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  1. Vox Populi….
    Seeing a lot of comments asked for a voice over, we decided to add VO in our latest video, covering the roman republican legion –

  2. Phalanx are deadly charging, but always seem to have far less protection than the Legion. 500 Bowmen and you could first of all hinder their Charge extremely and kill of the back rows in melee combat

  3. Perché il titolo è in italiano ma il video in inglese?
    Coglione, mi hai rubato una visualizzazione, se scopro chi sei ti prendo a schiaffi

  4. No cavalry in the right Greek flank, legions reaching the phalanx while the other division isn’t in battle formation and way behind the front line. Philipp V trying to play Alexander but fails miserably

  5. Modern army vs old army. Modern army has numbers advantage. If commander of modern army are at least not fool, this is clear win, even before battle started.

  6. ' The battle is considered one of the best examples of manipular roman legion superiority over the macedonian phalanx'

    Well actually, this battle showed the complete opposite.
    There were actually 2 parts to the battle where greeks fought Romans on roughly equal terms – firstly when both sets of scouts got reinforced and fought, secondly when the greek right flank of heavy infantry fought the Roman left flank of heavy infantry.

    Both these times, greeks were winning the fight and pushing the Romans back.

    They only won because of a tactical move by the Roman right flank of heavy infantry, which cleaned the greek left off the battlefield while they were still setting up, and cleaned the greek right off the field by hitting them up the arse – both maneuvers which often throughout history have been used to defeat forces much superior anyway.

  7. This, with all due respect, sucked.

    12 min vid would have been summarized in 1 min reading of perhaps 3-4 pages. Alternately use the graphic as a very small help to the wiki:

  8. Holds high ground with a solid line. Half of his army not on the field. And he charges down. Zzzzz

  9. Interesting. Excellent job, and the analysis is left to us really. Interesting how weak the phalanx is to the rear, I never thought about that.

  10. its not exactly which was better the phalanx or the legions, it's more how effective the commanders are at deploying and utilising their formations along with many other factors

  11. The Roman Tribune of the right flank that turned his unit to attack the Macedonian Phalanx in the rear decided the battle for the Romans. 😘
    Excellent work – I for one am looking forward to many more videos of the same quality with narrative ! 😍

  12. it's nonsense, how the macedonians cant form up a battle line on the right? lol. so the macedonians let the romans close beacuse the macedonians have no brain to form a battleline…ok bro ok…

  13. Jehovah God needed the roman empire to build a communication system, roads, so that the Gospel of his Son would spread through out the empire and world. but still, very cool battle field tactics and maneuvering: high level of discipline is a perquisite.

  14. Imagine the discipline you would need as a soldier. The Romans basically sacrificed a third of their army for the chance to surround the Phalanx.
    Why did they not smash the Phalanx with their elephants from the side though to break their battle formation?

  15. First video I watched and it was amazing! Nicely done, maybe a good narrator would enchant this even more 😀

  16. he should have brought all of his army with him when he march to the battle and he would win the battle.

  17. Ich kann nicht nachvollziehen, warum im Titel mit Deutsch geworben wird, wenn die Texte nur in Englisch hinterlegt sind 🤨 ich würde sagen: Zielgruppe verfehlt!

  18. They should have organised the phalanx in such a way that the back rows could be commanded to turn around to protect the rear.

  19. hold the high ground … unite and keep holding it … if you can … imagine if the war elephants had the high ground …. ouch

  20. Lazy. Cut the music and make the letters bigger at the very least. Commintary would have been the best way to go. But content is good.

  21. This video is excellent. Excellent as is. I'll check the audio version which may be better but music which I think is a good addition probably be in the audio version. Whatever the case the video is a treat.

  22. If only the tribune on the west flank of the assaulting 'reserve right flank' had communicated his intentions and maintained contact with Flaminus, then the reserve forces of the 'reserve right flank' left behind atop the eastern ridge could have moved west along the ridge to intercept the retreating Macedonians, and then trap the Macedonians during the route between two Roman armies.

  23. No army "routs" from the field, as is the characterization of the losing Macedonians in this otherwise educational animation.

    The term is: they are "routed" from the field. The Romans are the force who "routed" them. No army "routs" itself. Sheesh.

  24. Was this a test proving Phalanx was inferior to Legion? Don't think so.

    One independent-thinking Roman officer made the difference.

    Otherwise, it was one surprised general beating the other by a whisker, after both armies had been split into two groups.

  25. Seems like the Phalanx lost due to a fluke error of not having the battle line ready prior to the Romans attacking.. The phalanx is a stronger fighting force.

  26. η φαλαγγα των μακεδονων οπως κ η λεγεωνα των ρωμαιων δεν ηταν κατι σταθερο
    οποτε πριν μιλησουμε για ανωτεροτητα της μιας η της αλλης στο τακτικο κ στον τομεα της ευκινησιας η της ευκολης διαχειρισης στην μαχη πρεπει να δουμε για ποια εποχη μιλαμε
    η ποιοτητα της εκπαιδευσης της φαλαγγας,αν δεν κανω λαθος κρατω κ μια πισινη,ειχε πεσει τοσο πολυ που απο τις χιλιαρχιες κ κατι απο την διαιρεση δηλ σε πολες ταξεις που αυξαναν την ευκινησια την ευκολια διοικησης κ προστεθαν επιλογες στον διοικητη εφτασαν να αποτελουνται απο δυο τμηματα το δεξι κ το αριστερο με αποτελεσμα καθε φορα που θελεις πχ να αλλαξεις μετωπο να αναγκαζεσαι να μετακινεις 8000 φαλαγγιτες κ οχι 1000+ η πολλαπλασιο αυτου

  27. Haven't watched this yet but come on, outnumbered and even with a large slice of mercenaries sill outnumbered. The Romans wouldn't have fought if it wasn't so.

    do you nerds actually think anybody sits infront of the screen with their nose glued to it to read every word ?
    I pay more attention to Sanford and Son than these type vids

  29. What a fucking bad-ass name is "Titus Flaminius" ? XD

    Titus father : what you want to be when you are an adult ?
    Titus Flaminius : BARRITUS !!!

  30. Phalanx [ ] vs Legion [ ] [?!] wow! awesome! ;P

  31. An interesting and well presented account of the battle. But based on the title, I was expecting to learn about the differences between phalanxes and legions.

  32. One thing not mentioned in this was that the Roman Legions had a flexibilty to them that was not found in the phalanx

  33. The fact that phillip took so long for the rest of the phalanx to go in position is painful to watch. Extremely annoying

  34. ⚠️ Reproduction, reupload, rebroadcast, and distribution of my copyrighted videos are prohibited.

  35. A falanx must be protected by all support troops. Nothing of that was then. And even terein. The Greeks loved Rome. And Rome loved Greece 👏

  36. I thought I was watching a video not reading a video…? I guess it's just way too hard to narrate it…
    You lazy bastard!!!

  37. Go ahead and fuck around and throw some Romans at a 400 BC Spartan Phalanx and see how many Spartans die compared to Romans ( don't bring up anything about Spartans around 200 BC because during that times a bunch of randoms from the Greek world were running Sparta and new nothing about the Spartan culture, therefore they ended up losing for the first time EVER using a phalanx but it wasn't against any Romans.) in other words Sparta all the way up to like 350 BC were run by real Spartans until the collapse of there military power, and no people there military strength was not over exaggerated, take a navy seal or a DELTA Force member who has been training for 5-10 years maybe a little bit more knowing that they are already bad ass, and combine them with the natural human strength of way back in ancient times and add about 20-30 more years of training and see what you get. Thats how Spartans were made.

  38. Where did Rome get the War Elephants from? I thought they didn’t get any until they fully conquered Greece and the Carthaginians.

  39. В России сравнили фалангу и легион
    In Russia compared phalanx and Legion

  40. Interesting but it doesn't explain the superiority of legion over phalanx; and why was the commentary done by Google Translate?

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