.

  30. Saw some comments saying that this journalist doesn't represent majority of Americans. Also saw a comment in another video where the commentator thinks that majority of the world thinks of Americans to be very smart.

    Haven't laughed out so hard in a long time.

  31. I'm actually very curious as to why the KGB didn't shut her the fuck up after her first minute of useless speech.

  32. We americans dont respect our own constitution! We think we are the best in the world. When we're not! We need to stop and think about where as human being… What is our purpose in our life. Because america is dying. And thats no ones fault but ours!

  33. President Putin please understand that We the People of the U.S.A. do not agree with any anti-Russian position !!!

  34. Here in the UK our mass media showed Putin in a horrible light making the masses fear him over the years. Programming works if you don't search for the truth. Thank God we can see him speak via translation to know what a great dignified leader he is and how easily programmed folk can be.

  35. What a gentleman the exact opposite the USA idiots that call themselves leaders of the free world….you aint my leaders none of you.

  36. Iam african i understand English more than Russian but what is more impressing is i support Russia without understanding their language…this woman dont know what she is talking about america is not democratic country is Zionism country..evil run USA…world is peace place now thanks to russia and china

  37. "Nobody criticized and even not Promoting Stereotypes About America" ! Only US-Politic makes it for itself ! Always, first the US have to analysis its own POLITICAL MOVES (Does it "FALSE MOVE" or "ON PURPOSE" or "IT'S UTTERLY CORRECT MOVE") ! In that case "NOTHING IS GOING TO BE CRITIQUE nor PROMOTING STEREOTYPES ABOUT AMERICA ! The world around the US has also EYES and BRAIN and analysis US-Political Moves. It's quite normal , "WHEN HAS AN ACTION AS A REPLY ALWAYS HAS REACTION" So it's good "WHEN YOU MAKE IT, FIRST THINK IS IT FALSE OR NOT !!! ???

  38. Point of fact: stereotypes are based on observations. They may at times be exaggerated but, they are usually spot on.

  39. USA always makes Russia the bad guys, as if every russian is a full of steroid, brainwashed KGB agent that kept a laser shooting cyborg brown bear as a pet, riding on an unicycle. Through Hollywood, Key opinion leader and stereotypes, how could you be dare enough to ask Russia why are they doing so?

  40. She literally just stated what America does on a daily basis ! Play down countries like Russia, India with negative stereotypes !

  41. The American people, including the media blackout, do not know what is going on outside America. The only things they care about are: Drugs, alcohol and sex Their information is very weak and the US government has brainwashed the people of the terms of freedom and democracy. The arrogant US capitalist government is a gang of rich Jews who control the people. Provides drugs and alcohol and the practice of prostitution under the names of freedom and democracy and the naive people programmed to these vaccines Russia has always sought peace in the world

  42. Putin uses good reverse psychology!!! But he's just a good actor!!! Russia is going down the drain because of him!! He's a pathetic goat fuckin idiot!!!

  43. Right between her fat ugly american eyes that hit her. Putin owned her did you see how uncomfortable they were listening to the truth.

  44. i will tell you this piece of shit butch cunt licker doent speek for me or a lot of men in america , this cunt licking piece of shit is like a picture of Barack Obama , you need two one to shit on the other to cover it up with , this lesbian reporter is like my school district in july NO CLASS

  45. What was this woman speaking out of? Her mouth or her b……. I have never heard so much crap from one human. She must have been promised payment, and is still owed


  47. God I hate their attitude I hate their accent I hate Everything about Americans. Their are just ignorants and bigots. This journalist is a real definition of an American CUNT. No sense of respect.

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