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Pawn Stars: 3 Coins That Cost a Lot | History

Pawn Stars: 3 Coins That Cost a Lot | History

Um, This is pretty amazing. CUSTOMER: So this is
a rare find, then? Well, that’s if it’s real. CUSTOMER: 400? I’m looking online, this
thing is worth $1,000! Were you able to sell
into your computer? RICK (VOICEOVER): A guy brought
in an extremely rare 1861 Half Eagle. That is if it’s one of the
few minted in North Carolina. So I called in my coin guy,
Mike, to take a closer look. Just to make sure it’s
not a counterfeit. MIKE: What’s up, Rick? RICK: 1861 Charlotte. MIKE: That’s a rare one. 1861 Philadelphia, there
was over 700,000 of those. We’re talking five,
six hundred bucks. With a “C,” we’re
talking a whole lot more. 20 times as much. CUSTOMER: That’s good news.
That’s great news. MIKE: Yes, yes, absolutely. CUSTOMER: So this is
a rare find, then? Well, that’s if it’s real. I’d like to take a look
at the mint mark and– Oh, a– absolutely. OK. RICK: How’s it look? After looking at it, yes,
I believe that it is a, uh, authentic Charlotte minted coin. That’s awesome, awesome news. COREY: So, what’s it worth? You could get about 15,000– Wow. –for this coin. All right, beat it Mike. MIKE: (LAUGHS) Hey,
nice to meet you. CUSTOMER: No, hey thank you. Yeah, thank you so much. Good luck, guys. What do– What
do you want to do? $7,500. Mm, no. 12. I think you’ll do just fine. RICK: I still have
to send this off. Things can pop up
when I send it off. I end up assuming all the risk. Let’s somewhat
split the difference. How about 95? I’ll go eight grand,
not a penny more. I’m good. Eight grand.
– All right. Good doing business. COREY: Come on man,
I’ll write you up You got it.
All right, thank you. CUSTOMER: How are you? RICK: Pretty good. I have a coin from
the Byzantine Empire I’d like to sell. RICK: Um, this is
pretty amazing. Where in the world
did you get this? CUSTOMER: I actually
bought a group of books from an antique store a while
back, and in one of them, that was actually
inside the spine. How much do you want for it? CUSTOMER: I was
thinking about $1,900. I’ll give you like
800 bucks for it. Nah, that– that’s
a little bit too low. I mean, th– that’s
a thousand years old. Can you do like, 16? RICK: I’ll go $1,100. 11? Yeah, I guess we can do 11. OK, $1,100. All right, I’ll meet
you right over there. RICK (VOICEOVER): My go-to
guy for ancient coins, Dave, is here to give me
a grade and a price. Hey man. How you been? RICK: Good. Here’s the coin. Ah, it’s fantastic. This is a coin of the Byzantine
Emperor Constantine IX. He’s on the reverse,
and Jesus Christ is on the obverse, the front. So is it the real deal, or? DAVE: Looks good. RICK: Big question.
What’s it worth? DAVE: These are not
always worth what people might think they are. OK. I see these going
typically, in the marketplace today, for between 700 and
$1,000 in this condition. RICK: That’s it? DAVE: It should be
worth thousands. And I think you just ran into
a market that, at present, is terribly undervalued. RICK: All right. Not the news I was
exactly looking for. Lesson learned, I’ll call
you next time. (LAUGHS) Yeah, call me first. All right, thanks man. Thank you.
COREY: What you got? It’s an 1874 chop
marked trade dollar. COREY: So, where’d
you get this at, man? Actually, I got it
at a coin trade show in California a few years
back, up in San Francisco. OK. The whole reason these
things came about is because China, and a bunch
of other countries in Asia, they didn’t like our
currency when we would go over there and trade with them. But believe it or
not they actually liked the Mexican
peso more because it had more silver in it. We started making these, we
put a little bit more silver in them so they
would actually prefer these over the Mexican peso. They would take them and
they would take a little tool and they’d put a
chop mark in it. And that’s how they kind of
tested the silver in them. They were never meant to
get into the hands of normal consumers in the United States. But what ended up
happening is, you know, silver prices started
to really fall so China threw all their old
trade dollars on some ships and brought them into
the United States and traded them for gold. CUSTOMER: OK. So what do you want
to do with it, man? It’s time to sell it. All right, uh, I’d be willing
to give you around $400 for it. 400? I’m looking online, this
thing’s worth $1,000! Were you able to sell
it to your computer? CUSTOMER: I mean, can
you come up a little bit? Like, at least 800. COREY: I’ll go like 450, man. 750. The problem is, is
that it’s chop marked. There’s a big debate on whether
or not a chop mark is just part of the coin’s
history, or if it’s just damage that was done to the
coin by the Chinese government. Uh, that being said, the most
I’m gonna go is $500, dude. Well, $500? 500. Come with me,
we’ll write you up.

Reader Comments

  1. All of you on this thread are the best! I award you all the grand prize 🏆 And I’m taking all the risk.

  2. Have any of these chumps heard of Ebay?? It's worth 15k – I'll do 7500 – ok meet me in the middle 8k. Jeeze

  3. People, if you have something that is authentic, rare and valuable, don't bring it to a pawn shop. You're throwing away money.

  4. They probably get a guy to examine it so they can see how much it’s worth so they can just sell it at that price

  5. It's always been hard to understand why people give up this coins for very little money -will be better to grade them by P.C.G.S Take the coins to the action -making collector's fitting for it That should always bring much better results then deals from local Papa John Pawn shop's

  6. "Were you able to send it to a computer?" – < This is the exact arrogant mentality that made ebay, graig's list and everything else what it is. I give pawn shops another 10 years max before they go the way of Blockbuster.

  7. Coin worth 15k.
    How about 12k.
    Split difference.

    Huh? People need to walk away and sell directly.

  8. Customer: I have a sandal worn by King tut.
    Rick: let me call my buddy who's an expert on ancient Egyptian sandals

  9. It’s also really pathetic how they are obviously spoon fed information about products before the show, and act like they know so much about history when they likely don’t even have a rudimentary comprehension of history.

  10. This is one of the pieces philippines wrote.

    Best i can do is 1 duck and 3 silver coins and im taking a big risk here

  11. Dude has a 1000 year old coin and he's handling with his bare hands…………….. At least put in a bag…….

  12. "Here is the literal Holy Grail. It will turn you immortal if you drink it. It is proof that there is a God and most likely the most expensive thing on the planet."

    "I'll give you twenty bucks for it."

  13. guy brings in the tomb of pharaoh Tutankhamen

    Brings in expert
    Expert values it at 100,000,000$

    Rick: best I can do is 9.56$ and I'm sticking my neck out on this

    Customer: deal

  14. appraised at 15k and taking 8k for it?? you must be freaking kidding me?
    really no-one would do that… not even a freaking idiot

  15. Not worth 500 guys!!! . It's xf grade w chopmark 175 at most. 1000 online? Ja for mint state. This ain't mint state. Guy, s a fake slicka**ss

  16. That Trade dollar was worth at most 180 plus a chop mark would make it less! That guy made major profit!

  17. 60% of the appraised value is a fair asking price. If I was the seller of the coin, I wouldn't go anything below 9,000 and it leaves room for profit for the pawn shop because there is no guarantee they'll get 15,000

  18. The chop marks were money changers signatures certifying the coins werent shaved on edges or drilled thru removing metal and replacing with lead..they could hollow out a coin allmost to get the gold or silver..if a money changer gave you a altered coin they were executed.

  19. Rick, you are the biggest scammer going. People are too stupid to realise what they actually have.

    Seller : I got this rare gold coin I would like to take it to Rick at Pawn Stars. I know he will give me a great deal.

    Rick : Nice gold coin, let me get my expert.

    Expert : Its real its rare, its worth $15,000

    Rick: listen I will offer you $1 and a tour of Pawn Stars.

    Seller: Oh yeah thats an awesome deal 🤦‍♂️

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