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President LBJ Remark towards Lawrence Joels Valiance

President LBJ Remark towards Lawrence Joels Valiance

the president remarks upon presenting
the medal of honor from the south lawn of the white house
march ninth nineteen sixty-seven specialist Joel members of your family mr. vice president secretary of resource distinguished members of congress ladies and gentlemen and members of the press we have come here today to honor the courage of
a very brave soldier his was a very special kind of
correction the unarmed heroism of compassion and service to others the conduct of specialists six lawrence joel reflects i believe the role America itself must play on every battle field of freedom in the face of death in the fury of ambush he risked his life that other men might live wounded twice specialist Joel crawled for more than twelve hours through on ceasing enemy fire to bring others of his fellow man to safety in those dark dangerous hells where the enemy only thirty feet away he sustained the faith that are fighting men place in the medic their constant comrade always ready to back their courage and to bind their wounds today in this quiet american garden we acknowledge are great debt to
specialist Joel for his great dedication in that savage action it is a terrible truth that suffering is so often the price of freedom but freedom is indivisible to protect it in this and asia is to maintain it here in america the willingness of specialist joel to
die for freedom in the remote vietnam province of Binh Thuan indicates as nothing else could the willingness of his country to sacrifice to stand and to process in freedom’s cause as we salute the valor of this soldier we salute the best in the american
tradition just as he sustained those who fought for freedom in war zone D so shall we just as he bound up there wounds so shall we just as he cared for his fellow man so does all-america care for those with whom we share this planet america too stands behind the fighter who is struggling to prevent
subjugation america is willing to make sacrifices in order that all man may know the joy of peace and security america too is dedicated to the highest of our principals that of serving mankind and it’s endless struggle toward a better a fuller of dignity devoid of tyrany specialist joel with this metal comes your nation’s enduring gratitude we thank you for what you’ve done you stand as a symbol reminding all of us of our continuing responsibilities as citizens and are continuing obligations as a nation if, if we are worthy your sacrifice and the sacrifice of those of your comrades we shall forget them

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  1. WOW!!! Not a single comment to date? Thank you Mr. Joel. Sincerely, thank you for your sacrifice. God bless you and your family, God bless ALL service members, past, present and future. And, God bless America!

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