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  1. Great vid. I'm modifying my Series 2A into a Pinkie, even though it's left hand drive (yes, I'm across the pond). Always been a fan of the SAS (if I'm ever a hostage, they're the lads I want coming to get me out!)

  2. Hi John, I'm working on the latest season of Top Gear USA and we are looking for footage or stills of Pink Panthers in the desert. These are wonderful shots. Are these yours? Could you please contact me when you get a chance, love to discuss them with you, thanks!

  3. How many of the 72 SAS-Land Rovers where sent to Oman ? and where did the others go, Kenya, Belitze…

  4. great vid. ive never seen these pictures before. great ref material. again thanks for sharing your well made vid. cheers

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