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PTAIPA: Military In Equestria

PTAIPA: Military In Equestria

Good Morning Youtube Flank Hollow here and
since the year’s almost up I figured I should make a video that has nothing to do with the
end of the year! We’re talking about Military in Equestria! Something I’ve noticed over the course of
the past few years is that us bronies love putting these candy colored horses into very
violent situations. One of these being warfare. But why would a show about happy ponies feature
something so foul and ug— oh they kinda did. Well its quite obvious that another force attacking Equestria
is plausible. So that means that talking about Equeastria’s fighting force isn’t as far
fetched as I would have thought. The first thing that would pop into my mind
when we say Military in Equestria would be the Royal Guard. Their job is as I explained
in the Law Enforcement video, to guard the royals. Kinda. They also of course guard the
city that their in and have been shown to do what some would call less meaningful work
like looking for a pet or acting as a bouncer. I’m not sure about other countries, but the US military has not combative jobs as
well, but ours tend to be more ceremonial. But the word “Guard” is in the name. So
it can be assumed guarding is their main intent. However as I also said in the Law enforcement
video. They’re kinda bad at it. They couldn’t hold off the changling invasion. They suck
at night watch. They couldn’t find a bird. And they seem to have a bad grasp of who’s
who. Seriously! How do you not know who cheesy Goridita is!? It really makes me wonder why they are in the position that they are in. It seems
that any threat that could even come close to beating Celestia would just as easily beat
the guard so why do they guard her? Well I have an idea. In Testing Testing 123. It is
explained in the mass of lectures that the EUP Earth Pony unicorn and Pegasus guard.
The royal Guard was formed after Nightmare Moon’s initial rebellion. They felt that
the Sun Princess would need protection should a similar force rise again. But Celestia won
that so called war. She defeated nightmare Moon and kept her subjects safe. How would
these simple ponies protect the powerhouse of the alicorn she was. And why was it that
it was only formed after Nightmare Moon’s attack. They had had many other evil guys appear before
like Discord and Sombra. But they didn’t have a Guard. Besides being that Nightmare Moon was probably the toughest of those three, The only explanation I can give
is that it is for the pony population more than anything. While in actuality it
is meaningless to have an army for defense when you have a powerhouse in charge. And
later it becomes more meaningless as six heroines become an even greater defense. It seems to
be just to make the citizens of Equestria feel like they’re doing something. That
they aren’t just sitting around waiting for the big kids to fight for them. They want
to feel like they have more say in what’s what. That at least is my thoughts for the
Royal Guard. But keep in mind this is still only a defensive military. They show no signs
of invading any other areas. But are there any other forms of Equestrian militaries.
well Lets go back to Testing Testing 123 agaain. The whole topic of that lecture from Twilight
was of course the Wonderbolts. It turns out that they originally were a branch of the
EUP Guard. Specifically the P. Or at least some of the P. The best of the P. They had
choreographed and produced a well made flight perfromance that Celestia liked that gave
them the chance to be their own organization. It hasn’t been shown yet if they are still
connected somehow, but from what we’ve seen its safe to say they are pretty seperated.
If they are seperate then I have to ask what is the Wonderbolts purpose? uhhh.. Racing
derbies? yeah air shows? yes. Judges? yup. Taking down a dragon that is attacking a town?
I guess so! They’ve been shown to have more important roles, but still can be seen as
a mere entertainment specticle. Heck they were in the Pony Olympics. Besides the spike
thing though… have they been shown to actually have combat experience. Are they simply good
fliers or is there something more? Well they actually did fight. When Tirek was taking
over Equestria The wonderbolts at least tried to attack him, which unfortunately ended in
failure. But the fact that they did fight him at all must mean they have some combat
experience or training meaning that the Wonderbolts are a military. Who else fought Tirek though?
Thats right the Earth Ponies of Appleloosa. They are the best example I can give of a
militia of ponies albeit a bad one. They weren’t formed by the higher powers and were just
made up of the townsfolk. Before Tirek we of course saw it when they fought the buffalo
which also supports interspecies violence by the way. They fought with.. pies … but
I’m sure given better resources they would use better arment if need be. This of course
if for the ruff and tumble ponies of Appleloosa I can only imagine that other smaller more
rural towns would also have similer teams, while bigger cities rely on the actual santioned
guards. But even now we can tell that they all have been proven useless against the real
threats. The threats that ended up being beaten by friendship, love, and whatever this was.
As much as I would love to ignore this idea, it is literally what the show is based on.
The magic of Friendship. Positive relationships of some kind has been how the ponies have
defended themselves Since Nightmare Moon’s return and defeat. And so far its worked out.
But since this magic has so far focused mainly on these 6 individuals the idea of spreading
it to others wouldn’t make sense. Currently that is. Who knows whats in store for season
5. It could very well be possible that this community of Equality ponies could be an attacking
force that has to be stopped or it could be a psuedo Zombie invasion that must be defended
against while the mane 6 are out of commision. Either way this could be a way for the military
that we’ve been seeing sit around doing nothing actually have some relevance for once.
That of course is just my take on the matter. Tell me what you think of the topic or my
video in the comments below. Like and subscribe if you want to see more. I try to do analysis
and other things. On a hopefully weekly basis. I’m Flank Hollow and remember! I put the anal into
analysis. They…say the best weapon is one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree! I prefer the weapon you only have to fire once! That’s how dad did it! That’s how America does it! And it’s worked out pretty well so far. Find an excuse to let one of these off the chain and I personally guarantee you the bad guys won’t even want to come out of their caves. For your consideration, The Jericho.

Reader Comments

  1. I'm sorry dude, but this video wasn't that deep to me either. I haven't watched much of your stuff, so I sadly don't know your approach. My basic recommendation is thinking of unheard-of extrapolations from the show. Digi did this by connecting the show to his real life, but such connections can be made on a large scale. For instance, say you know of a philosophical concept that hasn't been addressed. Apply said concept to MLP. Draw connections from something new to MLP.

    Still, just my opinion. 

  2. MacGuffins my friend, that is the third thing.  and all the equal signs points to some sort of weird…I don't know maybe communism or dictatorship allegory…I dunno I actually need to see the s5 trailers.

  3. Flank Hollow can you read this story and if you can can you put it on your video fan fiction Friday fanfictiinI love this story

  4. Like in 1940's the U.S. Made a huge blow up army in Britain to cool the German army into not looking at Omaha beach during D-day and reinforced a different part of the coast

  5. I have a very VERY crack pot theory: what if the wonder bolts, and the Royal guard are just there to make the ponyfolk FEEL safe. My theses is this: I believe that the Royal sisters (mainly Celestia) made a secret more capable armed forces. Having them be the real ones doing the battles while the Royal guard and wonder bolts keep everyone calm like nothing is happening. I'm calling this force the Equestrian Special Operations Armed Forces or the E.S.O.A.F for short. It would make sense in the show setting as well one of my main points here is the yaks and other countries we hear about literally right now. Why do you think that is? Possibly due to a past conflict? Or one happening in the near future.

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