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Police Body Armor – Made in Germany

Police Body Armor – Made in Germany

this is a demonstration of the features of the German police vest made by baytex it's a high-quality vest it's very customizable well first I'm showing you some of the features first there's plenty of velcro left so it's easily adjusted to fit snugly or loosely the carrier's themselves feature a moisture-wicking towel the best is also customizable where you can put up to two inserts on each side currently this vest has a stab proof insert in the front and a Kevlar bulletproof insert in the bag will show how to take out those inserts you always want the bulletproof insert to be behind the stab in circle now there's still the stab insert you have two places where you can put panels there's the front panel which has the stab proof and then the rear panel is where you want your ear Kevlar that is how this vest differs from others it's an excellent vest very professional it's sure to meet any needs

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