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Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)

Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul (Full Length)

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  1. Isis has destroyed so much in the name of a religion that they have bastardize for their own entertainment and I hope they totally in rot in hell. They are only brave with a gun in their hand.

  2. So tragic. This never would have happened if Obama hadn't prematurely pulled out of Iraq against so much good advice to the contrary.

  3. I love how since the US entered Iraq and 2003 regional armies have started wearing full on western uniforms and gear. Middle Eastern military getup used to look a lot more, well, Middle Eastern. Pretty neat.

  4. How in the world do kurds even fight? They are barley 200,000 with poor ass weapons ans still keep almost all of Kurdistan under control.
    I wish Kurds loved Iraq and lived in Unity. Love to both Kurds and Arabs from Pakistan. My ehtnic grouping is Baloch and we are your cousins. Please dont fight

  5. It must hurt like hell for Erdoshit a jihadist in suit who supportted isis in Kurdistan Iraq and Syria and lost.😂
    Kurdish prison is full of turkish jihadist terrorists.
    Long live YPG/J and SDF
    The last islamic stronghold is Apartheid shithole turkey.
    The Revolution continues….✌

  6. If saddam hussein was still alive and in power this would never of happened isis in Iraq even though saddam was evil he kept his country in order

  7. They are putting the equipment Germany provided to good use.
    G36 Rifles
    Dingo Armored Vehicles
    MG3 Machineguns

    The kurds deserve their own state. Just my opinion.

  8. long live Peshmerga in iraq YPG SDF in syria and PKK PYD in turkey in middle east long live Demirtash and Mesut Barzani.

  9. I just got an idea of them running 4-5 computers 24/7 dialing random numbers automatically over and over and just seeing the terrorists being exploded as they built the IED's lol.

  10. Why did Allah not helped Isis.. even they followed mohammed..and his Quran..? Allah seems to be dead God..!

  11. The fact that they speak a different language threw out the video I still enjoy watching it 😂💀💀

  12. They are scared, poorly trained, uneducated, etc… Plus the morale seems to be low at all times. The commanders show uncertainty and weakness in front of their soldiers which is a recipe for failure.

  13. Dear VICE, don’t forget include the most important Information on any NEWS REPORTS Videos that U Publish on U-Tube
    Which is the EXACT DATE of the latest Reports AKA any new UPDATES by indicating “ DATES , Time etc..


  15. 6:15 That idiot almost killed the guys when he smacked the pickaxe into the bomb^^ Honestly, just one spark and you go boom

  16. 'The Peshmerga have to calculate every bullet they fire…' @34:27, shoots pointlessly in the air for the camera XD

  17. Do not give them an easy death ,just emputat them inch by inch and tell those plauge rats the real meaning of "Distribution"

  18. What a tragedy. What crimes against humanity in the name of religion, for control, water & resources.

    Rest in peace all of those that perished during these wars.

    The lives are most important,
    at the same time, the environmental damage is bad.

    30:02 in their burning large containers of oil as smoke screen from #airstrikes

    With everything that's happened how can people recover, co-exist and move forward?


  19. Damn you have to be really angry to step on half a persons head lol those ISIS scums make me want to legally change my name.

  20. I fucking hate these animals, no i mean monsters. Boasting about sex slave trade. Disgusting monsters. I really can't fathom how they think they will be rewarded in "heaven" from their inhumane acts. Do they not stop and think if this is what their "Allah" wants? Fucking monster! Calling them animals would be a disgrace to actual animals who by all accounts have more decency than them. They do not deserve to live. Wipe them out! All of them. To the last monster! WIPE. THEM. OUT. That's why here in the Philippines we don't think twice when it comes to exterminating these isis scum!

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