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Only 1? Waited so long Their loot upon landing is not bad I have 2 flare guns, worried I’ll die when I meet enemies later Won’t be so unlucky right…? Kill Nian beast first Aiyo, scared me to death! Frustrating! Keep getting frightened! Feel like I’ll have a heart attack from all these scaring Must stay alert Can’t play this game anymore… Where is he? Who was the bot shooting at? Bot won’t shoot at nothing Bridge camp, hehe xD I’m so sly This pistol here is so scary… Those at Novorepnoye left Not sure about those who shot me just now Might still be there Wow, a Nian beast in the water Below us, amazing Nian beast can swim Realise this is how hackers see the road We can’t see anything Normal players see like this Got it? Very obvious to identify wall hackers Thought the Nian beast was a player… scared me Must always drive the car there Flare gun I have 2, not sure when to use them How about I go over there and shoot it right infront of them? Is it too rash? Maybe a little… They already shot 2, if I go and shoot mine, total 4 flare drops This housing area hard to fight Not sure if there’s enemies in warehouse Shouldn’t have enemies Run, can’t win He’s very fast I just appeared And he’s already coming for me Don’t have DP-28, can’t knock him What the…!!! What did he eat! Wait, flare drop at the other housing area too? So scary Can fight him, a buggy 2 enemies No grenades Ah, a car stopped infront They’re fighting DP-28~~~ Where are you~~~ Knew you have it Good players in this season have started to use DP-28 Find somewhere to shoot flare gun No need to drive too fast, wait for new circle and enter straightaway A sedan over there Drive straight there Don’t fight first Can’t hear anything right? xD Stunned right? xD No hurry to shoot flare gun Shall not shoot it first Wait for new circle to shoot Another teammate didn’t revive Eliminated straightaway, 2 killed This location is just right, edge of circle Edge of circle combined with center of circle See? Stay alert, might have enemies here Didn’t come here just now Not sure who is sniping me, must be careful Saw the sniper Loot some crates for bullets before circle closes He’s prone there, want to shoot those outside safezone Saw another enemy He’s aiming at me Might have enemies at the side Can see me, so I must prone Can’t get it Should have 2 over there At most only 1 here Here safer No need to worry about having low energy level and losing the fight Enemies mostly there

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  1. PubgMobile| 2 AWMS? | BQR GOT PLAYED BY ENEMIES!🐋 |【BQR】

  2. Noobs player, u have to play in intenational PUBGM… Diamant rank is difficult… But damn u play very well i like ur strategie of playing.

  3. 你打的人可能不是太強, 國際服皇冠都是高手, 基本上不能開車到處找人, 都是打爆頭, 我剛剛才二十殺, 冇辦法現在的人都是高手

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