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Progressives Have Wall Street Democrats Shaking In Their Boots

Progressives Have Wall Street Democrats Shaking In Their Boots

>>So there is a new amazing article that
was just like nectar to me reading. It was by Gabriel Debenedetti from New York
Magazine, and it’s all about a fundraiser thrown by big, Democratic traditionally, donors. And the question was, who are they most afraid
of? And the answer, Elizabeth Warren, should come
as no surprise, but according to the article, he says, she would torture them, one banker
told me.>>Yes.>>Warren strikes fear in their hearts, explained
a New York executive close to banking leaders from both parties. So much fear that such investors often speak
of the US Senator from Massachuesetts, a former law professor and consumer advocate. And those are three huge things as a co-front-runner
with Sanders. Quote, how do we come up with an alternative,
asked one person at this big dinner thrown by two giant donors.>>So I’m gonna ironically, it referred to
two bad guys here, but there’s a little bit of, you wanna say the Warren administration’s
gonna go? Come and see, and I love the idea of Elizabeth
Warren putting her hand on the shoulders of other bankers going, so you think you’re in
charge. Okay, but in all seriousness the reason why
they’re so afraid of her is because she fights for consumers. And these bankers rip off their consumers. So when Elizabeth Warren did the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau, she was protecting American citizens from the bankers. So there’s a great book written, best way
to rob a bank is to run one, okay? Or to own a bank, but in reality is to it’s
the executives that are running the bank, but they don’t actually own the bank that
have all the power and do this for their own benefit. And we saw with Wells Fargo, they set up dummy
accounts, charged you guys, and totally and utterly ripped you off, let alone the bailouts
etc. And Elizabeth Warren holds them accountable. So they’re literally terrified of her. Another quote is there is tremendous fear,
I love that. Why do I love that? Because it’s not like the right wing, the
right wing instills fear, they are the actual bad guys. Because they instill fear by telling you about,
my God. It’s the Latino immigrants that are coming
in that are rapists, and criminals, and MS 13. And black people are this, and then Muslims
who got to totally ban them fear, fear, fear that’s an illegitimate irrational fear meant
to divide us. What Elizabeth Warren and Bunny Sanders do
is, they bring people together and say we’re going to protect you. That’s the job of the government, with cops,
fire department, military, and yes, the government also is supposed to protect you financially. That doesn’t mean you just get money, it just
means protect you financially. It says don’t let them rob you, and who doesn’t
want cops on the street? The robbers, right? And so these are the robber barons, and they’re
not on the Republican side. The Republicans have their own robber barons. It’s not like they’re innocent, no, they have
the same guys. But these are Democrats, like Robert Rubin,
Steven Rattner, Blair Effron. You’ve seen a lot of these guys, first of
all in Democratic administrations, Rubin was former Treasury Secretary. You’ve seen them all over TV, and even to
this late date, I’m a little naive. I always felt like they’re socially liberal,
they’re economically conservative, because subconsciously, it’s like, my God, extra taxes,
I don’t want extra taxes, I want my taxes cut like the Republicans do. But I care about gay people’s rights, black
people’s rights, etcetera. No, I’m naive, no. It’s not subconscious, it’s totally conscious. Here’s the story of how they all got together,
and they’re like, let’s make sure that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t stop us from ripping people
off. It’s super conscious.>>The next time you wonder if there’s such
thing as smoke-filled rooms, and people conspiring to control our government from their own point
of view while screwing everyone else over. Just refer back to this article again, or
this story about what’s happening. It’s blatant, it’s gotten to the point now
it doesn’t matter if they’ve been exposed, if someone’s telling them about it. None of the people in this room said, make
sure the notice gets out, make sure we don’t talk about this openly. Remember there’s gonna be quiet, we’re gonna
keep this on the down. No, it’s not done like that, they don’t care
anymore because they’re in control. Hey, catch me all you want, I’m gonna get
what I want cuz I control who controls the government, in a way. Actually, I’m in control of the government. I can do it and I can be free about saying
it now.>>So the question-
>>Can I just say, sorry->>Yeah, go ahead.>>To add on to Jayar’s point, in a lot of
ways it’s literal. Because Robert Rubin, he originally worked
at Goldman Sachs, then he was Treasury Secretary for Bill Clinton. And then he went to Citigroup, and one of
his executives reported in to Robert Rubin in Citigroup literally handed Obama a list
of his cabinet officials. Now this is when before Obama took office,
so they said to him, okay, here is your cabinet. Everyone on that list except one person became
Obama’s cabinet. Now you think that’s a coincidence? I was thinking of the exact same guys as the
Citigroup list, and look at that, the banker’s gave me a list and I wound up, what a coincidence! I had the same guys on my list.>>And if you don’t know, the banks were Barack
Obama’s number one donors in the 2008 elections. And afterwards, they get bail out, they get
a get-out-of-jail-free card, and the get to pick his cabinet. So now, but they cannot control Elizabeth
Warren and Bernie Sanders, they are livid! So on Bernie Sanders they are like, his small
donor donation raising is phenomenal, and we don’t know how to control it. God, that gives me life! And that’s you guys, that’s you guys, you’re
putting the fear of God in these bankers who have been ripping us off this whole entire
time. And by the way, not every banker rips you
off. You need banks, you need financial institutions,
but these guys have ripped us off. That’s why the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau again, set up by Elizabeth Warren. She fought for it and she delivered cuz it
became a reality, she brought back $12 billion. That was your money, and she got it back for
you. By the way, Obama, in the beginning, didn’t
want to do the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Elizabeth Warren played that politics so well,
that she cornered Obama into doing it, and recovered 12 Billion dollars from the bad
guys. Not all the bankers, but these particular
bankers. And here they are again trying to control
the government. And back to Bernie Sanders for one second. They considered him, quote, too crazy to even
imagine in the White House.>>Yeah.>>Well, you better start imagining cuz he’s
in the top two.>>And they referred to Elizabeth Warren as
less crazy. Democrats on Wall Street think, and way more
competent with the,>>So they’re scared of that too.>>So other questions, like who did they like,
right? So the candidates who had long cultivated
relationships with Wall Street such as Cory Booker and Kirsten Gilibrand, we’re struggling
to gain traction and had grown more hostile to finance as their party had, too. So this is kind of the truma, okay, it mean
it’s you’re absolutely right, when I was reading this, they are really freaked out that they
don’t have traction anymore. And that somehow some people have convinced
folks that they can’t go ahead, and just reach for the phone, and call these big donors,
and have their coffers filled. After all, look at what Hillary did. Hillary outraced Trump by a gazillion dollars
and still lost. So you need something, I don’t argue that
it is kind of bearing out in this that the amount you spend, the amount you raise. You raise $27 as an average donation from
regular people. My God, regular people giving you money. You raise $27, there’s a value added there. And it’s proven, because who’s proving it? All the other candidates, all the other candidates
are, like, my God, I have to say these following words. I have to swear off corporate PAC money. They have to say it, it’s working. Van Jones, you pointed this out, you sent
an email about it. Van Jones went on CNN to talk about a certain
contingent of people in the democratic parties discourse that have outsize influence right
now that not enough people are talking about this is video 13.>>And I don’t think people understand the
importance of the Justice Democrats. People talked about the Tea Party every day
that they were on the scene. The Justice Democrats are as strong or stronger
than the Tea Party. They are a major center of gravity in our
party that doesn’t get talked about enough.>>And why is Van Jones saying that? Cuz just democrats said a pledge the establishment
Democrats and media complain about litmus test, what we do have a litmus test. You are not allowed to be bribe, wow!>>Okay, what a crazy litmus test, so you
take over PAC money, you’re not allowed to be a just Democrat. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just Democrat, Rashida
Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Roe Conn, Pramila Jayapal, etc., and you know what? Guess who’s the biggest fighters in Congress
fighting for you guys, fighting against special interests? The ones that didn’t take corporate PAC money,
wow, what a big surprise. I wanna go back to Booker and Gillibrand for
a second. Now, granted, Gillibrand’s from New York,
Wall Street’s in New York, Booker’s from New Jersey. But they also have taken a tremendous amount
of money from Wall Street, and actively defended Wall Street in the past. So Booker went out when Obama was running
against Mitt Romney and defended Mitt Romney. He rushed on television and said, I can’t
believe Obama’s criticizing private equity. Private equity is so wonderful. Now look, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t
good private equity guys or even hedge funds etc. But for him to come out there and defend the
whole industry as if they’ve never done anything wrong and by giving money to politicians. They’re not trying to influence them, they’re
just, it’s charity. Who believes that Wall Street is doing charity
when they give cold hard cash to politicians. You’d have to be insane or on TV to believe
that. Okay, but now, Booker is like and you saw
this if you’ve been watching the Young Turks. We told you different times, he’s gonna get
caught. And the Internet caught him, and they caught
him with his hand in the cookie jar, on the drug company donations, on the Wall Street
donations. So now, Booker says, okay, fine, I’m not taking
corporate back money either. Now by the way, he should be celebrating for
that. So do I trust them fully as much as I trust
Warren and Sanders? Given his track record? Absolutely not, no, but am I ecstatic that
he’s not taking corporate PAC money now? Yes! Cuz now, he’s much more likely to represent
his constituents in New Jersey, where he will remain as a senator. In case, he doesn’t have any traction, because
of his track record. And so, finally, well, two things actually,
one is, who they like the most out of all the candidates. We’ve got to tell you that, the bank is like,
if you give us this person, okay? But I wanna tell you, if Elizabeth Warren
and the just Democrats, and Bernie Sanders, and all these guys who don’t take bay donor
money’s, scare the hell out of them, put the fear of God on them, tremendous fear. Well, then you gotta support Wolf-PAC, because
if you get the money out and you end all private financing, imagine what Congress would be
like if they all represented us and all of the private financing? It’s insane that we allow private interests
including banks and oil companies, drug companies, defense contractors. Gun companies who literally have a profit
motive, if more people died. For-profit prisons, who have a profit motive
in locking up American citizens, and we let them bribe, legally bribe politicians. Get all the private financing out, And by the way, every progressive candidate,
you should demand that they’re in favor of a constitutional amendment to end private
financing. We have to go back big on this issue, so now,
finally back to who they like the most Kamala Harris, no with you. I told you from day one, that it was always
gonna become Kamala Harris. Now, they’re a little bit more confused and
like, whoa, mere a piece like he looks like he’s totally on our side. And better, they’re like he’s a clean slate
and he appears to be a centrist as code word for banker friendly. But Kamala, it’s always been Kamala, by the
way she’s the number one recipient of big donor money from former Obama and Hillary
Clinton supporters, donors.>>There’s one question that a lot of these
folks are asking. There’s one more quote that really stuck out
to me in this whole article. There was an investment pro, long history
in Democratic politics, said, what matters more, my social values or my paycheck? So when you think about healthcare, when you
think about separating children at the border, when you think about all of this social things. The environment, everything your mortgage
your paychecks, how about yours? What they’re thinking is, so am I getting
millions more. Or am I gonna worry about all these plebeians
that are sitting around the bottom dying? They don’t care! So when you listen to your candidate talk
about social values and social agendas, think about who they’re taking money from, and they’re
making the same decision. I’m worried about my paycheck or the social
values and we see what these guys choose and they work for them.>>So lastly, I don’t wanna be misunderstood. Look, it doesn’t mean Kamala Harris is a bad
person, okay? So they are choosing, they think she would
be most friendly to their interests, it doesn’t mean they’re right. But and she might be a great Senator from
California. So just, because you don’t, if you don’t think
that they’re the number one person that should be our candidate out of 19 different people,
that doesn’t mean that they’re bad guys. It could mean and now, she’s not taking corporate
PAC money anymore either. They could still be wonderful senators, and
obviously, if you like their policies, that’s fine, too. But in terms of volunteering and donating,
my rule is always, look, if you’re gonna rely on small dollar donations, then we gotta have
your back. Because that means you’re clean and honest,
because without us, meaning you guys, they can’t win. So you see a story like this, so they’re terrified
of Bernie Sanders, but dismiss it out of hand, because no one I know in the banking community
would like Bernie Sanders. That’s crazy, okay, but they’re most terrified
of Elizabeth Warren. And Bernie does great in small dollar donations
as you keep going. But Elizabeth Warren doesn’t do as well as
Bernie Sanders. So if you see how worried they are about her
policies and her competence,, well, then you gotta step up to the plate. And I predicted that Elizabeth Warren would
go up in the polls based on her recent policy proposals. Because what the knuckleheads on TV can understand,
I literally said it all over Washington this weekend. And they’re like Warren, she’s not gonna rise
is she, why would she rise? I’m like, have you seen her policy? People say like, I don’t like her policy,
the American people don’t care about policy. Guess what, she moved from six, the third,
she’s now third behind Biden and Bernie Sanders. Told you, but these folks running on small
dollar donations need those, so go to their websites and if you believe in them, show

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  59. the correct people are in fear then. the few and the powerful should fear the masses and not the other way around.

  60. We detail focused STEM types like detailed policy and legislation that regulates for our security; air, water, waste utilities, libraries, public land, food quality, consumer protection, corporate liability for consumer safety, etc.

  61. she also did NOTHING when d*nald and many others used indigenous-targeted slurs and "jokes". completely unacceptable. she claims to speak for all but I do not see her speaking for them, instead I see her picking out the convienent parts of her connections to indigenous communities and using them for political gain. I am really excited to eat the billionaires so I hope she will fix these issues soon.

  62. Which is how we could end up with Donald Trump as President again. Unlike poor folks rich folks regardless of political persuasion don't vote against their own interests

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