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Patrol Base Airsoft Shop Tour

Patrol Base Airsoft Shop Tour

hey guys welcome back to Cronos airsoft today we're here at patrol base so we thought we'd have a nosey around inside and give you a quick tour of the shop first thing you see when you come in lots of clothing and bags and things big dummy man with the gun and camo typical airsoft stuff so well head on around we'll do a bit of a circular loop around on will point out a few things on the way and one of the first things you notice is how many guns there are on display I mean look at the entire wall all the way the length of the shop and I can see some on the back wall there as well and I believe there's also more on other walls that we've got some shotguns here all nicely organized plenty on display that's for sure everything looks like it's organized in types of guns which is handy you're not just sort of hunting around trying to find what you're looking for there if you want an EM for loads of them forced to choose from if you want an ake a load zuv a case to choose from so plenty of choice there and then we got some m-14s on the back wall there we've got some pistols in the cabinet here in the Surefire cabinet so we've got some lights in there on display as well turning around lots of clothing to choose from holsters loads just loads of stuff on display which is really nice to see so let's head on this way now this is the Gucci cabinet vortex optics Oh check it out I see a lot of money right there in that cabinet that's crazy loads of pistols we've got w/e we've got ASG we've got tokyo marui yeah loads to choose from there i think some some ravens in there as well few two tones for people who haven't got their defense yet so that's handy that they offer that as a service more enforced by the the G&G wall by the looks of it so it's nice they've got that as a specific brand war because G&G is very popular in airsoft krytac on the back wall there that's nice to see more optics more clothing if you turn around accessories looks like most of these are sort of sniper bits which is again everything's organized nicely in categories various external accessories and this pieces barrel extensions grips and then we're on to pouches lots of Viper gear going on they're all organized into color again that's handy so we've got your olive green you've got your multicam you've got your black coyote turn magazines man this place has got everything gun bags here as well there's even a changing room at the end there so you can actually try on any of the clothing that we've got in store just make sure it's going to fit because we want to wear soft sizing can be a bit dodgy we got we got arrow weapons I'm gonna call these that's nice helmets protection always important in airsoft Aries striker ever-popular check it out the pink version you know someone's going to be running around with that when proving grounds or something like that I mean this is this is only the shop that they've got so not everything that they sell is in here they do actually have a vast amount of stock because I've got you know one of the largest retailers in the UK so they've got massive warehouse full of stuff that they they sell online this is just a small selection of what they have more plate carriers you've got your more exotic camos here so you've yeah I don't even know what that one's called back to the front again behind the scenes over there you've got a very capable workshop Department where they do repairs and upgrades and and all sorts of things I've got the technician in the background shaking his head but well ignore that so there you go guys that's patrol base the shop it's it's impressive I've got to be honest I came in here about two three years ago and it didn't look anything like this this is this has been the best it's looked for well certainly since then Hey yeah it looks brilliant they got loads of choice if you can if you're in the area if you know how to fill pop on down it's worth popping in to have a look the staff are always friendly they're happy to have a chat with you about anything and yeah give it a go

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  1. It's a real shame the shop is up a BIG flight of atairs as i am a wheelchair user and i live about 2 hours a way would have been nice to be actually able to get into the shop for a look around.

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