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President Trump Greets the 103rd Indianapolis 500 Champions: Team Penske

President Trump Greets the 103rd Indianapolis 500 Champions: Team Penske

(applause) Thank you very much. It’s a great honor
to introduce the winner of the Indianapolis 500,
Simon Pagenaud. And he is an incredible racer. I happened to be
watching that one because my friend is
somewhat involved with racing. As you know,
Roger Penske is — there’s never been anybody
like him, I can really say. We meet a lot of great athletes. And if they win a major
three or four times, that’s a big deal.
He won 18 Indianapolis 500s. And he was here a few months ago
for the Daytona. You won the whole thing
with NASCAR, right? And I love NASCAR
because they endorsed me. (laughter) I think it’s the first time
(inaudible) ever endorsed a candidate.
The whole league endorsed me. So, they —
we like NASCAR, too. But this is
an incredible machine. And the job that Simon did,
if you saw that, that was talent and it was a lot of courage, because I wouldn’t do it,
I will tell you. I’m not going to do it.
Even for that trophy. (laughter) Maybe for that trophy,
I would do it. That’s a great trophy. But, Simon, I just want
to congratulate you. (applause) (A helmet is presented.) The President:  I could use it.
I could use it for them. (laughter) Makes my life easier
. Mr. Pagenaud:  (inaudible) The President:  Would you like
to say something? Mr. Pagenaud:  I would just like
to say that it is — as a Frenchman,
it’s such an honor to represent my country here today in the biggest race
in the world. And especially being invited
to come to the White House with President Trump
is a phenomenal achievement. But it’s also an honor
for my whole team, Team Penske,
the entire organization. We’re very proud
to be here today. So, a big thank you. We want to offer you
this helmet — The President:  That’s
beautiful, thank you. Mr. Pagenaud:  — to thank you
very much for your gesture to have us here. The President:  And we’re going
to find a great spot. (applause) And I want
to thank all of you guys. And I know when you took
those tires off and refueled, and all of the other things
you had to do, with — without that, it’s not
going to work, right? Mr. Pagenaud:  Exactly. The President:  And you were
setting records. And I think it’s beautiful.
I think it’s really brilliant. They actually had you
a couple of times in slow motion doing the tires and the fueling
and everything else. It was a brilliant thing
to watch. So I just want
to congratulate everybody. And — special.
Really special job. And Roger has been my friend
for many years; we know each other well. And just every year,
it’s another one, another one. And I know how hard it is
to win the Indianapolis 500. When I see —
when I see countries — Japan and Germany
and so many countries — spending tremendous amounts of
money trying to win that race, and you won it 18 times. That’s incredible.
That’s incredible. So I just want
to congratulate you, Roger. Mr. Penske:  Thank you,
Mr. President. The President:  Would you like
to say something? Mr. Penske:  Yes.
I think, Mr. President, it’s obviously an honor to have
our people in the capital today. And, to me,
it’s all about team. It certainly couldn’t be done
without the people behind us. And I want to thank you
for your team and what you’re doing
for our country, and the people
who are in our military, and certainly first responders.
Thank you very much. The President:  Well,
our country is doing really well, Roger. And I think probably,
in many ways, never better. It’s never been better.
Our military is being rebuilt. We have equipment that
even you’d like, I’ll tell you. We have some great equipment. We make the best in the world,
and we’re stocking up. And unfortunately — hopefully,
we’ll never have to use it, but it’s a good thing to have. In fact, the more of it you
have, and the better we are. Our military is at now
a new level — very soon to be a new level
like we’ve never been before. And we make the best
equipment in the world, and now we’ll be getting it in and getting it
into the military. And they appreciate it. And economically,
we’re doing fantastically well. So it’s been great. I spoke with Governor Cuomo about the helicopter accident
in New York. We have a lot of our
great folks over there, working very closely with
New York City, New York State. And it’s a big tragedy. There will be a report
in a little while as to what happened
and why it happened. But a very, very sad event. The pilot was killed,
as you know. But we’ll have a full report
on that soon. But the federal people
are working with the city and state people, and they’ll have
a full report very soon. Thank you very much. The Presss:    Any reaction
to John Dean’s testimony, Mr. President?
Mr. President, is there any reaction
to John Dean’s testimony today? The Presss:    Have you been
watching it? The President:  Look, John Dean
has been a loser for many years. So, I’ve been watching him
on one of the networks that is not exactly
Trump-oriented, and I guess they paid him
a lot of money over the years. No, John has been a loser
for a long time. We know that. I think he was disbarred,
and he went to prison. Other than that,
he’s doing a great job. The Presss:    Mr. President,
Mexico’s foreign minister says there was
no secret agreement beyond what was announced
on Friday. What do you mean in your tweets? The President:  Well, we have an
agreement on something that they will
announce very soon. It’s all done. And they have to get approval,
and they will get approval. If they don’t get approval,
we’ll have to think in terms of tariffs or whatever. But it’s just another aspect
of what we’ve done. It was all done
because of the tariffs and because of the relationship
that we have with Mexico. I spoke with
the President yesterday. And, by the way, I was with the President
of France the other day, too. Mr. Pagenaud:  I saw that. Yes. The President:  And
he’s a great guy. Emmanuel. He’s a great guy. So, we had a great conversation
the other day. And I think you’re going to see
some real action. It’s sad that,
when you think of it, Mexico is doing is more
for the United States, as of now, than Congress. And, specifically,
the Democrats, they have to get
their act together. They have to work
and get something done because you got a tremendous
problem at the border. You have people pouring in.
And it means crime. It means drugs.
It means so many other things. We’re building the wall. We’re going to have close
to 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year. That’s a lot. And we’re moving
along very rapidly. We won the big court case,
as you know, the other day. And that was
a big victory for us. So, a lot of good things
are happening. But I want to thank Mexico.
And we do have one other thing that will be announced
at the appropriate time. But they have to get approval
from their legislative body. The Presss:    What is it? The Presss:    Why are
the Mexicans denying it then? The President:  I don’t think
they’ll be denying it very long. It’s all done. The Presss: Mr. President,
you hinted earlier in that CNBC interview
that you may not — you’d actually go ahead
and impose tariffs if Xi doesn’t show up
for the G20. The President:  We’ll see
what happens. I think President Xi — The Presss: Would you be
personally insulted if Xi doesn’t show up?
Would you be insulted? The President:  No.
I’m never insulted. I’ve learned not to be insulted.
I think President Xi of China — great relationship with him —
I think he’ll be there. We are scheduled to talk
and to meet. I think interesting
things will happen. Let’s see what happens. Right now, we’re getting
25 percent on $250 billion worth of goods. That’s a lot of money that’s
pouring into our Treasury. We’ve never gotten
10 cents from China. Now we’re getting a lot of money
from China. And I think that’s one
of the reasons that GDP was so high
in the first quarter, because of the tariffs
that we’ve taken in from China. We always have the option
to raise it another $300 billion at 25 percent. And the 25 percent could be
much higher than 25 percent. But Roger Penske said,
“That’s enough.” Twenty-five percent is enough. (laughs) Bernard — Bernard said,
“That’s enough,” too. Right? (laughter) It’s not bad.
You like those numbers, right? The Presss:    Mr. President,
do you have a message — The President:  Yes. The Presss:    Mr. President,
some of your allies have said that if Democrats open up
an impeachment inquiry, that it could actually help
your reelection chances. Do you agree with that? The President:  Well,
I hear that too. But you can’t impeach somebody when there’s never been
anything done wrong. We have a no collusion.
We have no anything. There’s no obstruction.
There’s no collusion. There’s no anything. When you look
at past impeachments, whether it was President Clinton
or — I guess, President Nixon never got there;
he left. I don’t leave. There’s a big difference.
I don’t leave. We did nothing wrong
except create the greatest economy
in the history of our country. We did nothing wrong except
rebuild our military like nobody has ever seen before.
We’re doing a great job. Our country
has never been stronger. And I think that having Simon
here and Roger here is a tremendous honor for me. And these are champions.
These are the people I like. These are great,
great champions. Thank you. (applause)

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