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Plan B : Replace the new coat for ISIS

Plan B : Replace the new coat for ISIS

ISIS will revive by US-Saudi Arabia. In their article, in Veterans Today, two analysts,
Gordon Duf,f and Nahed al Husaini assert, that the Islamic State, (ISIS) is a radical,
Wahhabist Islamist terrorist organization, was born and nourished, by Saudi Arabia, with
the help of the United States. Along with the United States, Riyadh has always
publicly, supported economic and, military support for ISIS, while the international
community, remained silent. At present, ISIS has finally collapsed, in
Syria and Iraq. However, they did not die, as they continued,
to revive their masters, and new clothe themselves. ISIS leaders, and remnants are still, being
transported through, the “Democratic Corridors”, of the Syrian Democratic Forces, (SDF), a
coalition of Kurdish Arabs, the Kurdistan People’s Movement, (YPG), to move to safe
shelters, among refugee camps, along the Syrian Jordanian border. The United States, has built a series of bases
throughout Syria, of which the main base lies, in the city of Raqqa; Based at Rimelan, in
Hasakah province. the Kobani base, in Aleppo province, and a main base, in Sheddai in southern
Hasakah, near Syria’s largest oilfields, in Deir Ezzor province. It’s not a coincidence, or an act of American
custom, it’s in a plan, that’s been built and worked out, a long time ago. When Russia launches, satellite images of
US, combat vehicles strolling, in ISIS facilities, and then proclaiming them, capturing the East
Coast, of the Euphrates, it is also the case that gunmen Terrorism, was transported from
there, to the “safe zones”, through the SDF’s control area, on American tanks, and the SDF
took control, of those lands. US led convoys, were discovered, on November
5, near the Palmyra ancient city, of Homs and Mount Qualamon, just as before, dozens
of helicopters, hovered over various areas. both of Syria, and Iraq, to collect the terrorists,
on a termite in South Syria. At the US training camp, at al Tanf in southern
Syria, remnants of, ISIS are being assembled, from across the region, and are being transformed,
into a new peaceful opposition, backed by Saudi Arabia, and the United States, to reopen
the southern Syrian front. Syrian officials say, the camps are not open
to relief organizations, or other non-governmental organizations, as they are “demonic” – where
the US is training terrorists, and rehabilitating 20,000, gunmen. Terrorists have survived battles,
in Syria and Iraq. The “Eastern Lions Army”, based in Jordan,
under the supervision, of the United States, International Warfare Depot, Saudi, British,
Israeli (M O K), will be mobilized against, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), in the area. southern
Syria, in the al Tanf area, and other areas controlled, by the rebels. Some of the SDF Arab forces, are currently
recruited, into this organization. According to local sources, adult groups have come to,
US training camps, in Jordan under the, “refugee” label, and are being re-trained there. The United States, may mobilize 20 thousand,
of the SDF’s Arab forces to disarm the ISIS. Gunmen will re establish, a new ISIS terrorist
organization, with a force of up to, 40,000 to 50,000 troops; revive the terrible power,
of ISIS. The new ISIS will fight the Syrian Army, (SAA),
in the area along the Syrian Jordanian border, and Syria Iraq border, control of the oil
border, along the Syrian border, from Jordan to Iraq, extending to the Turkish border.
the route runs from the Persian Gulf, to the Mediterranean).

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  2. Rsrsrs! It´s a lot of imagination! Where is the facts? Where are the evidence? Clearly this is one of the many media channels of the Russian government. Who do you think are cheating? Please, more journalism, less political strategy!

  3. What a load of bullshit this story. Too obvious propaganda or really badly informed that i dont know but its is almost hilarious.

  4. long live 40 million Kurds and Kurdistan in south east turkey north west iraq and north east syria long live Peshmerge YPG and PKK, from north west iraq on turkish and syrian border living in europe here.

  5. amigo esto todo pero todo el mundo lo sabe..usa=isis=israel=arabiasaudi=mas otros que tambien apoyan…..NADIE PUEDE HACER NADA…LO REPITO NADIE PUEDE HACER NADA…ELLOS TIENEN EL PODER Y EL DINERO…Y A SU FAVOR ONU.OTAN.MAS OTRAS INSTITUCIONES…nadie puede hacer nada sin tener consecuencias…
    pedir que otras potencias tomes los correctivos adecuados…esa es mi opinion…

  6. its about time that someone from a major corporation has the guts to say it bravo bing we need to have more courageous powerful groups like you to say directly to the world what the US are really doing everyone already knows the US are helping ISIS the real problem is almost everyone is to scared of the US to speak the truth

  7. IS remmants in SDF and Israel are still useful for the neocon Zionists in their Wahhabi geopolitical mayhem. The main source of new ISIS funding will come from the oil fields controlled by SDF.

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