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Preparing for a Siege: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 100)

Preparing for a Siege: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 100)

I adore Sinestro’s niganda upon you coverage of the pursuit arts a diode she fetches tabulated Garuda’s also purchased Ukraine but a monster decision and applause first renewal brevity Manama territory okay anatomist oh yeah Luigi Ezekiel you’ve not read it so crane it’s pretty amazing this must be the biggest factory i’ve ever been in apparently 27,000 people work here this is why the city of Mariupol is so important to the Ukrainian economy and why the city is such a prize because just the exports from this one factory comprise a sizable proportion of Ukraine’s total exports nah school was no era propriety metal gear up record of Salem delay economically seven I thought was funny ikkaku versatility mariupol Nicole interpret Salem separate sister Pro resistive seal is the Tawaf to an amoeba Socrates the bride severe air to industry what after wash there’s no place that you know I’m selfish while I stood up a proposal I love these guys in the thermal suits they look like members of some kind of weird space religion that’s Napa you saw the fire jump by doing there are a lot of incredibly hot things in here sheriffin that is like bullets left welcome truck but almost a surprise right Robert tonight mysteriously my cousin taka bluey my one of the way a completely Medusa true new connectors that I see you close Oprah II know it email me as these boots now sorry Kira of the reactor Nasser Imperial nurse magellanic can remove so you push causally anomalous was really a gazillion gazillion yeah nauseous Munich Williamson West Ronnie mousse I tossed remove wave Nicodemus thought sir in a salute award Wacha Rinat Akhmetov the owner of this factory was an oligarch in the true sense he was a backer of the former pro Russia President Viktor Yanukovych he owns companies all across this country he even has his own television channel and so it wasn’t clear early on which side of the conflict he was going to come down on the pro-russia side or the pro-ukraine side but it looks like now he’s finally made his choice because he’s decided that you can’t run a business empire in an area where his ownership rights would be under question and in an area that could very well at some point come under sanctions so if this part of the country came under pro-russian control this factory might not be allowed to export at all don’t forget this is the mayor of Mariupol over here to witness a drill the children of this school are about to participate and it’s a bomb shelter drill and the alarm is about to go off was mostly politics electorial story yet he was Muslim then I said to a sailor admirably on Petipa sweetie clear past cateura me 80s calc Aruba say a Barone is my Mian tatted misery a novice cook my Bloods que la mia travel arranger okay my belly massive a brunette and mokuba’s a visa plasmas worid initially approached Nawaz wrestler of Dentistry towards a year yeah Nibiru was monastic whatever horror that led to another neurologist Wahine life technique is so last year he went to sta receive linear today Nevada superbully are nervous Kanuri are nervous Kauai digital it’ll be a rainy avoid me Jana Duma you stop Putin padded not IKEA he won was a pretty passionate appetizer circle save a theater feudal era was born animals decision Ahura pistols awaiting you there is the alarm this is obviously a drill so it’s all very organized and no panic and they’ve invited the press here to have a look at what’s gonna happen but you can believe it’d be a lot more panicky during the real thing so this shelter is directly below the school they didn’t even have to go outside to get into here Marie pulls a huge city and it’s come under artillery attack before and the results have been really deadly and really gruesome so they’re making sure that these kids know what to do there’s a chance that Marie opal could be taken without any sort of garage at all city could just get surrounded and be taken under siege new structures to what hospitably would push you towards Boston is trash not going upon you karateka starts with each new high teachers to the gora the Stars a child diode she purchased Roberto salsa purchased Ukraine potometer a dc-10 and applause first renewal project in Manama territory Ukrainian optimist or yellow blue yellow blue red is so Craner so luckily we’re in school this is the geography room and they’ve got a map of Ukraine which is very helpful for us because you can see where Mariupol here is right next to the Russian border and all of this area from Mariupol to Crimea is controlled by the Ukrainian government which is why there are concerns that eventually the pro-russian forces are going to want to take over more evil so that they have an overland bridge access to Crimea for them to resupply it’s kind of a geographical reality that you can’t escape when your pockets you gotta spy see what we see at the student

Reader Comments

  1. Look at baltic countries. They live much better than russians now. Russians are poor and isolated by their goverment and idiotic leader

  2. I hope they blow that steel plant up and then maybe people will stop buying that cheap Eastern European steel that made like shit

  3. With having Nazi battallions cleanse the city from any opposiion and workers whose life is dependent on local feudal lord/oligarch Ahmetov does Simon really expect any other views? Also the girl who loves Ukrainian so much speaks pure Russian with almost no accent.

  4. I'm from Texas n i can tell u this América is not going to war again we been in conflicts every time were in debt with 14 trillion + we need to fix problems back home not other places

  5. If Russia takes over Ukraine, everyone would be trying to speak in Russian saying how they love the language and will say how they always supported separatists but were not allowed to openly support them. 

  6. life is like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're going to get. Except, I do know what I will get because i bought this damned box more than a dozen times, and there is illustrations and contents of ingredients on the package. So if your life is a box of chocolates and you dont know what the you are getting, open your damn eyes. 

  7. That girl talks pro-Ukrainian bollocks in a city occupied by Neo-nazi thugs from the Azov battalion. Once Novorossiya steps in, all pro-Ukrainian sentiment will quickly evaporate. 

  8. По закону в Украине есть только один государственный язык. Почему все эти люди говорят на языке национальных меньшинств?
    Почему на нашивке украинского солдата руна "Вольфсангель", "волчий крюк" знак нацистских дивизий СС "Рейх".?

  9. "I want to live in Ukraine because I love it". why? don't be a sheep, if your fighting for your country you better know why.

  10. It is wise of them to practice.

    They should also equip the safety retreat areas with food, water, water purification equipment, meds & medical provisions, lights, batteries, & generators. Cots, blankets & hygiene provisions would also be smart.

    Think : "siege" and prepare accordingly.

  11. 4:56 Azov  SS-Battalion of Death. Pro-USA-EU-Fascists.

    But this is quite normal for the United States. They were on the side of the Taliban , they supported Hitler until he began to lose the war . They supported the ISIS . They supported Osama Bin Laden. They supported Saddam Husein . USA installed a fascist in Iran and ignite all wars . With every dictator bastard they work together . Now they support fascists in Ukraine. Nothing unusual. I'm just saying : typically USA.

  12. The Ukrainian government army and nationalist retaliatory battalions arrange etnichestky cleanings and genocide of the Russian population in the territory of the Ukrainian Donbass. The army uses cassette ammunition on a residential development of the cities from silent support of Europe and active support of the USA. Russia in every possible way resists to it, helps the population to survive, sends humanitarian aid. The population destroyed by Kiev in the Southeast is discordant with policy of huge loan of means at the IMF. For it residents of Ukraine without doubts are destroyed by thousands the president-oligarch Poroshenko and his pro-American government. Each inhabitant of free Europe has to remember that he will be involved by the USA in war and destroyed for the sake of others interests and debts of bankers! Crash of the American dollar is very close, get rid of it is only paper.

  13. Наконец на анти-российском канале увидел правду. "Если Путин введёт регулярные войска, это будет открытым объявлением войны". Вот именно так я и думаю, что Россия наверняка участвует в конфликте, но регулярной армии там нету. Есть добровольцы, возможно помощь оружием, и специалистами. А воюет в большинстве своём местное ополчение. 

  14. What happened to news that didn't just show one side of the story. Look at the fucking questions to ask, pushing your pro American bullshit views. Love from Australia

  15. Siege is the worst battleplan to endure, the civilians will starve to death because their leaders wound not surrender.

  16. The European countries ceased to pursue own policy directed on strengthening of national welfare. In the last 15 years admit the poorest states to the European Union, and then extort from them resources, telling the silly population continually about democracy and mythical liberty of choice. With Ukraine so it will not turn out, there the population will blindly not follow utopian liberal democracy and the civil war unleashed by the USA in this big country will surely and quite naturally be thrown to Europe. The matter is that historically Ukraine is a Russian land, and Russians always won against the enemies in the territory. The ideas of nationalism and fascism cultivated by the USA in Ukraine and which are blindly supported by the European politicians will find the adherents among the liberal public of the European Union. Being lately blindly led by the USA, the united Europe forgets that is on other continent and it has absolutely other economic priorities. Europe does not offer own policy for improvement of life of people and becomes quite natural a colony of the USA. And this country does not improve welfare of the citizens at all, the American government and bankers only exhaust them in mortgage and consumer debts more deeply. Unemployment grows enormous rates and the situation will leave from under control soon, having brought down shaky world supremacy of dollar. Europeans and their national governments according to the Congress have to offer lives of the citizens, cut down the level of national development to a minimum and literally pull out the American economy on the shoulders, having paid for tens years terrible American debts. The USA, significantly increasing the troops by territories of Europe, shows the determination to protect only the interests, very productively bullshitting Europeans about mythical Russian threat.

  17. Reading all your guys commands and one more time believe that we are Slovenians is 100% idiots and should be do idiotic works, what so ever Poroshenko or Putin or DNR or LNR all this leader will be condemn by future history, by Slovenians people whatever or for who you fight, you fight your brothers, today in 21 centaury such actions show how primitive people of Ukraine and Russia, primitive and stupid to believe to Anglo-Saxons who all their life hate Slovenians because they never understand us and never will. One day soon some smart leader in our Slovenian community will be stop this stupid standoff between Judith Poroshenko and German spy Mr. Putin. Very shame for all of you to be such a idiotic and don’t see future, because all of you don’t read past history, the best Slovenians for Americans and British if dead Slovenians, they need key to control Europe, and key in hand of Polish and Ukrainians so Polish already brain washed now turn of Ukrainians – great works done by Anglo Saxons that’s why like them for bring their plan thru they push and push, very methodically not like Slovenians work when dangerous or when damage already done, too much emotions and feeling in strategic agenda, but when we Slovenians will be understand that mistake I am shore will be some think "very very big happening", and hope this happen very soon, now more and more people understand why we killing each others, and history not forgive us for that. We was pay out by betrayers.

  18. The city of Mariupol was founded by Russians when this territory was a part of Russian Empire, this giant factory was build by Russians when it was Soviet Union, and it will be Russian after all. Ukrainian occupation of Donbass will end soon.

  19. that factory looks like the set they used to film the second new star-wars (the one where anakin gets his hand chopped off.. like the droid factory)

  20. She says she loves the Ukrainian language but she's speaking Russian, for gods sake! Ukrainian and Russian traditions are almost exactly the same!

  21. I know this is totally off topic to the video, but that's one hell of steel mill.. i didn't know steel was a major export for Ukraine

  22. 8:27 poor mayor :)) he has to trust a bunch of punks to defend the city instead of national ukrainian army. where is fuckin army :))

  23. You are not a journalist. You can't say what oligarch Ahmetov thinks or will do, you didn't even speak with the dude. Total speculation

  24. Mariupol, rebels probably wont' even attack it directly. They will probably strike in Odessa next from the west. Either way, I just don't see Ukrainians keeping the city. When the proRussians win, they will just arrest and slaughter the leadership, and these kids will say they like NovoRossiya or Ukraine or Russia, but it will be Pro Russian control of the entity and the current leaders will get called Enemy of the state.

  25. pro-Russians please listen …your destiny is same as east Germany will risk your life to cross to the weast side of the country in the future 
    Oh God who saved Jesus save thoes children women and old people …nobody can take care of them ..Amin !!!

  26. Vice news, are you neutral? You have a good mix of viewpoints, but I suspect your audience is less neutral. Donbass Separatists are more anti-Kiev than pro-Russian, and I don't blame them. Ukraine-Kiev is badly fascist-oriented lol as is the u/s. If we support peace we should support the Minsk agreements.
    The people of Donetsk and Luhansk are trying to put their lives back together while the Ukies continue to shell them in the midst of a so-called ceasefire.

  27. I wonder why vice news newer showing the other pro Novorossia side of news? That's tells a lot about biases of this "news".

  28. after i have to pass my military practis in my country and the conflict is still on, im going to pack my stuff and move to ukraine to help the fight against the rebel russians, i just hope this will end before it has to come to that.

  29. I know Simon wants to get people's views but he shouldn't be asking kids which side they are on, they might suffer unnecessary retaliation if the city falls to the Pro-Russians the Russians have access to everything posted by Vice and they use it quite often.

  30. Ahh so the mayor of Mariupol admits no Russian troops are in Ukraine and that for Mariupol to fall it would need regular Russian army to be involved, so this is the truth, why is VICE pushing this Russian Army in Donetsk BS?

  31. NATO is fucking evil, they unite Chechen Islamists with Neo-Nazi's in Ukraine just like they did with Bosniak Al-Qaeda and Croat Neo-Nazi's in YugoSlavia, and just like in Kosovo they install a mafia government to rule the population with an iron fist were dissent is crushed, yet in all the western news reports they decree these occupied nations as beacons of freedom…. Ask the Georgian who were tortured by Saakashvilli how free they were, he has a warrant out for his arrest, yet he is now the governor of Odessa, he is also mentally unfit and insane. It's time to PUSH OUT the Bolshevik Khazar Zionists and have an all Slavic Union, we are all brothers, why do we let ourselves fight each other for the benefit of the dreadful few?



  33. In 4:56 the soldier was wearing a Nazi symbol and after that the Ukrainians say that they don't have any connection to Nazies……

  34. +VICE News Please WORK MORE WITH GEOGRAPHICAL MAPS. I think it´s easier to understand military behaviour by explaining it with maps.
    Everytime when Simon is at a new place, I look up at google maps where he actually is.

    All in all – Simon and you guys form Vice News are making a good job, because you do not cut the interviews with the citizens (weather it be pro-russian, pro-ukraine or neutreal people) and show the situation in most a objective way as possible. Thank you guys!

    Greetings from Germany.

  35. Okay, no one can use the word Nazi to compare anyone else, no one is trying to start an ethnic cleansing

  36. The guys in the thermal/silver suits reminded me of the greatest american movie ever made, "the deer hunter", if you haven't seen it – watch it, young DeNiro & Walken play in it – Deniro always notes that it is his most memorable film

  37. The "soldiers"present are brandishing AZOV battalion patches with fascist insignia. Orlovsky shows the colors of his worthless pseudo-journalism yet once again asking if the "rebels" wish to get control of this factory when the UKROP nazis have obviously done it first knowing full and well controlling the heavy industries in East Ukraine mean life or death of their collapsed economy. This city was not spared of any violence by the way………..

  38. В заводы вкладывали западные и украинские деньги, а теперь какие-то дуболомы-сепары считают что это их собственность? Да лучше все взорвать нахер при отходе, чем оставить этим выродками. Уже по примеру заводов луганщины и так понятно куда вывезту и порежут на металл, все что создавалось и инвестировалось Украиной для украинцев.

  39. Girl says she loves Ukrainian language but speaks Russian they are so scared of Ukrainian army that bomb Mariupol

  40. Thats Russia shit payed mercenaries will never defeat people defending own land…. Any fighting with deep motivated patriots is a total hard task.

  41. haha what a bullshit, like they got city back and girl like oh i wanna stay in ukraine, i love this language, why the fk you speak russian then))))

  42. Now we know why they fight over mariupol. Its because of the money made there. Stupid politician's greed.

  43. Beautiful Slav ppl hurting other beautiful Slav ppl. Whatever comes of thos be quick so the dying and suffering anymore. We use to have plants some Elites sent our jobs to be cheap save them money screw the middle class.

  44. Divide and Conquer of Slavic Race in effect by the globalists sad nobody understands that, they want to rid of steong Slavic Race to accomplish their NWO agenda

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