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Prisoners of War in Donetsk Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 101)

Prisoners of War in Donetsk Airport: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 101)

look what always beat you up often and good light what’s great – it sure was quite deep but new us in when you need Nirmala we’re in the area of the airport which the rebels recently won from the Ukrainians and now they’re cleaning up the area gathering dead bodies and they put us on this armored vehicle to take us into the airport [Music] so we just arrived at the destroyed Annette’s airport terminal apparently they’re cleaning up the area from all the destruction it looks like the surface of the Moon here but they’re also apparently still putting up pulling out bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers Jesus flown into this Airport before him really taught recognizing any part of it think though this is the arrivals area just because we’re on the ground floor that’s the Europe card that’s where I run to the car from once at least where it used to be it’s really hard to imagine the kind of fighting that you would I had to have in order for this kind of destruction to have taken place so these men down here they’re actually Ukrainian prisoners of war some of them were serving in the airport before it was taken by the pro-russia forces now they’re being used as labor for the pro-russia side clearing away the rubble here in the airport and trying to access some of the bodies that are beneath all of the concrete slabs that became broken down during the fighting it’s done it shall please who you’d just you’d be to cover give you pictures women everyone every what muchas to Historical Society dinner yeah make a queen a pianist to stay on the premiere avoid food is this local start playin minute no new countries that you don’t believe this Oh Polly film with a person known you which was Tommy Molina avocado running along a diverse pool the menu with Selena cross intimacy new so what’s happening is the guys from the emergency services over there said that it’s too dangerous to continue working while that beam is hanging from the ceiling they’re worried that it might come down on people working down there so they’re gonna try to drop it for the POWs get back to work apparently there’s three bodies down there that they can see that they’re trying to get out but they’ve been digging here for a couple of days and it’s really difficult what is going on here right now and what is your role here we are here because we are trying or we are assisting the teams that are in charge of the search and a collection of bodies putting them in body bags and labeled them correctly etc to be able to disaster them in the morgues per day respond on forensic examination is it difficult to identify the bodies from here the difficulty varies it depends very much in the state of the body because as much information is recovered the chances for the identification are very high the temperatures here have been very cold this has helped the bodies to be preserved to me we will try to collect information from the body like high like any identifying features like or additional documents that that person may have identity tags or personal belongings clothing and then put all this together then do a comparison with a missing person that it’s known to be died here so after making this comparison of information we can identify the individual DNA samples are going to be collected also so that’s additional information that we’ll have from the body to ensure their elimination so representatives from all the sides have actually come here to observe what’s going on there’s an officer from the Russian army he actually has a label on his jacket that says Ministry of Defense with the Russian Federation pretty refreshing to see those guys actually wearing one of those there’s a representative here from the Ukrainian army there’s a the Red Cross workers so all of this is happening under international observation vous masculinity beside in this short period of time is so-called invincible booster boo mask you know trampled I suppose so we’re going over to where they’ve put a couple of the recovered bodies they brought one of the POWs along with him to identify the bodies he knew the men when they were still alive apparently conditions of these bikes really deteriorated but there’s many more the whole place is just a one big graveyard the military Swedish one science has to come over chest my gosh we’re too severe yachiru by doing is just not way according to the Minsk agreement which was the ceasefire agreement signed a few weeks ago both sides were supposed to exchange their prisoners of war the separatists claimed that the Ukrainians have 220 of their men they’re not saying how many Ukrainians they’re holding we can see though that these prisoner of war swaps haven’t been completed yet because they’re still being used for forced labor here in this airport and to help identify some of the bodies of their Ukrainian comrades who fell here

Reader Comments

  1. I flew to donestk in November 2013 with wizz air from Luton. It's a shame how things have turned out. Donetsk was actually a nice city with a nice football stadium, and the airport was newly built. I have their orange football steam cap as a souvenir. 

  2. That Ukranian representative must be burning inside, seeing his comrades prisoners working there ass off for terrorists.

  3. Pro-Russian side uses slavery and they consider Ukrainians as "Nazi"? It appears the modern Nazis are way more ethical than the modern Soviets…

  4. Дохлых хероев, из под железобетона, выковыривают живые херои…….ах, что может быть трогательней!!!

  5. I suppose many people can talk shit about Russia all they like, but many know that the United States is no different, yet America is always the good guys because… well IT'S MURICA!

  6. US supports the Kiev whose troops have Nazi SS uniforms and emblems, they send money to Ukraine to start unconstitutional revolution and a civil war! Thats a war crime…but not surprising from US government!

  7. Sorry guys, for destroying of yours wet dreams, but Russian Major, same as Ukraine Lt. Col. on the video, are the part of 'Joint Center for Parties Control and Coordination of Ceasefire and Stabilization of Demarcation Line' (JCCC, in short know as Joint Centre for Control and Coordination), which are Kiev-Moscow agreement established Join Committee for control of UA and DNR/LNR forces on the demarcation line, observing Search and Rescue operations of the fallen in the war at the "neutral grounds" like a Shyrokyne, Donetsk Airport etc. and for investigation of "ceasefire" breaks.

    So, the russian soldier on the ground on video is there with Ukraine blessing and invitation.

  8. Wow, the destruction of the air port was total. Definitely not from small arms fire fights alone. That shit took heavy ordnance. Does anyone in country, know how well the cease fire is holding, or if it is?

  9. I can see why anyone would fight for that place. All the rubble you'd ever want. Lovely mud fields as far as the eye can see.

  10. Great, Simon, welcome back! Your reports from rebels side are very interesting! Good luck, Simon, best wishes.

  11. Are u people really complaining of the slave labor. If I was a pow, id be happy to be alive and not burnt to death

  12. In real in Donezk airport was deads abaut 100 defenders (ukrainians soldiers), and 1000-1500 russo-fascists and russian spec. forses GRU and othets russian nazists.

  13. Using prisioners of war as laborers by DNR and LNR and making them rebuild what they have destroyed is so wrong and illegal, while torturing prisioners and taking civilians as prisioners is perfectly fine I guess. Democraceh! Freedom! Ukraine so free George Washington in grave is jellous! 

  14. Russians call VICE "a tool of the CIA" – Yet, VICE covers the backside of US wars, if you look into their videos you can see that they CLEARLY document illegal US wars, US veterans suicides, drug use, PTSD among US veterans etc…. To say that US propaganda/CIA is behind VICE is simply a lie!!

  15. Всем плевать на хуевую россию хаха. И Америка и европа и китай

  16. Simon Ostrovsky, Larry Silverstein, Netanyahu and Rothschild are great people and goyims here should know they are god's chosen people. 

  17. The kids saying this is Inhumane are complete retards. Please look at the fact how Azov has literally beheaded Mariupol citizens for being pro Russian. These guys are rebuilding what they destroyed. Fucking Naziz, oh by the way of you didn't listen THE FUCKING international community is over looking the treatment of POWS.

  18. So many hypocrites of freedom of speech and the will of the people, I hope they march to Kyiv because fun fact here; UKRAINE IS LOSING THE WAR AND IS IN FULL RETREAT!

  19. Looks like one large bomb went off. Maybe small nuke dropped near by. The building was hit by one bomb not several.

  20. I don't know maybe it is because the Chechens still have no control over their country which is full of Islamic terriosts including ISIS who wants to kill innocent russian people dipshit.

  21. The Ukrainian government army and nationalist retaliatory battalions arrange etnichestky cleanings and genocide of the Russian population in the territory of the Ukrainian Donbass. The army uses cassette ammunition on a residential development of the cities from silent support of Europe and active support of the USA. Russia in every possible way resists to it, helps the population to survive, sends humanitarian aid. The population destroyed by Kiev in the Southeast is discordant with policy of huge loan of means at the IMF. For it residents of Ukraine without doubts are destroyed by thousands the president-oligarch Poroshenko and his pro-American government. Each inhabitant of free Europe has to remember that he will be involved by the USA in war and destroyed for the sake of others interests and debts of bankers! Crash of the American dollar is very close, get rid of it is only paper.

  22. Russian thermobaric artillery made that. That's why the devastation is large. Non-nuclear by the way, search up 'fuel air bombs' for the basic idea.

  23. If only Simon worked so hard to find out about all the bodies of the innocent civilians that these Kiev Naz*is killed all last year. Vice is pure crap HD propaganda. 

  24. Well for being POWs they seem to be treated fairly, i mean at least they dont wear orange uniforms and are tortured day and night in guantanamo bay or afghanistan

  25. I read some of the comments and want to say 1 thing to Ukrain guys out here. Its not my business but you making big mistake by calling those separatists by the name they picked for themselfs. DNR? There is no such thing. If you use that name and it will stamped in any documents alter it will play it's role for russians. I live in Georgia and here russia did same thing what he is doing in Ukrain now. They are calling it south ossetia. Its not a south ossetia, that place always was called samachablo cause there was living females with last name machabeli. Our goverment made a huge mistake when they agreed to call that place south ossetia. They did it cause they think it will help to resolve conflict in a peaceful way. Its just my advice, I dont want Ukrain to make same mistakes as Georgia did. SLAVA UKRAINE!!!! p.s sorry for my english

  26. "Мы ехали на эвакуацию раненных…" – типа мы тут вообще не при чем. Кто воевал, кто напал на Донецк? А ну конечно – это все Путин.

  27. simon ostrovskij (the vice jounalist) is a fucking nazi like poroshenko and all his nice nazi friends in kiev. He must be intelligent enough to be able to understand what really is going on in the east ukrainian war zone. And yet he keeps calling the people from the donbass area who defend their home from the kiev army "separatists". Simon, somebody who defends his home, his life and his family from an attacking military force is not a separatist. They are what you are far from being: real men. Why dont you call them locals instead of separatists? Journalists who earn a living by putting a spin on reality (also called lieing) so that the big war machine can succesfully continue its unspeakable crimes are as guilty as the boys called mercenairys who kill anybody if the money is right. Little dummies who can be tricked easy by their masters. Their masters, the stinking international bankers.

  28. Fuck war. And fuck all the old rich dirty bastards who fuel both sides of the war. Fuck you. I hope you're found out and exposed. You dirty scum of the earth.

  29. While they do not appear to be mistreated, the very fact of forced POW labour + representative from Russia is just grotesque..

  30. I love how they are " pro russians" and " anti russian" not terrorist unlike syria ! not " anti syrian" but terrorist

  31. this is Russian army? 😀 nice propaganda. Hello from Donbass stupid zombie. The Russians have! but it's the locals! guys if work in the Donbas Russian spetsnaz. week and special forces in Kiev!

  32. Everyone is fighting over which side there on and im just like "hey i like the cute the blonde that jumped off the apc at 1:15

  33. ВСУ взяли аэропорт целым и невредимым за 40 минут боя с сепаратистами. Продержали его 242 дня, пока уже не осталось камня на камне. Вот это и есть лицо русского мира. Уничтожили приезжие из РФ и местные сепаратисты то что строила Украина з 1 млрд долларов для жителей Донбасса и теперь гордятся этим. Сегодня аэропорт допиливают на металл местные и те же приезжие. Никто ничего жителям Донбасса опять не построит, пусть скажут спасибо за разрушенные инвестиционные проекты на миллиарды благодаря Гиркиным, Захарченко и их прислужникам.

  34. ostrovskiy is a cheap piece of shit. A so called pressitute. Reporting what ever his handlers want to hear from him in exchange for money. By the way VICE was bought by current TV. Owner is al gore. One of the american pieces of shit who finance this whole genocide.

  35. "prisoners who are held here for forced labour…" our reporter here says! Mister reporter, you dumb piece of shit, these prisoners were the ones who attacked the airport and donbass in the firstplace you dummy. I would say its not more than correct they dig out their fallen comrades. You know, the now dead comrades they abandoned in the first place once they got their fucking asses handed to them by motorola and his true warriors. After they were dumb enough to blindly follow orders like the dumb sheep they are and attack real men. Rest in peace arsen pavlov.

  36. Shame.. this was a beautiful airport! I was at this airport many times.. flew to so many places! Sad see it in such state! Unbelievable!

  37. Like america or any normal country would allow nearby country such as canada to place a rocket system that will be controled by russia .Putin reacted as he had too plus it was good opportunity to conquer the theritory where more then 50 % of people declares themself as russians.The rocket system russia countrols couldnt react fast enough if the NATO rocket system was places in donetsk.And more crimes was done by ukraine forces since they clearly show lot of anger towards the russians.Lets talk about the russian soldier getting barried alive by 3 ukrainians,which one is more terrifing

  38. why dont they split ukraine pro russians on 1 side and the people who dont want to be part of russia rebuild your country amd government and you can be a small country like the baltic States

  39. Slavs are coward . You know them by how they treat the weak and Pows.
    Hitler called them sbhumans and they keep proving him right.

  40. working as a prisoner of war? Where is the respect with the bodies of the compatriots? They should have offered themselves before they were ordered.

  41. Typical of Russian behaviour; uncivilised, brutal and obscene! The Russian Tsar Putin has rats eyes and no heart! Just like Stalin!

  42. Listening to the POW identifying the bodies to the Red Cross gives ppl who haven’t served a glimpse into the horrors of war! Between the civilians who are caught in the middle and those fighting in the conflict it’s no wonder a lot of the horrors they’ve witnessed effects them one way or another for the rest of their lives. The older I get the more I appreciate life, it really pisses me off that a lot of these conflicts are started by dickheads in suits!!!’

  43. This doesn't make sense if the people don't want to be under Ukraine government let them be it's their choice trying to force them just means that you have to commit genocide it's just totally dumb

  44. In every war there was war crimes you idiots! And this is not a war crime this is a retribution for their deeds, they're lucky to be alive and well these prisoners would be beheaded by ISIS in Syria, and there is someone here who compared DNR to ISIS lol I just want to say you're the biggest idiot in these comments! and if talking about Geneva convention, then all Ukranians who are responsible for the dead civilians of Donetsk and Lugansk should also be accountable for. War is hell soldier!

  45. Researching the battle of Donetsk gave me some kind of second hand ptsd.

    It is beautiful in a horrible way.

  46. The great new leaders of the DNR: standing on the sidelines, shouting commands to their actual slaves. Congrats to the liberation

  47. Этих пидоргов нужно было там же развесить за кишки

  48. some day , dear Simon, u wil go to jail , under spy acuse , ur work is an ideological work for banks and ditctaturship Usa and eu

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