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Pro-Russian Protesters Attempt to Seize Airfield: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 27)

Pro-Russian Protesters Attempt to Seize Airfield: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 27)

yes the larger the trip your eyes this is the first sizable Ukrainian true presence that we’ve seen where at the border between the Kharkiv and Donetsk regions and the connects regions where most of the pro-russian activities are going on this morning the acting president of Ukraine announced a region-wide counterterrorism operation they’ve brought armored personnel carriers here a few of these helicopters have landed bringing in supplies and their Special Forces in the woods out back camped out but the question is are they going to move forward checked off premises career started initially skis assist us resist evil nationalities apostasy llevar una hora en el premio roshaniya or religion here natira Torre year was Tosh new publicity anti-terrorist Cellucci Bonilla a pretty poor cranium area paprika is a quarter aroma what kilometers so the general said that there’s a attempts to take over the airfield in kramatorsk so we’re gonna go there to see what’s happening so what’s happened here according to the Ukrainian soldiers is that they were stationed at this base and the pro Russia protesters were trying to storm the building they managed to repel the attack and they’re still in control of the base it wasn’t a question of retaking it it was a question of maintaining control over the base that’s apparently what this was all about operation he’s here outside the place I don’t know how the hell he got here but he’s about to be torn apart by the crowd he’s trying to get the Ukrainians inside the fence to let him inside they’re afraid that if they open the door the crowd will get through too so it’s a standoff and he’s saying he won’t come over the fence to get in which is what they’re asking him to do because he’s a general politician to the end he waved to the crowd when they got the guy had to pull him inside that was total madness without exaggeration that happened an hour ago we were at the border between the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions and the general was pontificating telling us about his big counterterrorism operation now he was almost torn to pieces by the crowd out here and barely got back into his own base amazing well the Ukrainians but their general back but the soldiers have now fallen by even further into the base and the crowd just keeps getting bigger and bigger so much for their so the drunkest decided to go into the base with their hands up the rest of them were like we’ll come back out here idiots you

Reader Comments

  1. Use legal force already if a police Officer or soldier is in Danger like that they should be allowed to use any force necessary even though the russians will use it as further Propaganda

  2. no wonder ukraine is in trouble, if the head of intel. is on the wrong side of the fence, then darwin theory takes place

  3. Why Russians are allways being douchebags and aggressive pieces of shit.
    I am happy that my grandgrandfather shot multiple Russians, and they behaved like this even in 1939. Idi nahui pedik Ruski soldat.

  4. Both sides have some serious problems. The whole situation is absolute immature vile and evil bullshit and the people in charge of both countries need to get their shit together and have actual discussion instead of constantly sending 19 year old men to their death.

  5. I cant wrap my head around this conflict…

    Why not just let Ukrain be an independent nation without US/EU/Jewish or Russian influences. Let them make their own deals and let them make their own laws…

  6. First of all if the Russians live in Ukraine they must obey Ukraine law an authority, not take over military , an government bases to then make that area part of Russia that just way to far an should be dealt with . Also that means they have no respect for the country they live in, I don't see Ukrainians in Russia doing that . ( fucking russians)

  7. Позорные глупые сепары! "Прославились" на весь мир своей тупостью, лизоблюдством путину. Молодцы! Теперь сидите в своей дыныры-лыныры, и подлизывайте царьку!

  8. казнить бы украинцев всех, как они Донбасским людям не давали помощь оказать и на скорой отвезти в больницу молодых парней. там же родня у вас. ужас

  9. Thanks to filthy VICE News and other Western media for what is now still more hate Russian. I'm Russian – but I have no orders to seize the Crimea and its separation from Ukraine, samplewhat that all that Putin and the gang does all of Russian blame. Thanks. It was worth at least 1 word to replace, instead of "Russian troops" – "Putin's troops".
    But no…

  10. debe ser muy malo para esos soldados saber que su lider es tan inocente. El ejercito ucraniano casi pierde un general, esto ocurrio tambien en la guerra de los Balcanes con un alto mando de naciones unidas, si bien recuerdo

  11. Holding the buttholes in charge to the coals of the fire. Why America doesn't hold our leaders to the same standard is beyond me. One word: Sheeple.

  12. Another tragic end result of Hillary Clinton&Barack Obama's meddling in the politics of foreign, sovereign countries. Exactly why I voted for Trump. So sick of spreading democracy.

  13. aren't those protesters terrorists?, im so confused as to why these bases don't just kill these people…, like, your letting civilians take you down bro… smh.

  14. That's bullshit. These people are not Russians , these are well paid ucranians who speak Russian. A lot of ucranians are still speaking Russian. This is also an insane well organised provocation. People don't go fucking crazy for no reason.

  15. That is one the most bizarre situations Ive ever seen.

    So is it just me or has Vodka played a super destructive role in all this mayhem?

  16. i know this is 5 years ago, but still, why didnt the US or Nato or anyone help ukraine? like litterly the russians were trying to take over the entire contry

  17. idk y they are not shooting already, here in the U.S you even have to do that much to get shot hehe jk but seriously these protester are crazy n need to educate themselves

  18. Soo you've got a bunch or crimeans want Crimea to be's a good idea you fucktards. Move to russia. They say dont shoot us dont shoot us were innocent..they deserve to be shot

  19. "why did you shot"
    Asked by people that want to take control over a FUCKING MILITARY BASE
    Stupid Russians…

  20. That general has to be the dumbest fucking idiot! He completely personified what happened to Crimea, Donbass, etc.

  21. This proves Novorossiya and the split from kiev was a civil uprising and not "russian invaders". It was the ukrainians who came to donbass with weapons. This clearly shows it.

  22. jesus it's like a fucking zombie horde. you could probably pull this off anywhere in the world too, lots of angry bitter people looking for an excuse to be violent

  23. As a ukrainian i honestly only don't hate Russians when there drunk there at there coolest when they drink lol

  24. Будь у меня власть, ввел бы военное положение, дал бы указание военным первый раз предупреждение, второе выстрел в воздух, третье огонь на поражение. После таких действий шел бы диалог и не было бы этого безобразия.

  25. We Indians support Russians everyone,,but Ukrainian army is showing restraint of highest level
    .this officer was so disciplined

  26. Im sorry, but every time I see Ukrainian soldiers or sailors, I see wise and kind people with high morals

    Every time I see Russian soldiers, they all look and behave like a thugs and animals…

  27. How has the zionazi ukraine turned out after 5 years? They're all applying for Russian passports that's how. Porky took all the money & ran.

  28. Maybe it's just me but why does it look more like the Ukrainians are the terrorists because I see Ukrainian Civilians I see unarmed people who are threatened by Ukraine I see people who are scared and defending their homes from a foreign force what the heck is going on because clearly this isn't Ukrainian territory so why are those troops there and why are we supporting Ukrainian aggression against these people?

  29. Оккупировала Россия,а воюете с сепаратистами. Дибилы. Сша за 15 лет развязала кучу войн, сирия, ливия, сомали, афган, ирак, теперь украина, очнитесь…..

  30. Strange how are they cheering "Donbass" and not "Russia". Where are all these Russian patriotic and nationalist troops Western media are talking about?

  31. These heroes. With these actions the Donetsk region has reached new prosperity under the protective veil of Russia. Their airport features new features such as being rubble. The general infrastructure and many sights of i interest have been destroyed and used as fighting grounds. Pot marks from the fighting can be seen all over. Thousands are dead. All worth it I'm sure.

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