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Philippine Army EOD Disposal Operation

Philippine Army EOD Disposal Operation

Military men in action. With thousands of various ammunitions and explosives to use. For this one serious mission. It’s not that the Philippines is in a state of war This is just one of the clearance method of old and possible defective explosives. Facilitated by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal or EOD of the Philippine Army. This disposal is usually done To eliminate ammunitions which was stored and remain unused for a long period of time. The said ammo are found to be deteriorating And may become useless for future missions As we can see here It’s all rusted It is not possible to use it anymore If we use them, there is a big possibility that it won’t explode Unexploded ordnance is big threat to the lives of people If they were sent to the hands of terrorists groups That’s why the operating unit assures that they have eliminated every ammunition set for disposal. Before we conduct these disposal operations We go through a lot of processes to be approved by the headquarters So, if we determine that something needs to be disposed We make a report and recommendation that will be sent for approval. This deserted area in Capas, Tarlac Has become the home for the massive disposal of ammunitions and other explosives. This is the authorized disposal site. We can see that the area is very clear and safe Our primary concern here is safety We make sure that there are no people And there are no animals roaming around. For this day’s disposal of explosives and ammunitions The EOD fires about 80,000 rounds of explosives. True enough that this mission requires a lot of specialty and training For it involves different types of explosives that bring massive danger. That’s why, as per Major John Tison Only trained member of the military can do this class of mission So, we can see here These are our EOD personnel Joining us here are the EOD of the Coast Guard EOD from the Philippine National Police Then from the Philippine Marines So, this is a joint operation Or a joint operation of different EOD trained personnel This is also a part of their refresher training Because in the Philippine Army EOD Once you graduate as an EOD You still train continuously To enhance our skill and knowledge with regards to EOD operations. This synergised operation of the trained members of the Philippine Army is designed in a very strict way To ensure the safety of the people working with this mission. We planned this Before coming here, we came up with a disposal plan The purpose is… These large ammunitions Were placed in such a way So that the small ammunitions that they will pile in the middle, Once we set this off, Will be compressed in the explosion So we can avoid what we call “kick-off” Becuase, as we can see, the smaller rounds, if we don’t pile the larger ones on top, When it explodes There is a possibility that the smaller rounds will be kicked-off and it won’t be properly disposed. That is the reason why we piled it like this The roster set for disposal varies from small, to medium-sized, even up to bigger sizes. Just like this 500 lbs ammunition found by the Philippine Army in one of their operations. When it is time for the actual disposal process, There is certain safety precaution exercised by the operating team of the EOD And the next scene we are about to witness Is not an explosion scene from any war movie But the actual explosion of the disposed ammunition by the EOD With this large impact of explosion and fragmentation exhibited in this disposal method

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