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PM Harper imposed arms embargo against Ukraine, destroyed surplus weapons, Borys Wrzesnewskyj

PM Harper imposed arms embargo against Ukraine, destroyed surplus weapons, Borys Wrzesnewskyj

I just don't understand why when you have a dirty in the house you can't introduce legislation that would designate the so-called the next people's republic in the heights people's republic as terrorist organizations so you tell mr. Putin well yes you know I'll shake your hand get out of crane do something concrete it could have been done it could have been done Russia has sent these grad systems that basically annihilate hectares of land and what does to West do bulletproof vests night-vision goggles it's it's laughable the West has imposed in arms embargo against Ukraine while at on one hand blotting you frame the reality is there's an arms embargo and I passed around an article that speaks to that sort of hypocrisy locally here minster of the bank's Jason Kenney requested an inventory of surplus Canadian equipment that would match the list of equipment that was requested by the Ukrainian government defensive equipment several months later you receive a ministerial order to destroy that equipment that's on that list well obviously someone internally wasn't happy and that's how the journalist ended up with the list late armored vehicles in no way can that be imagined to be an offensive piece of equipment they're meant for to provide safety to soldiers against IEDs well that article appeared in the ottawa citizen the next morning as many of you you know we get glued to the internet reading what's happening in Ukraine the next morning five Ukrainian soldiers died when their g hit a mine how many dead Ukrainians does it take for the West to take action and whether it was Prime Minister Brian Mulroney or Prime Minister Paul Martin they didn't wait on the US president they showed Canadian leadership and in this case I'm waiting to see Canadian leadership I'm not waiting for Jason Kenney say well we have to wait on the Americans well he's saying we're going to have to wait on a decision from President Obama and in this particular case President Obama has not shown leadership you

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