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Picking up my Govplanet humvee

Picking up my Govplanet humvee

well guys the day has finally come I got my h1 after about a day and a half drive down to Illinois about three hours of sleep made it to the pickup yard and almost you guys say what a piece of junk well there's two reasons one to show off how far it's going to come and to some poor can't afford a nice one when I was picking up the h1 I noticed more damage to the frame than what was originally noticed from the auction photos but I was able to find a straight frame for cheaper than I can straight in the original frame I'm getting excited about this build I'm going to keep you guys up to date meanwhile just like subscribe comment stay tuned

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  1. Is that the Springfield lot? I picked mine up there. Govplanet also. Keep us posted and good luck with your biild.

  2. How are you progressing on your Humvee "Project" I am excited for you and am getting ready to buy my first one and am kinda nervous about the whole process… Do you have any "Words of Wisdom" for me ?

  3. What was your Trailer max weight ? I have one says 7000 pounds and the humvee Is around 7800 pounds . Did it haul with no problem? Guy wants 500 to deliver 200 miles . .After seeing your other vids with mustangs and stuff I see we suffer from the same Sickness 🙂 ( I have about 13 mustangs some complete some not ) good luck will be looking forward to your future Vids on this project

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