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Polish Army Swag Mat & Buffalo River Knife 2nd September 2017

Polish Army Swag Mat & Buffalo River Knife 2nd September 2017

hello today right to show you what time just unboxed it is a Maxine knife River Buffalo type and polish army so I sleep in that type 11 so i'll thoughts up with mana reef comes in a nice sturdy case what nylon sheath with a press stud and then if you can actually see this but it's all been lined inside there and it's also got a plastic reinforced knife sheath at the bottom there the overall length is nine point six inches it's 420 stainless steel blade the black rubber handle and i think it looks quite quite beautiful actually it's on your budget now if it cost something like I don't know ten eleven quite something like that but yeah right baton to the Polish sleeping bag now I bought this from military mark once again and I'll tell you what they say about it Polish army swagat sleeping mat these mutts are the newer model sleeping mats they are made from heavy cotton canvas and are very comfortable ideal to use in a hammock as they are extremely thin or two comes with a sleeve at the rear that can be used to place your sleeping bag in when rolling up I really need some glasses so effectively commit your own and sleeping bed roll thing these mats have either a fiber filling or a down filling now it's a civic weighs three kilograms as a matter of fact I got the down one and it weighs just a little of exceed kilograms still not ideal if you walk in any great distance obviously but then you know you choose something else obviously now it also says note that these items have previously been treated with mothballs and will usually need air in prayer to use now when I ordered mine the good bloke here on the other side of the phone said to me that I'll probably need to vacuum it as well and believe me that really was the case it was so full of dust that when I unrolled it impractical fill the room up with dust it's hard to get the vacuum cleaner on it and and it's a lot better now and I've had it outside as well on the air in mind because it does absolutely was think of it mothballs insight is quite nice in colorful she can see the Candace site is just green and with comedies I don't I don't actually know what these loops are string you're actually four so if anybody knows you can tell me so I really don't have a clue and this was the sleeve are talking about you could put your sleeping bag inside there if you so desired and then draw it all back up and probably took in the back of your car whatever it is it you've got and when you're on the top you've got these straps here now it is ex-army and as you can see I've just put a brand new rivet in this one because and some of the rivers aren't very good on it in fact on the other side of actually taking them out before they fall out and I'm going to put some more breath rivets and but you can pick that kit up anyway and which I'll show you in a minute four feet mine Kasbah three pound twenty five so you know sometimes piece of kids that have but like I said I'll show you one I'm outside anyway you

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  1. I chose those pygama bottoms on purpose!! Lol. I will warn you about the dust, I ended up washing mine and it really stank until it was dry. I can say it's warm and comfy Atb phil

  2. Thanks for the review, I was looking to get one of the mats from Military Mart so this was helpful. Not too sure about the pyjama bottoms though, they clash with the mat lining 😂

  3. Like the bedroll and your hammer:)) Knives are not wise to do in the Netherlands. Thanks, B.W.C.

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