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Pastor Says Kill Gays & Lesbians in Electrified Pen

Pastor Says Kill Gays &  Lesbians in Electrified Pen

i was sent a very disturbing video this
morning by the catabolic valley citizens against hate now this is video of pastor
charles l worldly charles worley is of the providence road baptist church in
he’s calling for the death of lesbians queers and homosexuals ok i’m gonna play
the video for you uh… the video is disturbing a
particularly because what mister worli is advocating is creating eight hundred square mile or
rather really i guess it’s a one hundred mile by one hundred mile putting all the lesbians and one putting
all of the game and in the other feeding them uh… until by at least initially and
then letting them die off i guess to prove the point lesbians by themselves can’t have children agus that’s the
point he’s trying trying to make here so this is the video i’ll give you
afterwards the contact information for this church ill-treated took a look at what you
think tax-exempt status ladies and gentlemen this is a tax exempt
organization in the united states highway figured a way out elated get rid of politicians and
players but it couldn’t get it tries to cover buildup great big large serious hundred fifty or a hundred lol put all alleged
engineer flyover and robson film do the same thing with the corners of
the homosexuals and have that this electrified licking
get out fadiman and you know what what can a few years
they’ll die you know what they can reproduce is a man ever has a young man praise god give me the first time mister all of these uses well they may not look like a loud
all of them out there right now somebody said a billion or multi allied
rabahy detailer had a homosexual act are so this is clearly a guy who has put a
lot of thought into this making a very eloquent case loads for how we should
exterminate the gay population and outlets treated
like animals will put them in a pen and double electrified fence because god
forbid they try to get out of there and eventually they’ll die off and that
will apparently solve the problems for all the christians the christians ball
had divorces anymore because of course they only get divorced because it is
right here on homosexuals there will be and a fascinating because isn’t the straight couples that are
having the homosexual kids how all this off anything forget about the fact that
it’s incredibly hateful and ridiculous and this guy probably uh… don’t what i would love to know
the last time he had a cat scan let’s put it that way uh… it what will happen what what it’s
all well that’s all you know i really don’t
like the clarinet and i wish nobody plated so what we
should do is take hold the clarinet players in the world and put them inside of a little fans
right you know they’re not gonna reproduced
have another clarinet loving people it was just learned that you obviously
are born to do parents of wealth of where the clarinet this their address is thirty two eighty
three problems mill road made north carolina you can find the uh… that before
serving on the website may thirteen point well it is the date please call them please send them
letters this is this is definitely dangerous ladies and gentlemen i’m
warning you this is what we’re looking at if we continue going to the right on
social policy in allowing this type of thought fifty even um… to have tax exempt
status at leat take away the tax exempt status in other words p realistic here if the user fees are not
going to the right in terms of social matters in this country they’re going to the left without that
continues here on today’s bonus show we are going to
talk about a bunch of stuff including is that the legal to record in post noisy
neighbors having sex as long as you’re not getting video then secretly if the
noise carries outside of their apartment and also if you missed the louis getting
choked by a stripper story let me give you one st louis let me give you the
don’t don’t rush me here i want to give you five seconds of that louis story is
on the bonus show from last thursday this is what you’re missing by the part
of what you’re missing as she takes the sting and puts it around my neck all right so quick excerpt from that
louis stripper story and play more david packing dot com slash membership will
take a break great interviews coming up back after this genie back michelle that david packed with dot com

Reader Comments

  1. Why is it disturbing?? Only because it talking about gays? Every day in the news you see horrible things being done… Big deal!!

  2. Valentine's Day, 14 February 2015

    The priest at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, which my mother attends here in Arizona, married his partner today in front of his kith and kin, and many congregants of the church.  It was a lovely ceremony, and there was an amazing outpouring of love and joy for the two men.  The enthusiasm and warmth that greeted their nuptials was a true expression of the Christian spirit.

  3. This is why the Catholic Church is the one true church because it put s a stop to all these so called pastors saying what they want.The Pope is the head of the church and you can see why,look at the mess on all the other links.We are all messed up in some way but God does not condemn you,he wants to give you a chance and save you from this crooked generation! Does this guy think hes perfect?,hypocrite!! Who would put these guys in ministry?,not God!

  4. What a dumb backwoods hypocrite Jesus didn't walk around enraged with condemnation to any group or such. They need to put haters and people blasphemous like him coming in Christ name in a fence so no one will have to be annoyed with their vicious mouths . Bet he doesn't like no one outside the white race as well . That kind of hate usually goes hand to hand

  5.  One thing I want to say this is very wrong and this is not love. Jesus came to save sinners and God love the world that He sent his son to save everyone in the world that includes Gays and Lesbians and Same Sex Attractions. What this Pastors is no Christ Like and Christ Centered preaching. Jesus would not treat any one like this man is saying God is Love and He will always show love. God LOVES THE SINNER BUT NOT THE SIN. It is the act not the person I am an EX-HOMOSEXUAL  and the Lord has set me free from this lifestyle so when I hear things like this as a Believer in Christ I hate to hear things like this. I just find it is ignorance and the problem the Church does not know how to deal with Gay and Lesbians. The Key is Love not Hate

  6. David you did a great job with this video but don't worry eventually all the stupid uneducated bigots of my generation (how fucking embarrassing that they are my generation and I have to say that!) will die and you of the younger generation will make a much better world! Sadly I won't be able to enjoy living in that world because I will be gone too… but you guys do give me hope for a better kinder world!

  7. SuperZombieKillar, take your own advice. You're the one who called someone an idiot; but you maintain that I'm the one being judgmental? Read your comments, and ask yourself who's being judgmental. If I too, had made a statement where I called someone an idiot; more specifically, the kid you were judging, would you have still told me not to judge?

  8. Meanwhile…he's avoiding the pedophille behaviour in Churches lately…
    Might be a coverup so he can…nvm..what was i thinking..Christians dont do that…
    Then again…

  9. How in the world is this person considered a spiritual leader?
    It sounds like a drunk uncle at thanksgiving.
    I wonder what he thinks about those pesky intellectuals and artists?

  10. It's important to remember that virtually all gay men and women were raised by heterosexual parents. Duh.
    It's obviously not "contagious."
    Christians can be among the cruelest of people.

  11. Hmm so apparently then lesbians aren't homosexuals??? Okay… What about all the queers who happened to be female in with the males who end up reproducing? what then not to mention this dude is going to be pretty freaking shocked when he realizes that there are still gays lesbians bisexuals transgenders excetera being born into the world by unknowing straight couples

  12. All that would happen is I could find a girlfriend and get fed. Wow, okay cool! I'm 16 years old, this homophobe said we would die in a few years because we won't be reproducing. I'm alive😊 what about men and women who can't have children because of internal issues?! Does that Kean they are also homosexual? We r all equal! God said don't cut ur hair, but no one cares about that! Any who Mr. Homophobic preacher, I will see you in hell👍

  13. dude you're obviously gay, and you have no idea what is going to happen to our society due to the open attitude towards these things. civic union okay marriage no. no children either. its promotes promiscuity and is completely un natural.

  14. The pastor's idea for the fences, isn't that murder?Even though I'm not religious or gay, murder is against the law and the bible. Thou shalt not kill you dumbass pastor

  15. This bigoted "pastor" does not reflect what is in the Bible, or the God of the scripture. It does not sound like he has ever met the God of the Bible face to face, because if he had, he would not be opening his mouth and uttering such vile, ignorant remarks.

  16. The moron at 3:00 says we should do the same thing to clarinet players. But they don't sodomize & kill our kids or spread disease. What a brick-brained LIE-beral. These idiots should be in FEMA camps for a ten year, re-education stretch. And Cary the fairy Grant (in the background) & Handy Randy Scott has a homo relationship for a decade or so. Cary was AC/DC, & Scott was a full blown, never married poof. Read Darwin Porter's 2 vol. set 'Hollywood Babylon." Hollywood is full of them!

  17. Yea and while we r at it lets kill off all the old people caus they can't reproduce ether. I think I want to start off by brutality killing that guy. R u serious God wants us to love and be forgiving. I don't know what he's saying or even if he has read The Bible but he shouldn't be a priest or any religious leader with this shot coming out of him

  18. I live in Ireland and we don't have crazy so called pastors preaching that hate,we as a civilised people would not tolerate such sick homophobic bile,we passed the gay marriage law recently and the country has not collapsed,,listening to people preach that sort of hate and some of the people listening to him laughing in agreement does not bode well for a so called civilised country,that so called pastor and people like him should be ashamed and take a good long look in the mirror,we in Ireland would not tolerate that sort of hate speech from anybody.freedom of speech should not be confused with the freedom to hate.

  19. I believe that when a person go's this far,they are trying to hide their own desires.

    It reminds me of Pastors who obsess over women's clothing.
    On and on they go,Preaching about short dresses or pants on women.
    If they would quit trying to peek up those skirts,then they may just be able to Preach about Christ Jesus.

    Homosexuals are becoming idols to some Preachers ,because they are putting them before Christ.
    Legalism is Demonic, and this is a classic example.

  20. I am so embarrassed to be part of North America because of this guy, he's literally wanting to creat another holocaust… Like what hitler did…. A fucking maniac, why is he a priest, Christians are "SUPPOSED" to be loving and are supposed to love the sinner not the sin. He also contradicts himself, he's saying that gay baby's come from gay people, but gay people can't reproduce…. Like no fucking shit, thanks for the info ya damn cracked up bigot p, what kinda drugs are you fucking taking, and who the fuck is he to say weather innocent people are to die or not, why doesn't everyone kill crazy Christian extremists, put them in a pen and kill them, but that probably won't work because that hateful and insane, in humane and disgusting, just like this dumbass pastor

  21. I'll be honest, I found this amusing, not because I have anything against gay people, but because of how RIDICULOUS his comments were.

  22. I believe in God, and I try to do right for him, and I say heres a thought….Let people do what the hell they want. As long a they don't use it as a political tool, or march it up the streets, or try to make us accept it, be my guest. Because when you keep it to yourself, its your business. but when you try to force feed it into our lives, then its going to piss people off.Being a queer is unnatural. It doesn't reproduce. Just as bestiality is unnatural. Your trying to piggy back queer rights on inter-racial relations….Which CAN reproduce making it an act of nature. And now that queers have won their legal victory, people are now marching to make pedophilia acceptable. You spit on traditional family values, then have the audacity to claim moral high ground. When you kept it too yourselves (where all sex should be kept whether straight or gay) no one bothered you. Now you want to throw it in the lives of people who know its morally wrong and be "politically correct" (aka lie and pretend its all good) to bring straight people with traditional values down to your level by making liars and hypocrites out of them. Because that is all liberals are…..wanting everyone to be liars and pretend to accept what is against there own moral standards. Quite twisted.

  23. A bunch of women can't have a baby without a man!

    Have these pastors read their own book? God knocked up a virgin.

    Hell, nowadays if God wants to make a real point that Jesus is reborn he'll need to bless some man with a butt baby. No one's going to be fool enough to believe in a virgin birth now; we know very well that little swimmers can get from a hand, thigh or other body part into the vagina and cause pregnancy without penetration. Butt baby? No scientific explanation for that one; we'd have to accept it was God.

    Christians better start praying for their butt baby savior.

  24. I'm confused, so this Pastor wants to build a fence so he can have sex with gay people for himself? lol

  25. The world sees America with the same fear that was trumped up for Russia in the 50's except that the fear of America is REAL. Since they committed the worst War Crime when they nuke two Japanese cities, America has become a nation of warmongers – a sour nation of murderers. So when we hear a pastor speak as in this video, we just hear another crazy American – as you all have become. Others inspire hate of Arabs – so that America and Israel can continue their crazy onslaught in the Middle East. Hilarious to remember when years ago – Americans originally inspired More Wars for Israel there so as to: Free homosexuals and let Arab women drive and wear bikinis if they want to. America the freedom fighters – haahahahahahaa. Bloodthirsty and very stupid culture and country. Shame on you all.

  26. people say women can't get a child but now they can mix 2 eggs to make one then they say it is wrong why would god make that if it was wrong

  27. props. kill em all. waste of space. And there is no Godly use for them or biological use other than lending themselves to a fucked up mindset and reduction of population capability.

  28. He couldn't procreate cuz he couldn't find his thing under his fat gut.  How about we put pastors in a pen with there mythical novel they live by and thn they wont reproduce more bigoted assholes

  29. To be honest some old people, not all old people are a waste of space and should just die already:-P cough cough bible

  30. it is not importrant if some pastor sayd that, Bible says clearly that the will perish if they will not repent(Romans 1:24-32). Here is the problem, that you are fighting against God until you will be sended unto judge.

  31. What people hate to deal with is that Pastor Worley is preaching a true gospel. And that gospel is why I am not a Christian.

  32. And….there are no tax-exempt/government funded homosexual/leftist-facist/anti-Christian organisations?Not condoning this mans words, although I think he was merely attempting to make a point. The left is so hypocritical. And facist. If you don't agree with them, you are a hateful bigot, aren't allowed a platform, nor a place in society. Pff!

  33. pastors i'm sorry to say are weak i'm not for killing I think it's a bad thing to do to both innocent and criminals but if these pastors really believed they should die they would do it themselves instead of complaining the government should be doing it


  35. This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. We aren’t animals. We aren’t other. We aren’t bad. We aren’t wrong or disgusting or bad or sinful. They are calling a whole group of people wrong and saying to treat all of them like animals. I have never been more disgusted with humanity.

  36. I can't believe what I heard, but all it about is a platform for hate. I agree that this extremist impose on the rights of individuals.

    If they're quoting from Leviticus.. this book is old testament and it's about laws and ceremonial because there was no atonement for sin. It's hard hearted because this is denial and there are "God haters".

    My argument is that they don't abide with anything else. Most people don't know the legalistic of these scriptures but it's being torn to justify their hate and agenda. The problem with this law is, because it so harsh no person can live to it… condemnation whole.

    If there is any message to be should be PEACE. And if this only effects gay and lesbian then there is stigma (If we living in that age).

    He's mentally sick….
    He's got a fascination with electric….
    I've got a cattle prod for him!

  38. You’re tax exempt to you fuck head controlled Bitch! I don’t know why people have evolved into fags and sissy bitches like you! You FUCKING cuck

  39. Shut this fuckers channel down with his cockmouth laugh wahaaa pacmaninmyass you FUCKING loser piece of shit!

  40. He calls himself a man of God. Not how I was taught. God is a loving compassionate, he made gays and lesbians that way. Not 1 choose to wake up and say I am gsy.

  41. that Pastor is 100% correct. if anybody wants to Humble themselves, if they're capable and they would read in the scriptures how God burned Sodom and Gomorrah. it's interesting how everybody sits back and tries to bash faith and hates people for their faith and you might as well just say a mad prayer to God and accuse him and Apostle Paul because they're the ones that said that they were worthy of the death penalty, so quit bellyaching and claiming that everyone who believes in faith is a hater because God feels the same way and it's a good thing this good pastor will at least be old school in daring to say something in such a nasty Society. it's not dangerous. you people are dangerous to bring down the Wrath and fire of God and all the natural disasters that have ever hit the earth, that have been spoken of and prophesied and has happened in the last 20 years because of this very evil thing that is overcoming the Earth

  42. you people spread nothing but hate and bigotry against people's faith and all their constitutional rights and then you have the nerve to turn around and break the law, which is made up of the voices the people and you overturn the law and then claim that we are the bigots the haters, when you broke the laws of the lands which come from the laws of God to scripture through Prophets. I will never listen to you people bash good people without me saying something back cuz if you're willing to Dish it, you better be willing to take it back. you people should hear very clear that not only did Apostle Paul say that they are worthy of death, but he also said that those that Delight in them that do them are also likewise worthy of death and if you don't want to believe the scriptures, go ahead and turn your backs on it, but when you face your God, you will live with Satan because you will have no desire to live with God and Prophets that think totally opposite of you. you are not humble people and you will face your God and I will tell you straight up that this pastor is 100% correct and I will never ever recall my words and neither will he and neither will any of us that dare stand up against this filth. this pastor was very mild in what he spoke compared to what God commanded Apostle Paul to speak in the Bible. so yes I agree and will never take back my words and you might as well pray a mad prayer to God and call him a liar and a bigot and a hater and tell him that he's full of garbage for telling Apostle Paul the same thing and therefore, why don't you call Apostle Paul a hater and a bigot. you news reporters are hypocrites. but I'm casting Pearls Before Swine and given that which is holy to the dogs because you people are incapable of listening because you've already been enlightened, otherwise you would not have the nerve to go against something because you can only go against something that has been placed within you, so you have already been witnessed, to argue and debate against it, so you are impossible to teach and God calls people like you reprobate and has left you unto a reprobate mind because you rejected Christ and that's why he left all unnatural Behavior unto reprobate mind because they rejected Christ and they are God haters and haters of all good Godly truth

  43. Strategically using the procreation argument when all he wants is to use women for sex. And women fall for it. Hilarious! No I say that's proof you sir are the ones creating lesbians. No procreation involved. Lmfao! Just straight women believing your lies.

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