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President Trump participates in a joint presser with Scott Morrison, live stream

President Trump participates in a joint presser with Scott Morrison, live stream

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  1. I'm reading a book about trump and let me tell you he is not that bad then Hilary and Obama and bush are this 1% people don't care about humanity they are in the drug busines that infestated wallstreet for centuries. And trump wants to destroy that

    He (trump) said that young generation are getting destroid by this drug crisis just like it did to China during the opiod crisis that had 70milion chinese addicted thanks to Great Britain

  2. Trump is a venal, greedy, totally dishonest, self-serving infant. His very presence in the White House is an abject failure and condemnation of the state of American politics and governance.
    He is completely incompetent, completely superficial, and completely contemptuous of our institutions and founding principles. When you pair Donald Trump with his grave responsibilities and the expectations that accompany his position– both for the American people and for the whole world– he is the worst person alive on this planet today.
    He is the worst thing possible in a head of state assumed to be serving in a representative democracy. He is a complete and completely shameless liar.
    That means that all else is in complete jeopardy. It means that our assumptions about our security and the soundness of our governing structure are no longer reasonably well- founded.
    It means, basically, that, instead of living in relative security as to our expectations for our political establishment and our own prospects as ordinary citizens, all confidence normally granted to the head of state and the government at large is now suspect, unreliable, and unearned.

    Trump is leading the United States into a dystopian and indecent miasma of lies and manipulations. Unless he's removed from power, along with anyone who is of like character, we will bear little resemblance to what we have been– at times, the best example of working democracy in the history of the world, and a beacon of hope to all people– in short order.
    He is a menace, a destroyer, the devil.. .

  3. And congratulations I've read the USA is top in petrol exports around tge globe. 👏👏🎇✨🎇🎇🎇✨✨✨🎉🎉🎇✨✨✨😊😊😊😊😘😘

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