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Prisma Case Weapon Skins

Prisma Case Weapon Skins

The Prisma case has 17 community-made skins.
I spoke with their makers. Jump to the weapon you want to learn about in this video’s
description. P90 Off World by Helenek, Puffin and Medic!
was inspired by an old interview with Valve, when they were still figuring out how skins
in CS:GO were going to work. At this early point, they theorized that battle scarred
skins might become the most valuable. But now we all know that didn’t happen. The
Off World attempts to add value to the battlescarred category by having it reveal designs that
aren’t visible in the less worn categories. I show the factory new class in these videos,
but I’m going to make an exception for this one by comparing it with the battlescarred
version. Look at all that extra detail. Apparently, the glock of this design became a community
favourite and was included in the Spectrum 2 case, making this P90 the second of the
series to be officially included. Its maker, Puffin, finds it amusing that the factory
new glock remains the most valuable category for the weapon, but he says that for a short
while, people did value the battlescarred variant more highly, especially with a skull
on the side. Famas Crypsis by MGBazz was originally called
Ghost Insects and he intended for it to be a very creative pattern. For it can be seen
as 2 different designs: the first being of camouflage with branches and leaves. The second
is of insects. All insects! And no leaves or branches. These bugs are called the Phasmatodea,
and are actually a real thing! ‘Phasma’ means apparition or phantom in ancient Greek,
and as you can see from the pattern here, the apparent leaves are one insect type, and
the ‘sticks’, another. The MP7 Mischief by Estavos was painted as
roughly as possible, and was originally codenamed ‘racketeer’. He makes similar skins for
Rust, but in a more dark and aggressive style- he has had many skins accepted for that game,
several following a similar colour-scheme to this MP7. The theme for this one was ‘madness’,
following a ‘spitfire jaw’ design. He says it was created to be the way it is, with
no intended easter-eggs or extras. Just a simple, bold design that you could imagine
being painted on this kind of weapon. He created another, chained version. It never made it
to the workshop, but here is the skin when compared with the Mischief so you can see
how they’re different from one another. P250 Verdigris by SLIMEface was basically
just him playing around in 3D coat, with some of the new ‘smart materials’. He wanted
to make something that changed colour with the patina finish. He has made all of his
skins using this program but didn’t expect this one to be accepted as it’s just a ‘flat’
material skin, though he’s obviously happy it was included. The pattern itself is fixed,
and as the wear level increases the brown colouring fades, but the green streaks always
remain visible. Galil Akoben by Marduk is part of an existing
series- and directly translates to ‘War Horn’. The first of its design was for the
MP7, featured in the Spectrum case. Although that one uses a different colour-scheme. He
spent a lot of time improving the design for this galil, trying to make the brush strokes
appear as though were done with wet paint, and he feels there’s more texture and nuance
in the details of this one. This is all obvious to him, having made it, though he wonders
if others will notice or appreciate the changes as well. His aim practice project has come
on a long way since we last spoke and he hopes to have it released sometime this week- link
in the video’s description. Mac10 Whitefish by Mia was made under the
codename, Live Bait. Using the gunsmith finish, the white paint never fades, but the rest
of the gun loses its lustre. AK47 Uncharted by Apel and DenstarskB was
intended to be part of a tattoo collection based on the ‘polynesian style’. Having
previously made a ‘tattoo stickers capsule’, he intended to make a series of weapons and
stickers based on the same lore. But the concept of the design was initially a failure! It
didn’t play nicely with the AK47’s shape, so he took a break from working on it until
he got inspiration, one day. He redesigned it to be a simpler patterned design. He started
with the central area, painted with a silhouette of a Polynesian tribal face, with the nose
ending on the grip. He also focused on the hand grip and handle, giving them a wooden
texture, carved with ethnic patterns. The face on the handle was inspired by a game
from his childhood called ‘Zuma’. You can spot an eye with a tear which he thought
was a nice addition to the composition. Here is his Glock Oni skin, which was initially
the style he was going for with the AK. The Tec9 Bamboozle by Graff is the first of
2 skins he has had featured in this collection. He thought that bamboo was a cool idea for
a cylindrical weapon such as the tec9. At an early stage he also had a banana design,
but prioritised bamboo since he considered it a more realistic material choice for a
weapon. But he kept the fruit sticker on the design to make it look as though it had been
imported from some Southern country. This deliberately looks like the St Marc logo,
since he found the skin fitting for that map. He used substance creator to develop this
skin as it worked well with his previous ‘frostbite’ series of skins. He added scratches and chips
to make it look like bamboo, and then applied a normal map to give it a 3D appearance. And
he finished it off by baking some lighting into the texture. Graff really enjoyed working
on this design. The UMP45 Moonrise by MGBazz and his old friend
from school, Mals1, is the second of his hotline-miami inspired skin collection, the first being
a glock featured in the clutch collection. It uses an anodized airbrushed finish and
can shift horizontally with each skin of the design, making each unique, but still resembling
a complete pixel-art skyline. A faint scanline appearance is shown to give the impression
that it’s from a TV screen. And once again, there’s a star that has a small chance of
being shown just next to the sight on the weapon. But at 8%, it’s more common than
on the glock which he calculated at being on under 4% of the designs. MP5 Gauss by Millenia was a very interesting
project for him: the weapon had only just been added to CS:GO and he was learning a
new CAD program called Fusion 360, so he decided to combine the two to explore new workflows.
He spent the first 10 days recreating the MP5 model in the program so that he could
develop designs without being limited by a low-poly model. He thinks this paid off as
he was able to add complex details onto the surface with little hassle. Poly modelling
is imprecise, and although CAD modelling takes more time, very few other approaches deliver
such a ‘rich’ quality to the shapes and textures- it means that less hand-painting
is required to reach an optimal result. Another example he showed me was this M249 model,
saying the final appearance is different from his earlier works. He will be applying the
same process to his future designs and hopes to continue pushing the limits of mechanically-themed
skins! Deagle Light Rail by De Puiseau is part of
his Exoskeleton collection… which you might know for its excellent Mac10 Pipe Down design
which looked like a series of 3D pipes. He’s at it again with this one, drawing on a series
of grooves and sticky out bits that aren’t part of the original deagle design. Of course
it’s done so well that you might forget what the original deagle looks like, so I’ll
show the default skin so that you can compare the two. The idea was to do something cool
with the moving parts inside the deagle, similar to the USP design he had worked on previously.
The deagle’s skin is a mirrored design, so he accepted it had to be symmetrical. To
start with, he took screenshots of the deagle in-game and drew over them where he wanted
the 3D elements to be. He then modelled this 3D version in a third-party program. The collection
is now 11 skins large, 9 of which sport the original black and red design, but with this
deagle and M4 being the two that aren’t. AWP Atheris by Graff is his second skin in
this collection. He loves the look of the bush viper and spent about a month crafting
this design. He wanted it to be extremely detailed and to give the feeling that the
snake is actually wrapped around the weapon. Since drawing each scale would have taken
an enormous amount of time, he instead made use of his 3D skills and modelled it in Zbrush.
He then rendered the lighting, then overprinted it in photoshop to give it a more painted
look. He then brought it into 3D coat to paint it directly onto the weapon and to line it
up for the first person view. He’s very happy with the result, and even more so that
Valve appreciates his work! Here are some of the early 3D renders, which Graff kindly
provided for this video. R8 Skull Crusher by Ego Death is an older
skin of his from the workshop, released the first week the revolver was in the game! It
was originally named ‘the Oppressor’ and was meant to loosely fit the theme set by
his loudmouth and chatterbox skins; those were bright yellow and white, with intentionally
rough application. But at the time a lot of skins on the workshop were following a sci-fi
style, so he decided to make it stand out a bit more by making it wild and hand-painted.
He always hoped this one would make it into the game as it’s his personal favourite.
The only part he had trouble with was in fitting the skull onto the rear section and hammer
without making it look odd, but even with that it was a surprisingly fast project that
quickly reached a point where he was happy with it. All with minimal sketching and iteration. AUG Momentum by MultiH and dC is the second
of the series to get accepted, the first being the UMP which was featured in the Danger Zone
case. The development of this weapon came about when CSGO Dev’s twitter account encouraged
people to vote for AUG skins. They chose the Momentum style because they felt it translated
well with this weapon’s thicc stock. Originally the scope had been textured, but then they
realised this was a separate, unskinnable model. When MultiH received the email saying
that it had been accepted, he frantically discord-messaged dC to wake him up! He says
that there are worse things to wake up to. They definitely plan on making more Momentum
skins. Their Neon M4 Momentum is doing well on the workshop right now. But they are also experimenting with different
colour schemes to avoid monotony- even considering an experimental holo finish to give this design
some diversity! They would like to thank Valve for even considering their skin, and everybody
along the way who has supported them. Even leaving something as simple as an upvote means
a lot. XM1014 Incinegator by Ego Death is his second
accepted skin in this case. It’s more recent than his revolver entry. Between that and
this one, he went through a period of developing more subtle, ‘constructed’ designs, taking
a break from his hand-drawn collections. The M4A4 Magnesium featured in the Danger Zone
collection was one of these. But he then decided to do something a little more fun again, so
created this one to brush up on his artwork skills a bit. It was almost completely made
on one layer and he’d just redraw anything he didn’t like until he did. He said it
was great fun to work on. He originally named it incinerator, with some sort of generic
monster type creature, but as per usual he prefers Valve’s chosen name. While he didn’t
plan to make it into a collection, he’s now developing this PP Bizon skin. The Five-Seven Angry Mob by SHPR is his first
skin remake from the Street Art Collection- which was a series of skins based around colourful
cartoony creatures, graffiti’d on a wall. This design sports the custom paintjob finish
and it scratches off as it goes through the wear levels. The original five-seven was more
yellow, and didn’t have the blue section you can see here. I’ll show a comparison
here so you can see the differences between the original and this remake more clearly.
In total, this is the third skin from the street art collection to be added to the game,
the other two being the hellfire… and the devourer. (Show Street Art collection logo) And last is the M4A4 Emperor by Onilolz, Zaphk
and 2minds. It’s part of their Tarot collection, intended to be the CT equivalent of the terrorist’s
AK47 ‘Empress’ skin- which has already been included. Each entry into the Tarot series
is inspired from a different major Arcanum card. So far they’ve completed skins for
9 of the 22. The idea is to make sure each weapon has a connection with the card it’s
matched with, that plays into its personality. As well as the Emperor and Empress, the Mortis
has also been featured in a case, making this M4A4 the 3rd of the series to be accepted.

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