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Privatization of our Commons

Privatization of our Commons

as where this backward it's really
interesting to say okay let's take the commons of our roads and turn them over to if we were to take
though the logical extension they'd be aware randal o'toole was taking this
thing they were the key listed advocates and basically turn them over to bain
capital turn 'em over any company wants to buy
them privatize the roads let them put up full
toll booths in and and have corporations run the roads that's you know i i sell store any as an
acquisition of the commons arguably and consider you know that that's the sort
of thing that we have to be done by government action because we live in a representative democratic republic not a pure democracy
we don't actually exception a ballot initiative we don't vote on laws we vote on legislators may
close but even when we laura or even with
ballot initiative in we vote on laws at least we're directing the process or were directed to process to the
people we lacked so if privatizing road if taking that part of our comments and
taking a private arguably a bad thing and i would say
that his that you know we can debate it if there should be a legitimate debate
about it and we the people should decide then it isn't the most egregious senegalese to markets in the commons privatizing the vote anne consider that for a moment how do we decide whether or not we're
going to privatize are roads we do so by either your ballot measure or by
electing people who would do that but how do you know when your votes been privatized and the bride of voting company machine
companies will not tell you how you voted will not tell you uh…
you know what what what they now this this is the the acting the biggest picture here is the good this question of
privatization of everything of course you know the concert is on a privatize
everything there's a you know it's uh… the the
top one percent would just build a la politica entry at least they think they
want loved living country where i a m now we
can travel on the fast lane so yeah you know and i stay burroughs the quack
quack quack the problem is if you've ever lived or worked in and
i've done both countries where he is the real that the
other rich really do have a all those privileges and everybody else is poor now i remember walking out of a hotel in
bombay india back in nineteen eighty two personal into their country and jess being be seized by little kids
of their hands out backers you know was sores all over the man flyers in and and
lepers literally on the street corner there's some very wealthy people in it and they live in gated communities
they've got their own sever fire and police departments and uh… you know
it's libertarian paradise early at least was
needed it's actually getting more that way the
status but to the point of the commons if we're
going to privatize the commons do we do we really want to privatize the boat
as well the arguments that are made by by
libertarians republicans on these on these issues are you know
all private corporations can do things more efficiently the fact of the matter is that medicaid which is our health insurance for the
poor for elderly covers about fifty million americans working people we don't make a lot of money dome ekman
thirty forty thousand bucks a year medicaid is twenty percent more efficient it
operates at a twenty percent lower overhead cost and for-profit health insurance to privatize it what do you do you you
create another stephen j_ hams layer another bill mcguire you create a
another billionaire these are the billionaire c_e_o_'s of united health insurance united
healthcare you create more billionaires over a hundred people that do you know
make over a million bucks a year united healthcare you create more millionaires you do you do anything for the nation do
i do anything for the common snow or are your providing the same service
but at a higher price this is why we segregate these things
that are at the comments from the things that art this is why it's insane that we ever privatize their body
machines now you can say well you know hey
technology marches on we used to have these laver machines i was a little kid
you know my mom was one of those people assign people in the vote down at a
local elementary school and our members hang out with her in
washington i'm people and then they go and they'd pull occurred in the voting
machine and and it was a lever mission they'd pull the lever and and you could still you can walk around
the back of a sheet i did it you can see all jeers turning you can
see the counters counting everything was completely transparent
but more importantly now i was everything completely transparent you
knew how the machine worked the machines were owned by the
government yes they were made by private
corporations nobody's objecting to that we walk into any government office
you're gonna see computers that were made by private corporations but they're owned by the government do you really think for a minute even for a minute but the c_i_a_ or the f_b_i_ air at the
u_s_ departments state or that the army navy
marine corps whatever we say hi i sure i let's have a
private corporation come in install machine is for us but i you know
is install uh… computers for us and service them and they were right all the software
they maintain all the software they decide what the programs are they don't
tell us what they are so that one were doing our war planning
your own were tracking down you know bad guys we have no way of knowing if they're
looking over our shoulder the messing with us helped by this crazy so if you're going to have voting
machines at least have them be owned by the government not least from their
rented basically from a for-profit corporation have been beating tained
publicly accessible way just like our roads should be if you want to cut down on congestion
the roads provide people with the better alternates do better city planning
likely to portland oregon come up with a good light rail systems
and mass transit systems like they do in big cities only here in washington d_c_ i've lived here two years i dot kinda
and you know we sold our car we left poorly never bought another one i don't need
one so we really need to have a serious
conversation this country about the comments in these become part of our
political you're listening to become hardman
program colleagues execs nineteen seventy-eight joe and frankly part of
that discussion should be the commons of our voting this system something that
even the folks at the progress does seem to want to talk about

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  1. That Thom Hartmann calls India in the 1980s a "libertarian paradise" elucidates the fact he has an utterly exiguous understanding of the philosophy of liberty.

  2. It's time to have a serious discussion about why Thom Hartmann and his programs don;t have more publicity.

    Cmon America..WAKE UP! Else, Honey Boo Boo is the next President! (she prob would get handful of votes if she were eligible).

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