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Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Taking Nick Jonas’ Name and Married Life as “Prick”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas on Taking Nick Jonas’ Name and Married Life as “Prick”

-Thank you. You look gorgeous.
-Oh, thank you. -We have to talk about
so many things. -Yes, so much happened since
the last time I saw you, right? -Yeah, it did.
Well, I mean, you got married. -I did.
[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -We love —
We love Nick Jonas. It was the first time
I just introduced you as… -I know!
-Priyanka Chopra-Jonas. -Every time someone says that, my face
just goes a little like… -Wow.
-“Oh, that happened.” -Yeah, I guess that — yeah. -The gravity of it,
it’s, like, a big deal. -It’s cool, yeah.
-I didn’t realize it was that much of a big deal
till I did it. -Was it a big — Did you talk
about maybe not taking his name? -Oh, Jonas?
-Yeah. -No. I always wanted
to add his name to mine, because I feel like, you know,
we’re becoming family, and I’m a little traditional
and old-school like that. -Yeah. -But I don’t take away
my identity. -He gets added to who I am.
-I saw pictures — [ Cheers and applause ] Look at this.
-Oh. -I got to show photos
from your wedding. ‘Cause look at this.
Isn’t that beautiful? -That’s the Hindu ceremony.
-It almost looks fake. It’s unbelievable.
[ Laughter ] -He looks like such a prince.
-He really does. -I mean,
he really rocked that turban. It’s hard to rock a turban
with a feather. -With a feather, as well.
-With a feather. -Did you always know you were
gonna get married in India? -No. Actually I wanted
to get married in some private island
away from everything. We were, like,
really stressed out about it, ’cause we thought Seychelles,
Maldives, Mauritius, whatever, and nothing was working out. “How will we fly everyone?”
logistics. And this was in Mumbai. And Nick just said, “Why aren’t
we doing this in India? Shouldn’t I be taking my bride
from her home?” -Wow.
-And when he said that, I was like, “Oh, well…” I mean, in India, it becomes
a thing, then, you know? -It’s a giant deal. -Because I know
a gazillion people there. [ Laughter ] -Explain what this is. -This is a thing called
a Sangeet that we do. It’s like the rehearsal dinner
but not boring. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, I know.
Yeah. I did it. -So, there’s, like, basically
a song-and-dance competition that the families put up
for the bride and groom. So the Team Bride, Team Groom,
and it’s secret. So, the families,
the other person can’t know because it’s a competition. Now, because we’re really extra,
we had a giant trophy, and it looked like Coachella.
[ Laughter ] -It really did.
I mean, this is — it did. Look at this.
This is a party, man. [ Laughter ] That’s a rager.
Are you kidding me? I just love it.
Well, look at Nick. He’s very competitive.
-He came out of a cake. He literally came out of a cake.
They brought it. His side of the family was —
I was shocked. ‘Cause we took it a little bit
for granted that — You know, I mean, they don’t
know anything about a Sangeet. We told them that it’s like a — You have to dance and sing
and all of that. But they brought it
in such a big way. -They’re a talented family,
the Jonases. -Yeah.
We — I can dance, and my family can dance,
but they have talent. -Yeah.
They — Well… -You know,
because all of us can dance. You can dance.
Everyone can dance. -Everyone can dance, but
I don’t know if everyone should. -Yeah.
That’s my point. -Yeah, yeah, exactly.
-Theirs can and should. -And do everything.
Yeah. -Both your families — Do you have
a celebrity nickname? -Oh, you know my favorite
celebrity nickname. -Is it taking off?
-I debuted it on your show. -Did it take off? -No one’s taking up
my celebrity name. -What do you want to be called?
-Prick! [ Laughter ] You guys.
-Priyanka and Nick. -Prick!
-I don’t think — No one’s gonna —
-That’s what I’m saying. Nobody —
It feels like nobody wants to — Imagine both of us
walking out of this — These curtains open.
Would you guys be like, “Prick! Prick!”? [ Laughter ] -I don’t think
you want that, though. -But I think
it’s so cool and unique. -It’s kind of catchy.
-Nick doesn’t like it. -Yeah, he does not like it.
-It’s not catching on. I’m very upset
about my creativity. And then, here’s this picture
of you guys the other night. -This is Super Bowl.
-This is during the Super Bowl. -Me watching the Super Bowl. [ Laughter ]
-You’re asleep. You’re not watching
the Super Bowl at all. -That’s what I mean.
That’s what I meant. -You posted this.
I loved it. And I know
the Internet went crazy, because they’re like,
“Who took this?” -I mean, what?
-Who took this photo? -Guys, don’t you ever
go out with friends, and you’re sitting
in a bunch of friends, and you do something cute and
another friend takes a picture? -Oh, yeah.
-This is my cousin Vivia. We were like eight of us sitting
and watching the Super Bowl. I fell asleep,
and she took a picture. [ Laughter ]
-All right, good. -She was, like, “You’re probably
the first person who fell asleep
during the Super Bowl.” [ Laughter ]
I think a lot of people did. Yeah, I think a lot of people
fell asleep. -I didn’t want to say that.
You said it. -No, I did.
I said it. No, I stayed awake
for the whole thing but barely. I want to talk about this. You’re working on a memoir,
as well. -Yes. Yes,
I’m writing a book, as well, this year,
which I’m excited about. -Do you have a title yet?
-Yeah. It’s called “Unfinished.”
-Yeah. -‘Cause there’s so much
I want to do with my life. And because
I haven’t written any yet. -I was gonna say, yeah.
[ Laughter ] You’re still writing the book
as we speak. -Continuing to be filling it.
-Exactly, yeah. That’s pretty cool.
-Yeah. -What made you want to do that? -I think I’ve always been a
super-private person in my life. I’ve never really discussed
my personal side of things, my feelings through my career. And I think getting married,
and in the last two or three years,
I found my feet a lot more as a woman, as a person. I’m not so insecure. So I felt like this was
the right time to sort of delve into things
before I change my mind. -Yeah. -And go back
into my shell again. So I’m doing it this year. -How is married life now
and home? -It’s different.
[ Laughter ] -It really is, right? -Yes.
It’s very different. Okay.
So I lived in New York before, and Nick lived in L.A.
-Yeah. -So now we share both our homes. Now, nothing works in my house,
because I’m never in my house. And my coffee machine
doesn’t work, the air-conditioning
makes some sounds. It’s cute.
My house is beautiful. But, like, there’s just —
nothing works. And everything in Nick’s house
is immaculate. His alarms work.
His lights — [ Laughter ] My alarms never work.
-His alarms work. -Mine never do!
And it’s so annoying. My doorbell doesn’t work.
-Really? [ Laughter ] Oh, I hate that.
-Sometimes. And when I went into Nick’s
house and started staying there, it used to make me so nervous. ‘Cause, you know,
when something is super clean and you take off your shoes,
it just — it bothers you. And his house is perfect. -It’s just immaculate. -So, like, my dog peed
on his carpet the first — [ Laughter ] -Dude, oh, my gosh. He’s like,
“What am I doing, man?” -And it’s a white carpet, too!
-Oh, no. -Before he came home —
I can’t tell you, I went through everything —
cleaners, baking soda, scrubbing,
serious elbow grease. Got it out.
-You did. -But he still noticed.
-He still — yeah. Yeah.

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