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Pakistan: “They were covered in blood” Victims describe Peshawar school attack

Pakistan: “They were covered in blood” Victims describe Peshawar school attack

Seven or eight people attacked us then an army soldier came to us and he asked the principal and teachers to take the children out through the back gate. There were one thousand students in the college, they were moved to the auditorium. They still can’t come out now until the fighting is over. As the firing started our teacher told us to keep our heads down and stay in the corner of the class. After one hour when firing slightly lessened, the army came and rescued us. But as we were coming out, we saw our friends lying dead on the floor of corridors, martyred by bullets. Some with 3 some with 4 bullets, they were covered in blood. The 9th and 10th grade were in the auditorium, and first and second year exams were being held. Then they came after us and entered each class one after the other firing at any staff, firing at the children and I think there are many casualties.

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    pasthaani kuthe abhi maaloom hogaya kyaa bookmaafi logo

  2. Sudhar jao kanjaro sudhar jao..
    tumhare apne ,tumhare baccho ko maarne lage hai..
    bc yae saheedi nhi qatal hai..

    Unn baccho ko shanti mile..unke aagey poori zindagi thi.
    sharam karlo.
    tumhare garerb mulq sae kisi ko kuch nhi lena.khud to kat kae naa maro.

  3. Far from being traumatized or shocked,they speak to the news cameras without even a hint of emotion or distress and with efficient rapidity they spew out their scripted story.

  4. Another Sandy Hook. This time people died. This is America building a case to go to war.. They want to disarm their own people and bring the world under the leadership of The New World Order. THIS IS FUELED BY THE U.S. no question.. This is a war starter.

  5. हर बार ये इल्ज़ाम रह गया..!
    हर काम में कोई काम रह गया..!!
    नमाज़ी उठ उठ कर चले गये मस्ज़िदों से..!
    दहशतगरों के हाथ में इस्लाम रह गया..!!

    खून किसी का भी गिरे यहां
    नस्ल-ए-आदम का खून है आखिर
    बच्चे सरहद पार के ही सही
    किसी की छाती का सुकून है आखिर

    ख़ून के नापाक ये धब्बे, ख़ुदा से कैसे छिपाओगे ?
    मासूमों के क़ब्र पर चढ़कर, कौन से जन्नत जाओगे ?

    कागज़ पर रख कर रोटियाँ, खाऊँ भी तो कैसे . . . . खून से लथपथ आता है, अखबार भी आजकल .

    दिलेरी का हरगिज़ हरगिज़ ये काम नहीं है
    दहशत किसी मज़हब का पैगाम नहीं है ….!
    तुम्हारी इबादत, तुम्हारा खुदा, तुम जानो..
    हमें पक्का यकीन है ये कतई इस्लाम नहीं है….!!

  6. Each time its the common man who suffers. I being an Indian am shattered to see the loss of many families in pakistan. But instead of showing compassion towards the families of those children, people are busy in blaming india n u.s. behind this shameful act. Those people are not Indian, or Pakistanis those are just a parasite of the society who call themselves warriors of allah. They all should feel ashamed by taking such a holy name :ALLAH from their dirty mouth.

  7. Kese aik hukamran.nai bhi india ka naam nahi lia kio keh pirr en sab ko khairat kaha se milaigy aur agar yeh india mai hotah tu pore dunya ke kafir mulk kehtai keh es mai pakistan ka hath hai
    laiken maire bhaioo es mai india isreal ka hath hai es mai koi shak nahi
    aur taliban baecharoo ko badnam kartai hai

  8. Dude seriously Yu guys think soo cheap about India , let me tell you
    We all are equally sad , I'm not sayin trust me but telling Yu the truth we all have humanity
    But our government can never do such thing
    Yur government is good for nothing . first look at your government blame your government and then talk about Indiana
    This is the only reason Yu can never think good about Indians . think GOOD bara socho
    Even we can say so many things that your Pakistan government support the terrorist to attack in our country .
    DoNt u Blame INDIA for it . India has been always there for support to Pakistan. But Pakistan always seemed wrong

  9. If you are happy about what upend in that school to does children simply, you are the same as the killers with out a gun and you would be worst then them with a gun. Try to see a Doctor. Take my word  you are SICK PERSON.

  10. Yeh jo b hain…..indian hain ya fir kch R pak army in ka jald safya kry gi….R insha Allah aik in terrorist 's ka namo_nishan ni rehay ga pakistan ki sar_e_zameen…….pak army ka sab ko pta hai….r sb jnty hain k yeh sirf pak army he kr skti hai…pak army zindabad….

  11. Peshawar attack is a murder of humaity.We here in india r in tears on the lost of life of innocents school kids but in pakistan media journalist and oppurtunist politicians r blaming to india despite the fact they know who did this. Very sad instead of showing sympthay for families they making foul their own pplz

  12. The Taliban claimed them self to be Mujahideen. Many can deny now after this incident that they are not mujahideen anymore but these are the same people that your religious school are producing
    Congrats, be prepared and embrace these human capitals as they are your nation's best product to date

  13. The US wanted to withdraw from Afghanistan and asked the Pakistani military to launch an operation, so that they could withdraw safely. The carnage created by the operation resulted in millions being displaced, combined with the continuous US drone strikes it clearly irritated people. Many thousands of civilians have also been killed by drone strikes. On top of that the tribal areas are still governed by political agents imposed by Islamabad as they were during the British Rule. There is no democracy there. The Pakistani military uses heavy handed techniques as it once did in Bangladesh in the 1970s.
    The Pakistani Military is a private military contractor for the US like Black Water. They launch operations when asked and supply the NATO forces in Afghanistan. Getting involved in the war on terror has destroyed Pakistan's economy and there are few jobs. No one wants to invest in a War zone. 

    The War in Terror is a ploy for companies to make money through contracts. The US tax payers are loosing billions on futile wars that could be better spent on Schools and Hospitals in the US. To lift many people in the US out of poverty. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in Iraq. Tens of thousands have been killed in Afghanistan. The streets of all Afghan cities are full of orphans and widows. Many kids have had their parents blown up by US bombs. We yanks fire on anything. First the USSR invaded and then the US. The Afghans attacked neither the USSR or the US.  

    Now in Pakistan they want to hang people. There is so much corruption in Pakistan that only innocent poor people will be hanged. People like Zardari and Altaf Hussein are the biggest terrorists in that country. They have their own assassination gangs in Karachi, that they use to conduct targeted killings of their opponents and now they will also be hanging anyone who speaks out against them.

    The world needs peace not war. 

  14. It's a pity Pakistan didn't condemn Taliban atrocities when they were being committed against non Pakistanis. Now you Pakistanis have had a taste of what the Taliban really is – let's hope that certain powerful factions in your country stop supporting them,  I have no pity for Pakistan – only for the poor innocents that have been murdered.

  15. Terrorist in ISI/Military are responsible for these. Who created Taliban? Who created other terrorists in the region?

    Why bin Laden was in Pakistan? Why dawood ibrahim and chota sakeel still in Pakistan?

    ISI/Military will never learn any lesson from any defeat. They are cancer of the Pakistan. Good Pakistani need to figure out how to educate these dumbs of ISI/Military.

    Hindus reduced to less than 1% in Pakistan from 15% in 1947. Taliban did not exist until 1989.

  16. shame on you who attack children ..allah protect children who going to school and all Pakistan will be strong and we will be strong and Taliban will be lossssse

  17. taliban can avenge USA by attacking miss pakistan beauty peagent because amarica love beauty contest and also beauty contest destroying islamic culture by influenceing girls to wear sexy dresses

  18. This is a great informative video people need to see. But people also need to see what a young "terrorist" goes through as a child and why they would commit such violent acts. I urge you to watch this powerful story to get a different perspective.
    "The Birth of a Terrorist" –

  19. This is a great informative video people need to see. But people also need to see what a young "terrorist" goes through as a child and why they would commit such violent acts. I urge you to watch this powerful story to get a different perspective.
    "The Birth of a Terrorist" –

  20. Mujahid ki pahchan aaj ky  fitny ki is daur my jab muslims ummat ko gumrah karny unko badaam karny unko zulm ky khilaf bolny ya phir aakhir my unko zulm ky khilaf jihad sy rokny ky ly TV,internet SOCIAL MEDIA WHATTSUP jis tarah sy bhi ho saky acchy ulema ko nawjawan nasal ki rahnumai karna zaruri hy. Kafiron ny muslims munafiqon ky saath mil kar muslims mulkon aur ziyada tadad waly gair muslims mulkon my bahur gandi sazish ki hy jis ko uncover karna zaruri hy.TTP waly aaj tak dunay ky muslims ka jawab nahi diya Pakistani arm ny kaba aur kahan unky bacchon ko katal kiya jis ko bahana bana kar unlogon ny itna ganda kaam kiya jis sy muslims aur islam ki badnaami huwi.  Afsos yah hota hy ky Pakistan my TTP ki Pakistani school my by gunah bacchon ko katal karny waly group ki himat karny waly ab bhi maujud hy. TTP ky hr member ko Pakistan ki army nahi balky muslims janta ki katal kardy aur jo unky jahild aur nadan supporter ab bhi baki hyn unko samjahy aur agar na many zid pr rahy to kaum my unko zalil kary.taky kaum ky logon ko pata chal jay ky yah munafiq hyn.

  21. I hope you got your answer Those of you who always talk negative about  Pakistan. Few days ago Indian RAW Chief Said that We are using terrorists to unstable Pakistan  and we don't like  Pakistan China economic corridor. I do not have any problem with Indian Civilians But I do have a problem with Indian government specially Indian army and RAW they always blames Pakistan, ISI & Pak army for no reason Now they are saying that Pakistan send a pigeon for spy are you guys crazy how the fuck anyone can use a pigeon for a spy tell me?
    Check it out

  22. Wahabi dehshatgard
    Masoom bacho par hamla karta re to
    Tumhara islaam se koi ta'alluq nahi hai tum hara khatma hoga insha allah

  23. afghanistan is a psycho and india is a terrorist ! psycho seeking help from a terrorist and terrorist using a psycho ! india and afghanistan sponsor terror in pakistan …

  24. They feed and trained Poisonous snakes to bit another counties now they have got what is real mean of terrorism. As long as you will not see your evil creatures around you and blaming another for your people's did then you will lost much more then this massacre.

  25. Pakistan army killed 3 million Bengalis. Thousands in Balochistan including burying alive more than 500 Baloch children when they were not only alive but starving. Where were your tears then?

  26. I don't know Pakistan didn't throw 100 Atoms bomb on India. Modi your time far when we hang and drag you on the streets.. India was responsible for this attack. Attack planned in Indian embassy in Afghanistan and they use some afghan terrorist for this attack…Ajeet doval and Modi was the mastermind…

  27. You guyz know what these terrorists i think they only kill for fun coz they love to see blood coz they dont have any family,religion,cast,etc they dont care if they kill kids,adults,old people yeah seriouly they only like to see blood they are fucking freaking dick licking assholes whores who ever gave birth to them must be so ashamed of them they are miserable people i swear

  28. Indians are exploiting the name of Taliban, this act was a major target of indian agency RAW, Clear it, dont exploit the name of Taliban every time u attack in internal boundaries of pakistan.

  29. aab pata chala na apno k jane ka kya dard hota hai pakistanio tmhare sath aassa he hona chahe … tmhare gud terrorist ne tmpea khud aattack kr diya … 26/11 yaad krlo vo b tuh apne he the … desh ya dharm sea nai tuh insaniat k najar sea dekho gea tuh pata chl jae ga ,,…. but kya kre tmhari undar insaniat he nai hai pakistanio dekhlo apna haal ab .. shame on pakistan !!!!

  30. there will definitely be atleast one kid in the future amongst this horrible attack who will tear those who attacked them and become a light to the darkness surrounded Pakistan, take these words because he knows there was no God came to rescue he knows the truth that religion is politics there will be a new light emerging in Pakistan which will teach pakistanis how to live.

  31. when i heard the news i could not hold my tears these poor souls did nothing to deserve this . Ek hum log hai jo dushmano ke gham mai rote hain aur ek Pakistan hai jo pulwana incident par has rha hai 🙂 this is India for you🇮🇳

  32. Sabhe madarchod rapist piss drinker murderer pandit Aagae ye wo ye wo abhi madarchodo ek kabootar dekh kar dar jate hu😂😂😂

  33. i am indin ye vedio dekh ket etns gussa ata he ki me hi in bacho ke gunhgaro ko jinda jala du kasam ma bhavani ki dil me bhut aag lagi hui he

  34. Randijaat pisslim bachon ki khoon se bhigi laash dekhkar dil ko sukoon aur thandak mili ❤. Bas aise hi maar te raho inko mere Maula.
    Ya Allah, musalmano ke gardane jaba ho

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