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Pompeo on disaster relief in Bahamas, peace talks with the Taliban

Pompeo on disaster relief in Bahamas, peace talks with the Taliban

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  2. I'm disappointed in Mr. Wallace once again. Sad Is he American or what? Thank you, Mr. Pompeo. You're are a very kind gentleman.

  3. the secretary is responsible for delivering on a host of matters that are in a much more effectively positioned place of discretionary leveraged outcome to success than previously. obviously in conjunction with the presidents pledged expectations and administrations endorsed policy progressed without clinton scam pay for play interference and excuses. what he doesnt have in any of the situations in fact the polar opposite, is a rational medias ability to communicate the proper context of concern and the correct content components. so thats another area the president can help them with more and remind them that their agendas are collective crap which dont get respected no matter how many colbert consensus celebrations they hire brennan or mccabe to sing at.

  4. I remember, starting in 2009, conservatives armed with lawn chairs, wearing tricorn hats and waving the Gadsden flag convened on public spaces voicing their concern about deficit spending and taxation. The Tea (taxed enough already) party no longer seems to pursue those avenues anymore in the face of expanding deficits and increased tariffs, which are in essence taxes. Why?

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  6. He attempted to have peace talks with tribal War Lords and they showed themselves for who they are. Time to pull out and remain involved, only to the extent that their hateful ideology is contained.

  7. Fox is really going down hill fast. Its one thing to report the news its another to try an incriminate Trump on every move and thing he says as if they, Fox News and mock experts, know better!

  8. America should buy out the Bahamas , a bail out purchase of the islands leading to making that area a U. S. Territory, and rebuilding the homes of the poor, and giving them citizenship in return for a purchase of the territory from a small independent land to being a United States Territory.

  9. Mike Pompeo is a puppet for Trump; Trump is way in over his head about not knowing his responsibilities as president and commander-in-chief of our Armed Forces. If fickle Americans want to reelect a woeful ignorant man like Trump to run this country's government and military, it would be to our own damnation.

  10. 'It's almost always the person across the table isn't exactly,the finest.' Looking at you, Chiris. LOL, very subtle,Secretary Pomeo, so well done.

  11. Chris Wallace must not sleep at night! What a little weasel he is. Tries to be a little goody two shoes and thinks he's putting things over on those Republicans he he has on his 'shows'!!! He won't put ANYTHING over on Mr. Pompeo!!!

  12. No more comments on YouTube after September 18. Remember all of this is designed to keep us the people from collaborating.

  13. Oh really? Is that why he just robbed the military of billions of dollars? Yeah, trump is a real supporter of the military…what a joke this wh is..

  14. Maybe you could run the Bahamas relief through the Clinton Foundation……that worked out so well for Haiti, didn't it?

  15. Is it my imagination or have we been hearing for 20 or so years iran is a year away from nuclear weapons….gee sounds much like hearing the world will end in ten years for fifty years….

  16. The Bahamas did gain their independence from Britain but still consider (on record) Elizabeth as their "queen" so what has Britain done?

  17. Downvoting your this video because youtube seems to think its acceptable to stuff a foxnews video in my auto play every time I watch a video from a particular anti-partisan content creators. Censorship is not only limiting someone's speech or learning, censorship is also attempting to flood someone's Information sources with YOUR agenda.

  18. What an outstanding Secretary of State. Competent, informed, deliberate, patriotic, resolute and committed. A real quality person in the most important cabinet position for world peace.

  19. There comes a time when we have to realize it's up to the people of these countries to look after themselves, with the trillions we put into trying to protect civility they will not fight for the right to be free from tyranny and be pacified ! The ones with guns control the meek , give everyone guns and see what happens !

  20. If they’re interest is terror….. return fire…and push on….until we have a complete unconditional surrender….🇺🇸

  21. There are "Some" Cultures who begin ReNegotiating different Deal Details before the Ink is Dry on the First.

    While I Hope for Peace in this Region as much as AnyBody .. Negotiating with these Parties Tests the Limits of Any Negotiator.

    President Trump & Sec State Pompeo are willing their Political Treasure for USA Peace .. but only get Coward Alt Left Media Sniping for their Efforts …

  22. Прошу прощения у ведущего !!!!!! За не очень мягкий разговор , несколько лет назад ….. Это были рабочим моменты.( Даю пояснение , это была такая вводная)

  23. Талибан , это национальность , очень древняя и своеобразная. У меня со старыми Талибами , все нормально.

  24. По Ирану ….дала денег ,чтоб смягчить политическую напряжённость …..

  25. Ничего Трамп , поймет , что Я снижаю напряжённость …..

  26. dont leave afghanistan, it will be mess
    usa can cut some troops in afg and in return focus on ending un peace keeping force……send unpkf … stabilise afgh
    cut sanctuaries across the durand line

  27. Don't let anyone with the name Clinton, a relative or friend of theirs anywhere near the Bahamas….
    They'll steal every bit of the relief money and start another war with it.

  28. Way to hold your ground Pompeo specifically with those baiting questions particularly with ongoing press attempts to demonize our President for having the balls to sit down with these A-holes face to face and not hiding behind envoys and virtue signaling like leaders-from-behind of the past.

  29. strange… I wonder how the Afgans brought down building 7… it must have been Co2 or hot air. I wonder how they rigged it up for Silverstein's demo on the fly that "peaceful bomb squad" morning.

  30. Trump’s approach “throw it against the wall and see what sticks”, it’s how ready he ever was and still is. His people denigrate themselves so wretchedly trying hard to make sense of his stupidity. We’ll vote him out!

  31. Chris Wallace you are an accountable intelligent and amazing journalist. I’m just so sorry Pompeo keeps lying to you. Further it’s clear that Donald Trump is now sharing his Adderall with Pompeo, listen to his voice and look at his pupils.

  32. The Secretary of Commerce threatened to fire top employees at NOAA on Friday after the agency’s Birmingham office contradicted
    President Trump’s claim that Hurricane Dorian might hit Alabama, according to three people familiar with the discussion. The ever incompetent Dumbo Chump fails again.

  33. i knew something was going to happen this year, after he said last november , 'this is the peace before the storm' when quizzed he said, 'you'll see'

  34. why can't we just unilaterally extract all of our troops out of there? why can't we just skeedaddle and cut and run out of talibanland?

  35. A thousand year old tribal conflict in that country. War Lord after War Lord…George Washington said to stay out of Foreign Entanglements….for a good reason

  36. all the major country's with all the major nukes should agree to turn their radars off for 15 minutes…omg omg wait nothing's happening, war mongers beware…

  37. Trump: We have to help these Bahamian evacuees
    Also Trump: They dont have a DMV license, Voting card, I.D and a signed letter from the Queen of England. Access denied.

    Im not lying. Im exxagerating and spinning.

  38. wow … cult support group having a big ol' self-indoctrnation session in these here comments.
    Not a clinical thinker amongst them.

  39. More garbage from the liar in chief's helper. Nothing here about Trump getting Wilbur Ross to threaten the weather forecast bosses that if they did not back up Trump's BS comment and sharpie altered map claiming Alabama was under hurricane threat they would all be fired. Trump just the same old lying grifter conman he has always been.

  40. Bahamas are not U.S. territories, why are we continuing to support other countries that do nothing for us. Bahamas has a big tourist industry, they should have set some cash aside. Their problem.

  41. Disaster relief from this disaster administration. Rot starts at the top and included 10 FEMA officials changed with corruption over trump’s botched Maria disaster. Let’s just wait and see how much of the corruption leads right back to trump. Impeach and fumigate the WH

  42. Look at the Always-Trumpers come out to bash Chris Wallace and explain away Trump's judgement on the attempt to bring terrorists to Camp David. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid guys. Oh so rich!

  43. Wallace is the only one at Fox News with any balls. Trumpists, keep convincing yourself that the president is a good negotiator and has your best interests at heart. Blindly supporting anyone is terrible for our country. Everyone else at Fox News is too scared or stupid to criticize Trump.

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