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  1. I hate rats. I have four homes here on central coast of Ca . i've had to take parts of walls out to retrieve rat carcasses. they stink to high heaven.

  2. I've had a similar rat infestation, in the garage. I placed rat poison that effectively kills them. But there is another problem with rat poisons. Like it says in the video, rats take the food to their nests and die there. For that, I don't like rat poisons because the rats dies in nests, behind walls and other inaccessible places, therefore dead rats can't be removed, unless you tear the walls apart. So, they start to decay and stink like hell for weeks. The same with rats and mice entering or residing in the roof. They eat the poison and then die wherever they are then within 2 weeks they start to decay (rot) and stink like crazy, more dead rats decaying, more smell there is and each day the smell enters the rooms through the heater/air con vents. Even trying to remove them is almost impossible as they are hard to find in between insulation batts or in shred paper insulation. The smell can linger for weeks, even months if there is poor roof ventilation. So, since then I have sealed any roof entry, removed tall trees close to the roof, as the rats, like the Possums, can climb trees and enter through tiles or metal roof by jumping into the rain gutter and squeeze through from under the tiles or steel roof. They can easily jump 3-4 feet from the tree and the gutter. So, I opted for a live rat catching cage similar to a bird cage but only one way in, or a large bucket half filled with water and two revolving slippery drink cans. In the middle of the cans there is a wooden wheel of same diameter as the cans, only one and half inch wide and packed with peanut butter. They love peanut butter. They attempt to reach the food by climbing on the cans, the cans rolls and the rats fall in and drown. Weekly cleaning of the bucket is necessary, otherwise that will stink too.

  3. Back in the 1980's I worked in Maintenance Dept. of Blue Diamond Almonds….they had a guy that spent most of the day going on a 'route' of rat traps, then they did 'autopsy' to see what they ate….so as to put out better bait.

  4. I don't know where you can buy red squill, tho I see squill for sale on Amazon. Used to be you could get phosphorus rodenticide — that's if you really wanted to kill you some rodents

  5. The guy who handled the dead rats had no gloves on!! And he was not putting a mask on for spreading DDT dust, chemicals, dragging, poking and searching behind the stove for dead rats!!. This guy had died from either chemical poison which I would not be surprised. What about the infestation that he breathed in?! Hello, what about the bacteria passing from the dead animal to human's contact? The other guy looked handsome and I enjoyed watching him. He was much charming than the hip-hops of modern day. I am not doing this, it looks delicious and preparing a big gourment for the rats, which I would not do. Sorry.

  6. Air rifles are best for rats… poisen is a awfull death… I wouldnt even kill rats with poisen its almost not Fair … at least a pellet ends him quickly and without suffering…

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