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Projects Watches – Foretell – FULL REVIEW – I Review Crap!

Projects Watches – Foretell – FULL REVIEW – I Review Crap!

Hey everybody! Today we’re going to look at a watch I picked
up for cheap from Long Island Watch. The watch is a “Foretell watch” from “Projects
Watch”. I managed to pick this up for a third of it’s
original list price of $120. Yeah, it’s a quartz watch, but it has an interesting
feature that I’ll talk about in a minute. First, quick wrist watch check. Today I’m wearing one of my favorite vintage
watches. It’s a mint “Sears” 7 jewel dive watch from
1970, I recently put it on a blue camoflauge NATO strap. ANyhow, let’s get this thing open.The box is interesting, it has a slightly
magnetic top that holds it closed. Inside, the first thing you find is a folded
up brochure advertising for their company and website. So I checked it out… Thee “Projects Watch” company makes watches
with some very unique pieces, some created by well known designers. It seems they have over 100 current designs
with old designs being retired and new ones added. In fact the Fortell watch I picked up has
been retired recently. Which explains why I got it for so cheap. At any rate, the company tagline claims that
the watches are “Architecture you can wear”. Ummm… Ok. My opinion differs a bit, but we’ll talk about
that later. Here’s the watch, at first glance it’s a fairly
basic design. Instead of a second hand, a blue film rotates
around the dial, with a window revealing words written every 5 seconds. Hold on while I set the time on it. Here’s the caseback with some information
about the watch etched onto it. The band provided is a cheap 20mm leather
strap, it is long enough for me to wear on my large wrists, but barely. So at this point, you may wonder what’s so
special about this watch. Well, this watch can tell the future! It sort of operates the same as the old “Magic
8 Ball” toy you might be familiar with. You know, that big ball that you ask a question
and an answer floats to the surface of the blue goo that’s inside the ball. In the case of the watch, you ask it a question,
and then look at the time to find out what the answer is. Ok, it’s kinda cheesy, but hey a Magic 8 ball
on my wrist. I can’t really pass that up. Unfortunately, outside the fortune telling
gimmick, the watch itself is rather boring and at the end of the day is just a cheap
quartz watch. Definately not worth the original asking price
of $120, and even $40 is a bit much for what you get. Anyhow, here comes Watchbot. He’ll use his amazing fortune telling powers
to let us know if he recommends that watch to anybody. “My sources say no”, Here are the rest of the
watch specs.

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