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President Bush Doesn’t Know What Laws Apply to our Military

President Bush Doesn’t Know What Laws Apply to our Military

all of these civilian u_s_ contractors iraq what law applies to them major major question because sometimes issue that oftentimes they should have people what they have somebody
with the tell somebody whatever somebody what it is a dispute what law applies and president has no idea you know even if he gives an answer suggests it’s a developing %uh area of law as well as one of the things we were running
into iraq is that these guys they’re their private they’re not subject to military law
but obviously iraq is not in position to enforce the net but we have sovereignty issue with
sarkozy if i could bring that up on as much we have some decide we can apply american
or other is in fact were working on this and we’re trying to codify
laws to sort of have applied to people in private military contractors but you know
i mean that’s not an answer but senator that would suggest regard for
the prop he has no idea he has no idea that that’s an issue in outcome on that you can yeah but i do zack activity well pounds of got damn raises until he was
in the early eighties alcohol sector that’s what i did cults decisions on important matters and what law applies to those guys are very
important act and not only do not know the answer him close
in on realizes a question at the present government questions how much
jerry’s president ask what laws apply to self-portrait notre was
applied but depends of thousands of u_s_ civilians we have inside
iraq what la plaza client landscaper to watch dot present for the plumber high-throughput dentists buffer
the accountant but for the president to understand that that’s an issue in iraq yeah you don’t have to have a concrete answer
to it as maybe there is a war not their for so long if i was the president or any questions they are any reasonable human
being was the president you think is the hardest because we do it that you write
this issue came up with years ago because as an innocent after the invasion came in
regard torturing treat their presence what can we bring in kentucky the c_i_a_ can torture me in the military camp for sure what that is
pretty in private contractors private information gathers o %uh further they got four guys in on the bridge
apology or private contractors so that issue came up long time ago and by the way here’s the real answer to the
question the real answer is right now shockingly enough no law plots to them and plot whatever before he left as i have a coalition provisional forty sided orders say always by the way from now on all of our military and non-military well u_s_ citizens in iraq are above the law and was controversial was a big creativity you can’t do that that’s gonna
be a real sovereignty issue for iraq and i should do a little iraq and actually
cause a problem in arron and that eventually to the iranian revolution answered at very controversial order and president bush has no idea none he doesn’t even know about
the order he suffers now these are opera if pat it that
plus the secretary sadhana dot com on may two thousand three
years ago and by the way he should’ve hammer this issue
out we cannot have people above the law in iraq what has best we wonder why women surrogacy
these people i’ve read report after reports where they got miracle industries is outrageous so the whole point fire just anywhere around the perimeter so that
no one gets closer car and you don’t think that that might cause
a problem with iraqi civilians get by on a daily basis from guys or buffalo they cannot
possibly draw be prosecuted

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