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alright guys thanks for coming out and check it out my page I really really appreciate it hope you like these other videos and videos that are coming in the future today the video is gonna be on the Parker Mountain machine x comp from Parker Mountain machine out of New Hampshire it's basically a sig p320 X 5 or 6 P 320 all tricked out it's an awesome gun it's super flat and I'm really excited [Applause] I've personally been carrying the ex-cop now for about 15 days and have had about 15 days out of my 30-day run with this gun until I have to send it back which is very unfortunate but right now planning on having them either build me a slide up top or or basically put one together for me because I definitely want this bill I already have the x5 which you know if you've seen some of the past videos I put out which is basically this lower this frame right here a full size frame with a nice mag well and your standard 21 plus one round magazines so first things you can tell is something ain't right here you see a compensator basically what this is is this slide as a compact slide and then it's got a threaded barrel and then your cup right here which is super cool because it doesn't extend past your x300 and it's not super long which you see a lot of them another thing I really wanted to say real quick instead of cigs if you're not interested in the SIG's definitely go check out their work because they do do blocks that you see these they do em and piece comps everything they do a ton of work guys but also check out if you're interested in in the FN you know your scar six teens and stuff like that they do a ton of work on those so you see here I got the sig Remy o1 now this is a free MOA single red dot first thing I will say about this optic is it has held up so far I've only put about a thousand rounds to 1,200 rounds through it but right now it's doing a phenomenal job clear glass the adjustments are nice the only bad thing I will say the con to it is that the adjustment for brightness doesn't go as high as I wanted to I would like to see another one or two settings higher for brightness because I really do notice in those bright shooting days you don't really see or got that much so I would like to see this dot get a little bit brighter but besides that I'm not gonna go ahead and drop it from shoulder height dynamics did that we all know it's not the most durable optic out there but a lot of people do have these and a lot of people do run these in the USPSA IDPA world so back up iron sights on here I really don't like backup iron sights I like to just see the whole view of the optic but after messing with these I believe these are the Trijicon suppressor high sights I like them they don't get in the way they're not overly exaggerated like you see on some box where they're taking up three-quarters of the window so they did a really nice job with these irons and I really like them so then you have your compacts slide which is really nice you've got your barrel and then you've got threads a threaded barrel to receive a cop you can't take this comp on and off if you like and I real you like the cops first time really really shooting a cop so far today shot 115 47 green rounds through it 9-millimeter call me probably my wife so don't call me baby and what I do like about it is a shoot super flat and you notice that I know that when I do seven or ten yard bill drills I mean I can just pounce on that trigger and those sights don't move that red dot doesn't move so very very smooth shooting flat shooting gun the x5 I do have does have a decent trigger I will say it breaks it like feels like six now so it's a heavier trigger and the resets really long so Parker Mountain oisin went head and put a gray guns trigger in here dropping kit I don't know if they installed it or had gray guns installed I'm assuming Parker installed it because they're pretty damn good and I do like it it does have a touch of sponge to it I don't know if that's something I can adjust or that's just the way it is but you can definitely shoot this gun faster with this gray guns aftermarket kit then you can't look like a stock trigger so really really have to the trigger same shoe on there and it's a fast trigger and I really like the way pulse another thing Parker Mountain machine did was put a nice nipple job on it it looks good it feels great it's not one of those stipple jobs that really hurts your hand every time you hold it which a lot of us is probably dealt with but it's really really nice it fills the hand real nice it's really great for those wet days so if you don't have stippling on your gun and you can it's a polymer polymer frame pistol I definitely suggest you either have it stipple by somebody or stipple yourself if you can alright guys so that wasn't like a full review and all that on this gun also just showing you what they did to this gun if you want one definitely check out parker mountain machine at parker mountain machine on instagram for their website i will tag them below very much again thank you to them for sending this out awesome gun I want woman I'm gonna get one I will say that and if you guys like these targets you seen in the video that I'm in shoot ta targets you can use my discount code if you'd like if not used someone else's if not just purchase some targets are the best targets on the market in my opinion I had them before I respond sir them I'm very happy with them I love th targets so overall guys the parker mountain scene ex-cop hope you guys look forward to seeing some more videos from me go like subscribe comment below follow parker mont machine thank you to greg for filming this video at hammer five five six thank you guys hope you have a phenomenal day number get out to the range and train have a great day guys you

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  1. Is the barrel the sig p320 compact threaded barrel? I’m trying to pick one up to go with my p320 rx slide and then pick up the x5 grip module and comp to complete the look.

  2. Would it be possible to do this to a Glock?? Use a 17 frame , put in a 19 locking block, slide, threaded barrel, comp.. then it would be inset in frame like the sig?

  3. Great video.
    Got a few questions for you.
    I'm stuck between this and the Springer Precision comp.

    I have a compact slide and was wondering about the recoil spring weights. The compact slide I have only comes with a captured recoil spring, so I can't adjust it and I am unaware of anyone that sells an aftermarket compact guide rod for the P320. I currently use two heavy stainless guiderods from Grey Guns for my X5 and fullsize .40 and as a result was able to buy lower weight recoil springs for them. Am I able to use one of these fullsize guide rods with this comp or can I get by using the factory compact recoil spring/rod (I think its at about 17lbs)? *Side note, I only shoot factory ammo, usually 115gr & 124 gr.*

    The other question I have is about the holster. Though the comp appears to fit the same dimensions as though it was a X5, does it? It looks like it may be a bit longer… I have a safariland kydex (open bottom) with a QLS that I was hoping I could use with this as my competition belt is all for ALS and QLS attachments. Would this be possible? Your holster belt attachment appears to be Safariland however the holster does not (looks more like a Blade Tech). What is it?

  4. I just got P10c tac. with threaded barrel. I want to putt comp on it. is it worth time and effort to do a comp. I shoot alot and run my guns hard. and would love your opinion on comps.

  5. If you do end up purchasing a comped pistol for yourself, look into Winchester White Box 124gr NATO (basically a +P load) for practice ammo and look for a good 124gr +P hollowpoint round for your carry/defense load. Something about a high-pressure 124gr bullet through these short single- and dual-port compensators makes the guns shoot incredibly flat and soft

  6. My comped X-Carry is the best pistol I've ever owned. Nice to see the P320 platform getting some of the attention and recognition it deserves

  7. Great vids, all who see this share this all over, this guy needs more subs!!! Quality content and production here!!!!

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