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Planet Tanks – World of Tanks

Planet Tanks – World of Tanks

There are few places on earth
as beautiful as Malinovka. Its wide open fields,
woods, hills, and lakes a stark contrast to the wars
waged year every day. Animal snipe,flank,
and brawl in these wetlands in an epic
struggle to survive. It may not look like it, but these lands are among the
most hostile on Planet Tank. Yet, a few special animals manage to thrive here. The duck. Seldom seen on the battlefield, details of their lives were a complete mystery. Thanks to advances in
technology. We’re able to closely
for the first time. If you listen closely, these ducks will tell you
exactly what they’re doing. Cap! Cap! Cap! Migrating to the southern cap. That cap is almost
always defended. Look closely enough and you will find predators
lying in wait. The bulldog. The duck is separated from the
flock. It cries for help. But it’s too late. Weak on their own, these ducks don’t stand a
chance against a pack of dogs. The bulldogs, still hungry, close in again. And then – Salvation. Here come the rest of the flock. Thanks to their numbers, the ducks survive. As they say. Birds of a feather,
roll together. Next time on Planet Tank: The field maus.

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