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Police: Shooting at game was self-defense

Police: Shooting at game was self-defense

at this hour we have new information on the shooting outside debryn high school football game the police say that the shooter acted in self-defense news 8's Monica Hernandez live tonight in Carrollton where a fight in the stands apparently spilled outside Monica that's right John and the big update here tonight is that the shooter has been released from custody without charges police think as you said that he was acting in self-defense now the victim the person who was shot still hospitalized in critical condition and a lot of students I spoke with here at Hebron high school are stunned I was just shocked and surprised that it could actually happen you know like I'm my school when the Hebron high school football stadium turned into a crime scene it hit close to home that I think it was real because I I just didn't expect it to come to Hebron it happened during a junior varsity game with Irving Nimitz Thursday police say a 47 year old man from carrollton shot a 31 year old man from fort worth in the stadium parking lot carrollton police aren't releasing their names they arrested the shooter but released him without charges because witnesses say he shot in self-defense he was scared that he was in grave danger and he's very believable when he spoke to our detectives about that the 31 year old shot is in critical condition but talking with detectives detectives believe he was the aggressor starting in the stands and then taking it to the parking lot as a parent it kind of makes you worry you know that there's enough security er you know I don't know why you would carry a gun to a football game Louisville ISD says it's really a ting security at football games they increased security on campus today and had counselors on hand dozens of students were at that game and heard that shot the guy says don't get too close don't get too close and a guy walked up on him and he shot him and then after he shot him that's when my mom ran over to try to save her it's a scene students will never forget between two grown men at a high-school football game a Hebron high school is playing that same school Irving Nimitz tonight this time at Irving and this time it'll be a varsity game but there will be extra security presence there just in case now this case will be turned over to a grand jury which will decide if the shooter should indeed face charges Monica Hernandez Channel 8 News all right Monica thanks a lot

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