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Prêt pour l’aventure ? | Laventure Sous-Marine Watches

Prêt pour l’aventure ? | Laventure Sous-Marine Watches

Once upon a time … no, but I’m kidding I’m not here to tell you about a book but a watch, it’s Laventure Watch! A 2015 brand based on crowdfunding on the Kickstarter website. This watch has a blue dial but also comes with a green and black dial, equipped with a bracelet and you have a rubber strap with. I’ll talk to you right now. Hello everyone I hope it plays, I find you today to talk to you about a brand Laventure watch, I will first start by telling you about the history of the brand. It is a brand founded in 2015 thanks to crowdfunding on the Kickstarter website, they raised funds to launch this brand. The factory is located in Neuchatel, it creates monsters for me super-friendly, we will even go a little further than just nice but that’s later. It comes in three dials, blue, black and green and two different types of materials, steel and bronze with 50 copies per material, we will talk a little more about it now. It’s been two weeks now that I test this watch so I can tell you about it`with experience, I like to have this time of two weeks to talk about it. This is a watch that is not mine and I thank my friend Laurent who lent it to me, thank you! Just to tell you that I have rarely had this sensation, because we must not forget that it is a small mark, they did I do not know, maybe 50, 150, 300 until surely 600 models at present, as it is limited to 50 pieces per dial color. I have rarely seen a quality like that for a price like that, at this rate it’s really very good. I like it a lot, I’m not paid by the brand, it’s not a sponsored video that I confirm, it’s just my personal feeling and I is a top watch that I like a lot and I’m going give you the most important criterion of why I like it. You will ask me why Laventure watch. I still ask the question, but after ooking at Instagram of this brand, their communication simply, even on the website made by Clement Gaud (the creator of this manufactory). think what he wants to express in it and that’s what touches me, it’s a not so old watch that I told you before of 2015, finally there is a whole story behind and we feel the thing. It’s a watch that wants to travel, which is made to go right and left, just go on an adventure. There are many things that suit him and are made to go with that. It is on the basis of a diver, we can find the inspiration of a Patek Philippe Nautilus, it can be seen on the side of the case. We also have some inspiration from a Rolex Submariner with which is rotating bezel. It is Laventure watch the name of the brand, against the name of the model is the Sous-Marine. t is 200 meters deep so it does not hide its game with a screwed crown, it is clear that it is made to go under water. Does Laventure watch make their own movement ? and no. They do not do it, like many, I told you about my Tudor Heritage Black Bay with an ETA movement, it’s the same for Laventure they also use an ETA movement. We must not forget that it is the top grade, the use the caliber 2824-2 with what is best in this movement. Personally it does not bother me, because the ETA movement is one of the most used in Swiss watchmaking, it is a “tank” you are sure it will hold in time with no problems. Especially an important point about this movement, if you want to go get your repair where to do a service, you will not need to go through the brand Laventure but you can go to a competent watchmaker without costing you a sum astronomical. I do not know if the brand Laventure will keep all that but when we buy a watch for 2,350 head, we have a beautiful leather bracelet, in very good quality, and we also have a rubber strap. Honestly I saw a lot at Seiko and other brands that make aftermarket for example for Rolex and I have never seen a rubber strap as comfortable and of such good quality and that’s great! We see that this brand is aware of its “handicap” because it is a young brand and they have everything to build compared to old brands such as Patek, Rolex and Audemars Piguet which are super-important brands in Swiss watchmaking. Laventure watch had everything to prove by cons everything is studied from A to Z and the idea is there behind, that it is the box, the bracelets that go with and even I can take you a little thing, the certificate of guarantee there is something behind it, it’s not just a piece of paper and that’s super nice. It’s extremely important for a small brand to have a Story Telling what is it, it’s simply the story that is told with their project, their brand and their name as it is evocative ” Laventure ” so we want a story that is related to the brand otherwise it does not make sense. That’s all the interest of a story telling that is exciting, on their Instagram page with even stories where they are in Scotland or in different places and it’s super-friendly and sticks totally to his project and for that I congratulate him. I say a lot of praise for this watch and it’s true that I like it a lot, I do not hide it. This is not necessarily negative but I ask myself the question, the price is 2,350 CHF. so it’s true that quality is at the Appointment for that price, the question is where is the market this watch. Because for this price, we can very well have different choices of models in the Tudor brand or even a model of the Oris brand. Suddenly Laventure is positioned against big names, they can make their way, obviously the answer and yes. I have not had the opportunity to chat with Clement Gaud but I think they have no problem selling as most of their models are out of stock and that’s a great thing. The question is what are you willing to put this sum of 2’350 Chef for this watch, tell me in the comments. On the other hand there is a detail and it is necessary to think about it, it is to see it in real because the dial when you see it in real it does you something anyway. It is clear that we can not be wrong on this watch, there is a lot of inspiration from other well-known watches, the one that strikes me in the eyes is the Nautilus from Patek. For example simply the sandwich dial with a double thickness and the indexes which are in base already a little patina, , it gives him a super-nice side especially when we mix gold hands and I like it a lot. There is a particular side that I like, it is this work on the steel of the case, with many angles, facets polished and brushed. One thing was emphasized, you saw that compared to the bracelet we will not be able to integrate a nato because it is cut inside by the horns and it is something to take into account for the amateurs of nato and I know that you are many to be a fan of nato. This Sous-Marine is proposed in two materials, bronze and steel, I did not have the opportunity to see the bronze because there I am equipped with steel blue dial so I can not make a comparison by compared to the green and black dials. I have a real crush on this model blue dial is just beautiful, tell me in comments if you deviate to buy it for declensions you would be tempted? I always liked the blue dials so for me the choice is rather simple. It’s a small company that has decided to do quality, not quantity, and that’s very important. We are particularly touched by this watch and this brand, when I say us is my brother and me, it is the one behind the camera and you will soon discover a project is underway. If I’m talking to you about it, it’s because there’s a link between what they’re trying to tell us, it’s a small recent factory and so everything proved so when we buy a watch like that when Clement is trying to make us buy a watch if little gem, it’s simply to invite us to share the adventure with them and we can do the same thing we made Youtube videos and an Instagram account for more a year. I thank all those who follow us and for us it’s the same goal to invite you to share the adventure and it touches us because their brand is very young like us and full of ambitions, we wish them that of the best. For 2’350 chf, I know I’m talking to you about this mount of monney but it’s something important because they must be located, are what Laventure watch Sous-Marine, 200 meters deep, blue steel me I would buy it? The answer is yes because I find that for this price with work in all, that it is the box, all that is provided with, the work on the case, on the dial, and the bracelets leather and rubber. It worth the money, for sure. Do you want to be part of the adventure or not? Thank you for seeing this video, we are lucky that you follow me more and more views on our videos so it’s thanks to you that we can have other shows to offer. I ask you again an effort is to follow us to tell us in the comments what you want to see in the next videos, feel free to drop a thumbs up, to follow us and we’ll see you for a next video.

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  1. très belle présentation de la montre, c'est vraiment bien expliqué.
    C'est vrai que c'est une belle montre, jolie vidéo.

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