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Portable WW2 Field Desk | Pawn Stars

Portable WW2 Field Desk | Pawn Stars

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  1. FYI, The desk is from China NOT Korea. The way I can tell is that, there are Chinese Characters written on the field desk.

  2. "If you were a runner you prayed that you made it through the day and got promoted real soon". I miss the old man so much.

  3. How is it leaning heavy on the glass without in cracking if it's so indestructible robust

  4. The old man rips you off so much but this guy is a bigger mug for selling it 😂 they should really teach you how to negotiate over in the US

  5. You can always tell when the old man wanted an item because he started to say he would go lower than his starting offer 🤣

  6. fair enough the old man low balls him but did ya have to show the poor guy failing to open the door at the end lmao

  7. Chumlee  has an IQ of what? 3? cant believe they kept this guy….he is not funny….he's a moran….!!!

  8. The old man will get in touch with WWII collectors and get a shit load of cash for that desk.

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