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President Donald Trump Mocked On Stage By Errant Satire Presidential Seal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

President Donald Trump Mocked On Stage By Errant Satire Presidential Seal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Hold on a second. That song they were using when the helicopters and HUMVEEs hit the screen, that's the intro to a Laibach song. There is no way they got permission for that.

  2. " Come my American children and bathe in the greatness that is me " ,,,, And the brain washing of Americas youth begins ,,, This country is in a ton of trouble ,, I know its been referenced here already but this looks remarkably similiar to the " Hitler Youth " movement of the Nazi party headed up by Hitler ,, why is this president so drawn toward the evil men of history ? Hitler , Putin , Un , Duke etc.. etc .. etc ..
    WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!!!! get this guy as far away from the presidency as possible !!!!!!!

  3. You people that hate America and our President are living here because we are a tolerant people. We are growing tired of you all! The time will come when we decide it's time for you to go. You're on the clock!

  4. Hats off, unknown patriot. Good luck in trump's torture chamber. Bring cyanide. If you're still out there, I suggest France. Now.

  5. There is no one that is living in the United States like the president, and not paying his or her taxes.They should never be a president at all,the whole thing is just a big mockery to the people of the United States. If it was a very poor person that the IRS claiming owes a few dollars from his meager wages,the IRS would be taking action against him and. A man like the president does not paid taxes in almost 20years and. Having billions of dollars, only the poorer sets of people must pay taxes, and rich guy like Donald Trump must not paid any taxes at all,but talking about loopholes .
    It is totally unjust to the poor people of the United States, the president is suffering from depression. He is mentally distribute, he needs some form of medical health treatment. He is behaving too erratic against everybody, he is cursing out everyone like he is the only who was born in the United States. Congress should be blamed for all of what he is doing, because they are the ones who responsible to makes the laws and. They should makes the laws saying any citizen who does not paid their taxes,they are not qualified to run for the office of the Presidency of the United States. So don't blamed Trump, it is Congress that the should holds at fault here,because they allowing him to get away with wrong doing here .

  6. Ya know what's weird Winestine ,Epstine rapping young white girls … many of those girls were Jewish

  7. Seeing him in sports pictures made me think of the most recent college admissions scandals. How much you guys wanna bet those were some "expensive" photos?

  8. Indicative of the sort of minds that admire this terd. They couldn't even discern the fake seal. What a MAGA Shame. SMH

  9. The seal on the right contains a copyright violation.
    So someone else had this idea before; nothing unique and unprecedented.

  10. The SCUM Putin, Trump, White Supremacist MURDERERS and the once USA Republican Party, now Putin's, are way beyond OUT OF CONTROL …Theses are the deadliest ENEMIES of America! .. Rebel against these repugnant enemies! PROTEST!

  11. Obama was nothing more than a mom Jean's front man for leftists in America. That why all the radical leftists in the US supported him. No brainer. But Obama supporters are too lazy to investigate the truth

  12. I must say this is horrible! It's so demeaning to the President, but we don't have a true President that' is putting the country first as a whole. How in the world did his entourage allow that to be posted, what in the world?! The fact that it stayed up there the entire time is HILARIOUS!!!

  13. I can see this is where the anti-trump liberal snowflake morons hang out. madcow can't contain her glee. too bad trump will be reelected in 2020

  14. Trump is only diverting our attention from the FEMA CHILDREN CAGED CAMPS in AZ / TX. The representatives were complaining about the children dying, standing in feces, drinking from toilets, no food, no parents, KIDNAPPED CHILDREN under 0 tolerance policy. LOOK BACK AT THE INITIAL COMPLAINT of the 4 women. Someone get down there w/cameras!!! break in

  15. Those FEMA CAGES of children * babies are just like the HOLOCAUST TRAIN RIDES in WW2 from GERMANY/ POLAND to the concentration camps: standing room only, no food, one bucket for toilet, no water, death as they traveled for days to camps. Just like that. USA HAS CAGED CHILDREN in horrible conditions. the 4 women were exposing it. so he attacked them, so w/ rep cummings. he complained about the FEMA CAMPS so he was attacked so we would not look at the conditions of the FEMA CHILDREN CAMPS KIDNAPPED and starving and dying.

  16. Why didn’t she say “RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA”? She’s sooo lame. Gets paid $30,000/day and I have no clue why she is the news media’s choice as the Democratic spokesperson. “Russia Russia Russia” is her usual lines.

  17. they said the grades Trump got at military school were very poor, so he hid the records. He was a big playboy in school to, he never grew up and respected women.

  18. Excellent of Democrats to waste even more of tax dollars pursuing yet another lose. That's the stuff that great campaigning by Democrats for President Trump are all about ensuring a landslide win.
    I DO LOVE how Fake News keep their followers in the dark, making for excellent memes of melting snowflakes. 😂😂😂

  19. Participation ribbons 😂 he’s such a narcissist! They should follow that up with all the hard working people he screwed over in all of his foreclosures and bad business.

  20. The only thing which makes this Universe bareable is it's consistent propensity for mysterious and inexplicable events amidst an otherwise predictable ocean of: fruitless struggle, misery, tragedy and generalized decay. It's the small things that brighten up the awful soup of reality, like a bit of cayenne pepper in a bland bowl of chicken noodle. Thanks, Rachel for our daily dose of pepper! 😁

  21. Pure gold, give the designer an award. Seriously though, that wasn't put up there accidentally. Someone knew what they were doing, kudos to them too.

  22. Also – "he loved military school"? Seriously? I mean, didn't "he" catch bonespurs, just in time to avoid being drafted for Vietnam?

  23. What I find really sad is she has to explain the American presidential seal to americans. I'm not american and I didn't need a tutorial as to the layout of the seal. But then, look at who the president is, a corrupt, lying, thieving megalomaniac. Stupid people voting for a stupid leader. The rest of the world IS NOT laughing with you but at you. Impeach him, put him and his cronies in prison and put an honest, real leader in the white house.

  24. Eerily reminiscent of the Nazi youth group videos/photos. They all have their arms outstretched in a Nazi salute.

  25. Is so Sad to see how the majority of Americans (Including Anglo-Saxons) Hate Our President!
    That News Anchor is so happy about what happened with the Presidential Seal, showing how Ignorant she really is!
    The Media is destroying Our Country little by little, and almost no one is noticing it!
    Donald J Trump is the Best President we ever had in the United States of America..! All prior presidents were all Free Masons in service of the New World Order! They don't like Donald Trump because he is on the way of their plans of Absolute Domination!

  26. Trump and his entire family are operating a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE). The Trumps have no God but Money. So in time, they will pay a heavy price for their treason. The republicans and the so called Evangelicals and Fox News will have to settle their account for betraying our country as well! It's going to be a day of reckoning for all of them. THE DEEP STATE IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY! WE SEE YOU and WE WILL NOT FORGET!!!!…

  27. Liberals and radicals lefties think this is funny?? Why this sort of thing never happened when we have Dems President? Bunch of nuts taking thing with their own hands, and they think its funny – MAGA

  28. They didn't notice. That's the thing about Trump supporters. They DON'T notice anything outside of Trump. The world laughs at Donald Trump, the same way Trump said when Obama won his second term, and they don't know why.

  29. msnbc are trump haters they just gave free ad to the anti trump website btw the way using and changing and mocking the gov logo can cause u prison time

  30. Fat mouth. Shut up. Demons come in all shapes and colors. The next step is to move on. Americans are tired of all the bashing that's going on. Why can't our awesome president do his freaking job. Obama was a horrible president and no body seems to care what he did, or that he is married to a man, with fake children, fake pet.

  31. "President Donald Trump's throbbing on the screen." [6:47] Thanks for that, Rachel. Blech! There's not enough eye bleach on the planet to erase the image you painted with your words.

  32. Obama n hilary were and are so corrupt and there was no coverage. Now that it came to light and you still dont cover it.
    You people are such BILLSHIT.

  33. On multiple occasions McConnell actively prevented a Senate vote on measures to safeguard the 2020 elections from Russian interference. How is that not Treason? It gives aid and comfort to an enemy of the United States, which is part of the definition of Treason.

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