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  1. Hey, new to this channel. Came for a video on a monadnock, got hooked by the duty bag video and I just wanted to say thanks for making quality content. I’m a security guard mobile field supervisor and I’ve found all the videos so far super helpful and easily transferable to my work (just take out all the gun stuff for me lol)

  2. $500 rifle and a $400 PRO cost $3600???

    Why? Thats literally a budget AR…you didnt get robbed, you got dry raped.

  3. You must live In a hot climate?
    Or you are protesting shampoo companies? Hhh.
    Do cops ever carry the old Winchester model 1894's anymore?

  4. @free field training does law enforcement get a pass to own NFA automatic lower recovers for duty AR’s?

  5. This gestapo is heavily armed. Of course in my state citizens cant have half the shit he has. Then when you say "police state" the sheep look at you funny.

  6. Great video and thank you, aren't you worried about your UMWPE plates degrading and denaturing in the heat of your trunk? As a Civ i carry X2 lightweight ar600 III+ on a simple plate carrier with a large IFAK with 2 tourniquets in case i need to help someone.

  7. 06:00
    Policy man: this is a special weapon almost normal as iT comes out of the box

    Kids: is that scar purple or gold?

  8. You may want to try out a BCM Gunfighter grip on that RR carbine. It’s a lot more comfortable than the old A2’s.

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