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Parachute Sea-Anchor History — for storms & sportfishing

Parachute Sea-Anchor History  —  for storms & sportfishing

the success of our modern-day drag devices the para anchor and drug are due in part to rich history of development a development that spans for centuries thanks to the mariners who sought their livelihood from the sea from stones de sparse seamen create a variety of drag devices slow their vessels down as weather picked up in fact so many designs have been created in the past 500 years it could easily take hours to describe them all however it is the clinical sea anchor like these that dominated the industrial world of drag devices from the early 1800s until the end of world war two with World War two over massive stock bells and military circles for ship to Southern California surplus items like clothes backpacks and parachutes parachutes were inexpensive and a useful tool for the commercial fishing industry I happen to her but she anchor from a guy named Gerard he had a boat called onward and so we will went over there and took a look at it and found out what it was and he would do demonstrating fart so then I thought to myself that the best thing for me to do was take it and use it for cover face when I go down to Mexico I could use it to cover fish keep it from spoiling in which I did and I did that until not 1948 and then I start using it as a sea anchor we had 10 to 20 tons of yellow tail on the deck of our vessel it was very sloppy weather and we were between actividad and cedrus and we were about we were getting swamped and I was afraid we were going to lose this boat or this vessel and I happened to stumble on a parachute I carried on the boat to cover the fish for icing during the daytime so I told my partner I says I'm going to try to something I've never tried in my life so I happen to have some short piece of chain which I attached I tied to the sea anchor and may it deployed this the parachute which later became the pair hanker and it brought us right into the weather after several failed attempts Gerard's rigged parachute pulled the commercial trawlers head into the wind stopping the heavy pitch and roll that commonly sinks loaded fishing vessels the pair anchors Gerard's crew dubbed the new drag device became a very hot commodity in San Pedro California which housed the largest tuna fleet in the world by 1958 Gerard's rigging techniques for sailboats and trawlers were well established on the west coast of North America and Mexico the pair anchor was here to stay

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