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Prizefighter Possessions: Sammy Vasquez Jr.

Prizefighter Possessions: Sammy Vasquez Jr.

Hey, what’s up, guys? This is Sammy Vasquez Jr., 147-pound contender,
and this is my Prizefighter Possession. You know, for me I’ve got a lot of things
that I’m very proud of that I’ve done in my boxing career but something that I always
cherish and I’ll always hold in my heart, you know, being in the military, after my
two tours, I joined the WCAP program and I got to fight in the Armed Forces boxing championships
and I’ve won a gold medal in 2010 and 2011 and I fought for the Armed Forces military team
and I fought at the CISM World Military Games. I’ve won both gold medals in that and then
a bronze medal in the World Military Games. To get those medals, to me, was just huge. It’s a huge honor. That’s something that, only if you’re in the
military you can get, and you have to win to get those medals. To win the Armed Forces championships you’ve
got to be the best of the best in the military. That’s best in the Army, Navy, Air Force and
Marines. It was something I’ll always cherish, a memory
I’ll always cherish and these medals, to me, mean more than anything else I’ll probably
get until I hit a world title.

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