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Portland to Corvallis | Andy & Bax, Blossoming Lotus, & Block 15

Portland to Corvallis | Andy & Bax, Blossoming Lotus,  & Block 15

[Applause] hello and welcome back to the vlog it is April 7th it's Saturday we're about to go to Starbucks to make our drive up to Gladstone my little sister is playing any volleyball tournament and then while we're out there I also wanna check out the Portland's already market and then there's a vegan restaurant I've been really wanting to try so hopefully that's all on the agenda today but yeah really need coffee it's like 848 and it's a Saturday and it's way too early for this okay so we made a little detour we stopped at this market of choice get some cash and then I'm gonna go up a kombucha over here we're not too far away from where my sister will be playing so look how beautiful Oh Eddie noticing right this really weird on me supply store I feel like if you are doomsday prepper you would really like the store it's like a person with a doomsday prepper I don't think this addresses her next door this was really that kind of violent everything Miguel warned leisure or what look at this girl she's looking roughly [Applause] I found it that's how I can what's wrong with you jealous I'm just trying to figure out why they have so many empty bins of things we have found ourselves it won't focus I need them like this so we have found ourselves a cute little Trudeau place because and I didn't want to go Saturday market because it's really rainy outside well it comes in waves it's actually more like Wendy than it is rainy but it's only like 250 right now so we're probably gonna go to Ikea after that I'm a freaking NIC star scart so it's been a while since I checked in and okay so it's been a while since we've checked in we've been to a lot of places since it's her place we went to Ikea and we also stopped by Ulta and Best Buy it is raining like really bad outside can't really see right now but like there's huge puddles everywhere so it's been kind of difficult to vlog because of that we're gonna go to our third and final restaurant of the evening but apparently this place is like known for their burgers okay there were no for their burgers and we also talked about this restaurant at the media concert we met like some people from Seattle and they had heard about this place – I've never heard about this place I didn't know they had a good burgers but um I can go for a burger right now cuz yokels real hungry and it's bro rainy outside and I'm grumpy and I want to get out so I'm about to go do cardio and this is the look yeah I haven't eaten anything today but I am going to be trying these her amino burners and only for her actually sent these to me in like a little cute goodie bag package this was the cool little shaker bottle they sent so I'm going to use that I also have on some sweets what a fun fact I actually have a really hard time sweating for some reason like I work out really hard and by the end of my workout like I barely look like I've done anything so I'm have that on you got my hoodie on got my shoes on and we already girl I spend $17 on breakfast stuff this morning and I'm not proud of it baby blue he's not interested so I got some Kodiak cakes those are on sale for $5 um some PB 2 because I was in the mid for some chocolate peanut butter pancakes I got some fruit that I paid me too much before and some strawberries we're all excited here's my breakfast before I eat it I have one egg I just fried this with Pam and I put on Tony Papa Tony's Creole seasoning anything is what it's called that stuff is bomb on eggs three slices of turkey bacon and I also have some Kodiak cakes with strawberries and my leftover strawberries and this little glass thing so I'm not counting my butter spring ice like just spray butter on my stuff and this stuff actually has no calories in it I mean if you use like an excessive amount of it then it's going to have some calorie content but for just like I think five sprays there's like zero calories and my syrup which is miss bloody works cuz she's rich and thick and that's why I'm trying to be in my life okay yes I've been back there for a while now I'm about to go a shower and you know wash my hair and I don't really know what I'm doing today honestly but I have a bunch of laundry to do lots of planning to do so um I want cleaning I'm sure so uh yeah that's what I am currently doing and it's a gloomy day okay so it's some time later we are at Mikey I'm getting some inserts from a planner you just let you keep stove so we're Corral's we're gonna go see you ready here boy and we're also gonna go out to eat we're gonna have a great time I was looking up his 50% off coupon and definitely doing the final verdicts on ready player one we liked it I liked it I mean considering I've never like read the book because we had I had heard mixed reviews and one of them was that it was like nothing converted but granted I've never read the book I thought was really cute Hello Kitty was there I thought was great movie and I really liked the couple next to us because I think they had read the books before so they were just like having the toilet and they liked it so what are your opinions sir-sir is a good movie illegitimate it's worth watching is worth a defense okay like five seconds ago you literally what it shut up we're fans we like it we have found ourselves a block the team that you guys are you fan do you like it yes pretty good this restaurant has like little chalk and like these chalk for tables that we can write on so here to have like this nice little tree [Applause]

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