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Puerto Rico Relief | Young Living Foundation

Puerto Rico Relief | Young Living Foundation

[On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico
was hit by Hurricane Maria] [One of the strongest storms to make landfall in recent history.] – When the Hurricane
Maria came, we were at our condominium on
the 11th floor. The building was shaking and
it was moving as a boat. – As soon as the wind
changed, I was able to open the door and get to my stair. It was a sensation of how strong
and amazing the nature is. It was like an overwhelm power
where you can really not think. It’s just power. [Somber music] – With all the footage
that the media is sharing with the storm
hitting Puerto Rico, I had a feeling that the
Young Living Foundation would get involved and I was waiting
to see what I could do to help. – We put an all-out call to
pilots saying we need volunteers, we need people to come down and
help us help those in need. Move them from Puerto
Rico to the mainland. – We came to Florida
to position ourselves for disaster relief
of Puerto Rico. – Six pallets’ worth of Young
Living product arrived. We made over 1500 different
Young Living product bags. – The Young Living members in Florida
came from all different parts. I talked to one member who
drove two hours just to help and we’ve had children also
coming in and chipping in. We filled the airplane with
boxes and boxes and boxes that were coming in from Amazon,
from all of the donations. – Sometimes I would
walk into the hangar and there would be two to three hundred
boxes that needed to be processed. – We got in touch with the
Young Living Foundation members and they said they
were coming with help. – We would pick up the
supplies here at Sarasota that were either drop-shipped
or brought in by members. We had a storage room, a
studio down there where we would store the products. We had packed the
plane so tight. It looked like it
was a clown car. Just packages kept coming out,
kept coming out, kept coming out. – My classroom is full of
all this stack of things. – We dropped off all of the
goods that we had packed onto the plane the night
before, and then evacuated some people off of the island. Once we landed here, we
repeated the process. Reloaded the plane. Landed back in Puerto
Rico a few hours later, and then evacuated
another set of people. The look of relief on their
face when we took off and even more so when we landed
has been absolutely overwhelming. – Each time we flew, the airplane was
full of either products or of people. So both ways we were helping. – To be associated
with Young Living, it’s amazing because they are
really making a difference. – Even though the
conditions are poor, they are working together, they
are healthy, they’re safe. And I’m just so grateful for Young
Living to make this possible. – It is your time, care,
and generosity that fuels The D. Gary Young Young
Living Foundation. – Thank you so much.

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  1. Thank's to these Warriors of ABBA Baruch HaShem Adonai our Elohim, blessings to all of you in the Name of ABBA's Beloved son Yeshua Hamashiach Mashiach of Yisrael

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