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Pakistani children return to school after Taliban attack kills 140 people

Pakistani children return to school after Taliban attack kills 140 people

Pupils and teachers have returned for the
first time to the school where more than 150 people were killed last month. Nine men stormed the Army Public School in
the Pakistani city of Peshawar, while around 500 children and teachers were believed to
be inside. As millions of children streamed back to school
across Pakistan for the start of the new term, Pakistan’s army chief General Raheel Sharif
flew to Peshawar to greet the survivors, some of them still in casts and bandages. More than 140 people, including 134 children,
were killed in December’s shooting. Across the country, schools had remained shut
for an extended winter break following the attack on December 16th. Sharif later joined the morning assembly,
saluting as the students sang the national anthem. A government official said eight-foot high
walls were being built around public schools in Peshawar as part of enhanced security.

Reader Comments

  1. I don't know anything about this general, but his body language and the gentleness when he shook the kids' hands makes me think he's a pretty good guy.

  2.                        ___ * _ * __ * _ * _ * _ *_ *    }} :-{o  }__om8//—-1   _ *__ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _ * _
    As far as I am concerned, you are not even a "müzzi" unless you are looking at everything from a natural point of view..

  3. Pakistan k real heroes nahi hai yeh…… Poore world ki shaan hai yeh bacche… Baccho aapko salam…. Love from india

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