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Polish Military Poncho Tent Review

Polish Military Poncho Tent Review

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Reader Comments

  1. There's different size about this tent. What size is your poncho? Anywhy thank you very much for the video..!!!

  2. I note that the vast majority of the users on youtube have theirs inside out. You want to know how it works ask Helsinki!

  3. Hello, I was just wondering can you tell me how many sections there should be to the middle pole? I only got 5 with my lavvuu but thinking it should of been 6?

  4. Ostin kaksi näitä ponchoja..napit alumiinia, niin timmejä napitettavia, että yksi nappi katkesi "jalasta" ..Tod.näk. käyttämättömiä viittoja,,Sun videoissa näkyy olevan ihan normaalinapit..taidan vaan ommella kaksi yhteen.

  5. Moi. Mulla on ollu tuo laavuteltta pari vuotta.. heti ensimmäisellä kerralla päätin kokeilla tehdä siihen kehikon, että yläosan saa jätettyä auki – keskelle iso peltinen maaliämpäri nuotiota varten, hyvin toimi kaminana ja lämpöä riitti ettei tarvinnut makuupussiin kömpiä 🙂 ritilän kun vielä laittaa päälle, niin ruoanlaittokin onnistuu siinä. Helmikuussa tämä, -12C. Kyllä tuossa nukkuu -32c ilman tulia, mut lumikammi voittaisi. Hiton painava raahata tota kaiken muun varusteen lisäksi. Saa jäädä rivarin takapihaleikkeihin… 😀

  6. I like your style of videos, recently subbed. Would you ever consider doing something to go along with your history theme by showing or teaching skills (instead of gear) that were/are common on military campaigns?

  7. I have 2 of these…brilliant wee tents. My kids love them. All for £20!!! All that was needed was to re-proof them. Had them out in good Scottish weather and they are solid.

  8. It has been so long since I've been in a canvas tent. Maybe in the late 60s perhaps. I do remember that we used to spray the canvas material with water prior to using it to get the fibers to swell, making it less likely to leak. I remember them building up lots of condensation and we were always told not to touch the sides when condensation was on it. Do you think it would stand up to a high wind without guy lines? You seem to have plenty of metal grommets to secure it with. Another problem they had with canvas was mildew. Had to dry them out well before storage. We all know what stored, mildewed surplus canvas smells like! I too, look forward to the overnight video.

  9. Your pole sets each have 2 poles, 2 of mine are the same.
    The 2 Lavvu's I actually bought from Poland have 3 section poles. I wonder what the idea was for that ??
    The Russian version only comes with a rope to make a ridge line.
    Lee, Indianapolis

  10. Hi Pop. Regarding the size, you have a size 2, 170-185cm. if you are 6'3" tall it will be short when worn and short to sleep in. Size 1, is 160-170cm and the smallest issued. size 3, is 185-190cm and would be better suited to your hight. They did issue a size 4, 190-200cm, but it is almost impossible to find now and when you do, they are grade three or worse and falling apart.
    I hope this helps my friend.

  11. I think the Germans had something similar in WW2. I've seen pictures with many of them joined together.

  12. this is a unique idea for a multi-use item…poncho and tent…..very interesting,,,,,definitely an idea that can be improved upon…..great video and info!

  13. I like it…i'm 5' 9" so it would probably work great for me…look forward to your overnighter with this one.
    I saw you were sporting your German mtn ruck, great little packs…as always thanks for the video…woods

  14. A solid shelter, but where does the second person fit? Or did the Polish soldiers just swap as they changed out for sentry duty?

  15. I've seen them before here on youtube and have been trying to get my hands on one for a long time but can't find any here in Ukraine… very nice, mate and thanks for sharing))

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