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Pope Francis: The Controversial Catholic Leader | NowThis World

Pope Francis: The Controversial Catholic Leader | NowThis World

Pope Francis is facing bombshell allegations
that have put the papacy directly in the crosshairs of a potential scandal. But the Pope isn’t new to being at the center
of a controversies. I’m Judah with NowThis World and in today’s
episode, we’re going to explore some of the controversies of Pope Francis’ past,
and the recent allegations that might very well end his historic rule. Born Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires,
Argentina in 1936 — Pope Francis was the son of italian immigrants who fled the fascist
dictatorship of Benito Mussolini. Bergoglio dedicated his life to the Roman
Catholic church in 1958 when he joined the novitiate of the Society of Jesus. He became an ordained priest in 1969 and eventually
assumed the leadership role of Provincial of the Jesuits in Argentina in 1973. But during his time in that role, he would
find himself in the midst of a wartime controversy. From 1976-1983, Argentina suffered through
what many called “the Dirty War.” It was a period of time when a brutal military
junta ruled the country. The dictatorship cracked down on suspected
dissidents and others, including opposition figures and innocent civilians. They were taken by the government, where some
were tortured in secret prisons and eventually killed. This campaign claimed the lives of at least
9,000 people. But what does this have to do with the Pope? Two jesuit clerics who were working among
the poor in Buenos Aires’ slums were kidnapped by the military government — and some have
said Pope Francis is partially to blame for their targeting. Some accused him of being complicit with the
government, when he didn’t publicly endorse the two priests’ work, but the Vatican and
the Pope himself have strongly denied this claim. Years later, he acknowledged that he made
mistakes during his time in leadership in Argentina and said it was because he was ”put
into the job too early.” But despite this troubling incident, he largely
is seen as a spiritual leader of the people. Some have characterized him as a “humble”
man, someone who once took public busses and cooked his own meals during his time as a
leader. That humble, mild mannered temperament — and
his goal of refocusing the church’s efforts to helping the poor — is what set him apart,
leading him to his next role in the church. On March 13, 2013 — a billow of white smoke
rose above the Sistine Chapel. That was the moment Jorge Mario Bergoglio,
became known as Pope Francis. He became the 266th leader of the Roman catholic
church. His leadership would bring in a new wave of
firsts for the Vatican. He was the first pope from Latin America,
the first Jesuit, and first non-european in over 1,000 years. He said wanted to shift the church’s priority
to helping the poor and marginalised. He was seen as a reformer, someone who wanted
push the catholic church forward. He’s made relatively supportive comments
about the LGBTQ community in 2013, saying quote “If someone is gay and he searches for
the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” He’s warned of the growing dangers of climate
change, argued that the death penalty is “inadmissible,” and gave priests the right to to “forgive
abortions,” a medical procedure that would have automatically resulted in the excommunication
from the church. But these signs of change didn’t sit well
with some conservatives in the church. One of the most notable challenges to his
authority and reforms, came from the Vatican ambassador to the United States, Cardinal
Carlo Maria Viganò. Viganò, a staunch anti-gay member of the
church, arranged a meeting between Kim Davis — a controversial Kentucky official who refused
to marry a gay couples — and the Pope, without his knowledge. A few months later Pope Francis accepted Viganò’s
resignation. But that wouldn’t be the last time the Pope’s
rule would be challenged by Viganò. Now, the pope faces bombshell allegations
that has brought the papacy directly into question over how much the Pope knew of alleged
sexual abuse by U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick, who recently resigned under pressure. And the accuser, is none other than former
Vatican ambassador to the United States, Cardinal Carlo Maria Vigano. He released an 11-page letter in conservative
catholic media where he claims the Pope knew about sexual abuse in the church and didn’t
do anything about it. He also claimed the Pope has been allowing
what he calls “homosexual networks” to run rampant in the Vatican, something he says
is the cause of the catholic church’s abuse problem. But Vigano has released no evidence to corroborate
any of his claims against Pope Francis. When asked to respond to the allegation, the
Pope’s was eerily silent on the matter and refused to comment. Some say that this allegation is nothing more
than a man trying to get even 3 years after his firing. So will Vigano provide evidence of his bombshell
claim, and if he does will to Pope resign?

Reader Comments

  1. I would rather watch Dr Sandra Lee pop cyst than watch Catholic priest bishops cardinals an the the dope its cleaner anyway. These men need to repent and ask God for forgivness. Maybe they will be shown mercy. That's more than they showed those kids that they raped.

  2. resigne???? not completed pop wark only travelling and meeting is not perfect wark only half walk all world make it heaven pop wark

  3. If the pope wants to be taken seriously by his conservative followers, he must address these allegations. He must also use the papacy to purge corrupt elements within the church and set up a system that prevents these scandals from occurring again. Covering up or acting ignorant is not an effective solution. The frequency of these scandals has made people question the moral credibility of the church.

  4. The false prophet needs to resign and hung for his crimes against children of the world. The pope is a disgrace and is destroying the Catholic church. The Cardinals need to rise up and get the pope to resign.

  5. We need a Pope that doesn't care something as ridiculous as human rights for pedophile priests. We need a Pope that punishes them accordingly, and Francis isn't that Pope.

  6. watch out people do not be deceived by Pope Francis he is the second beast of the Book of Revelations he is the false prophet of the Antichrist !
    Isaiah 40: 3.
    A voice of one calling:
    “In the wilderness prepare
        the way for the Lord
    make straight in the desert
        a highway for our God.
    John 14: 6. Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

  7. I personally think a pope should be a man who says "Thou shalt not invite muslims to thy land" not encourage european countries to let them in and personnaly think we need another pope Urban II

  8. Good things he has done:
    1)Pushing forward the acceptance of LGBT communities
    2)Speaking for the climate change
    3)Spoke against death penalty (of course this is relative)
    Bad things he's done:
    1)Cover up pedos
    2)Has damaged some of the basics of the Christian church

  9. A resignation is something that has happened just twice in Vatican's history and I don't think that even with evidence he'd resing

  10. Oh come on.. What about the children?
    Worship no man on this earth.
    I'm sick of folks giving up children's rights to be innocent, for the egos of rich men who rarely go hungry except by choice

  11. That foo “Vegano” mad petty
    Like, you’re supposed to be a man of God. You preach to be like Jesus yet you acting sorry?

    This is one reason why people dislike religions, too much hypocrisy

  12. Will Pope Francis be forced to resign? Since the Catholic Church is set up in such a way that the Pope answers to no other human being… he cannot be "forced to resign." There are other alternatives that are more possible: he could have an accident. Some believe that that is what happened to John Paul I back in 1978.

  13. Well the damming evidence is that he lifted the sanctions on that cardinal, over the objections of others, and put him back into a position of power where he could abuse again.

  14. I think Vatican city should remove to South America where Christians have face to more important and vital problems than European Christians who are on decline. I remember the very crowded youth camp in Rio de Janeiro which Pope Francis attended by himself.

  15. Bertoglio has written a pleading to the court for a peodopile Argentine priest Julio César Grassi who raped several handicapped children in an orphanage. Bertoglios defense: The children had imagined it all. Grassi is in prison for 15 years now. Afterwards Bertoglio denied it and lied about it. This man is an insult and a disgrace to every true catholic

  16. Biased video
    The pope is invalid he pushed against core catholic ideas and violated the church
    I’m not even catholic and I know it
    He was working with China and supported their immoral human rights violations

  17. Stupid. Francis has a lot of supporters. Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Religious and and non-religious. I'm atheist, and I would stand behind Pope Francis. I see him as a good guy who is accepting of everyone, and the fact that he wants the church to refocus it's efforts on helping the poor is such a noble endeavor. I highly doubt Vigano could hope to match Francis. He seems jealous to me.

  18. Vigano is an enemy of The Church. He wants to destroy her and usher in a schismatic Traditionalist sect. Vigano wants the papacy for himself and he lies to spread his diseased religion.

  19. Cardinals arrive in the pope’s office
    Cardinal 1: we demand your resignation
    Pope: Are you threatening me
    Cardinal 1: the church will decide your fate
    Pope: I am the church
    Cardinal 1: not yet
    Pope: it’s heresy then.

  20. I think Church would reform to its traditional roots, a curia with equal laymen representation is to be formed for the Inquisition/ Self Correction of the Church. LGBTQ (Sodomites) is an ancient psychological disorder moreover a spiritual weakness which can be addressed when the Church is strong from within.

  21. People always fight reform, they would rather see Christianity die out an obsolete entity. Pope framcis is currently trying to prevent the death of religion as the new generation dont believe, yet the old would rather see it die.

  22. Popes have committed much worse crimes in Vatican history. This is nothing compared to some of the past popes who have been far more corrupt. I say he won't resign.

  23. Amazing how he play humble and look at the deal he made with china. Protecting Catholics but NOT the Christian evangelicals that are fierce persecuted. Houses of prayer thrown down and pastors thrown on jail.
    After the deal china promise to persecuted the hidden christians churches. Like always persecuted because we worship Jesus and spread the gospel.
    Even the Messianic Jews are spreading the gospel now.
    But his an old fox and will let everyone else to do the dirty job.
    Roman empire it's not death just change the name to vaticano romano.

  24. Lol "first non European" he's the son of Italian immigrants. He's still European despite being born in Argentina. And it's not "pahpacee" it's "paypacee".

  25. Sorry, Vigano is Archbishop not Cardinal, I believe this video is tried to defend the Pope because of same view which are liberal and left.

  26. I'm more concerned with the pope's bizarre statements about following the Christian faith ie. "having a personal relationship with Jesus outside the RCC is "dangerous". Or how about his statement that Jesus' death on the cross was a failure and the destruction of God? Although he followed up with a statement about the hope of the Resurrection it was a truly bizarre thing for him to say. Is he even a christian?

  27. I'm not Catholic, but I'm shocked Catholics would stand for a Pope who routinely preaches messages that contradict the Bible. Many of them are probably angry but don't say anything because they know their complaints would go unheeded. This "Pope" has no place in the Catholic church.

  28. Pope Is A Demon!!! He came In my dreams…..And he had 1000+ Demons following him! They were trying to Kill me…..Huhhh I woke Up! (Saved)


  30. Maybe he clashed too much with the traditionalist, as we can see from all the comments here. Ironically, Christianity's foundation was also laid by someone who was accused of being non traditional and being too inclusive. Go figure.

  31. If he was the first non-europian pope in 1000 years, wouldn’t he be the first in history? Or was there a North or middle eastern pope?

  32. Pope Francis cannot change the true Catholic Faith, he must be publicly condemned and be opposed!

    “It is imperative to resist a pope who is openly destroying the Church.”

    (Tommaso Cardinal de Vio Gaetani Cajetan O.P., De Comparata Auctoritate Papae et Concilio).

    “Just as it is lawful to resist the pope that attacks the body, it is also lawful to resist the one who attacks souls or who disturbs civil order, or, above all, who attempts to destroy the Church. I say that it is lawful to resist him by not doing what he orders and preventing his will from being executed.”

    (St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J., De Romano Pontifice, Lib. II, Ch. 29)

  33. If only Pope John Paul II was still alive and never had Parkinson’s disease, he would’ve gained respect for the Catholic Church. Bergolio is simply a puppet fool trying to play the role of Pope and leader

  34. Kick heretic Pope Francis out now! Pope Francis the fraud is a destroyer of Hope and any standards. The world cries for bread and he gives us stone!

  35. The Catholic Church has a history not accepting change well. All one needs to do is study history. Look at how it reacted to Martin Luther, 500 years ago. This the church which created wars and destroyed Native American cultures in the 1500. Do you really believe it will acept a Pope who is about helping the poor and reforming the church. Think again!!!

  36. The pope knows too well that devout catholics as well as many devout christians are essentially crazy (devout Muslims are violently crazy though), so he tries to redirect their insanity into the comfort zone of insane leftie causes.

  37. ◄ Revelation 1 ► 7 Churches
    Aramaic Bible in Plain English
    1The Revelation of Yeshua The Messiah, which God gave to him, to show his Servants what had been given to soon occur, and he symbolized* it when he sent by his Angel to his Servant Yohannan, 2Who witnessed the word of God and the testimony of Yeshua The Messiah – everything whatever he saw. 3Blessed is the one who reads and those who hear the words of this prophecy and keep those things that are written in it, for the time is near.

  38. Judah: NIce work, but now Vigano' has hence been supported by the evidence as released by McCarrick's personal secretary, Msgr. Anthony Figueiredo, , whose emails released show that both Cdl Wuerl and Pope Francis were both aware of McCarrick's homosexual predatory penchant and his Vatican-imposed restrictions on travel. These facts were corroborated by McCarrick's own words. Even Cardinal Oulette's letter, though robustly pejorative against Vigano', admits that McCarrick had issues and was under sanctions imposed by then Pope Benedict XVI. In the interest of transparent jounalist integretary, how about a followup?
    Fence-Sitter Don

  39. It is. It's a "war" between traditionalists and (on how it's always been with Latin Liturgy and tons of other things that have changed with the) the modern catholic church. Vatican 2 has changed so many things and so many people are in denial of it. It's history. you can see that it was a big thing.

    Same as when some people from the catholic church left and created Protestantism. That is JUST as conversational as what's happening inside the Catholic church now.

  40. If we claim to read our bibles, John 3:16 explains who Jesus is. ❤️ Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life. ❤️ No one will come to the Father God in Heaven, except through Jesus. ❤️ When Jesus went to the Cross, He took on ALL the sins of the world. So that means ALL past, present and future sins. He died, was buried and rose again, by the Power of Holy Spirit ❤️. Acts 2:29 – 33. Please read and understand your bibles for yourself. Read the book of John. Read John 10 : 11 – 18. Read John 10 : 25 – 30. Jesus came to make us free. Read John 8 : 33. God is Love❤️. Shalom ❤️ Peace and love ❤️

  41. Yea, somebody grabbed the pope by the balls. He's renigging on all these changes that he first attempted to implement.

  42. This video doesn't provide all the details and seems to be presented with a certain bias. Do your research people. Vigano seems credible in my opinion. Look at Dr Taylor Marshall's videos.

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