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Painting Eldar Farseer

Painting Eldar Farseer

hey everyone in the first part of this
video I am not giving out too many details on how I painted the helmet of
the Farseer but don’t worry because you can check out my other video which
is called painting white armor where I am actually painting this helmet so now
that this is out of the way let’s just jump into it and the first thing before
I even start painting this miniature I prime it with a white primer so to shade
the white you will apply a thin coat of Drakenhof nightshade and pretty much
after that you wanna pick your Ulthuan grey and clean up any mistakes that you have
made along the way after you are done with that you should edge highlight with
white scar and this is the progress that we’ve got you can notice that I haven’t
talked about some of the parts. Here just real quick I am doing highlight of the
mask here’s the picture for my Instagram it’s the Farseer and where I left him
from the last video as you will see the gold and the gem on the forehead is done
pretty much the same way as the rest of them the mask is done with Abaddon
black and highlights of Dark Reaper there is a little glaze in the middle of
the mask with Dark Reaper, the eyes are pretty much made with white scar and
Ahriman blue now Here I am applying black to his neck to make a separation.
I will base his coat with Khorne red with a really thin coat – I will apply two of
them actually right now. Sometimes it takes even more than two thin coats and
after that I will take my Mephiston red and applie on his cloak.
It may take you also more than one layer so be really patient with that.
Don’t worry too much if you hit some of the other stuff – you will clean that up
afterwards. Now I’m taking Abaddon black and I’m applying it under his sleeves to
make a shadow. I will apply this black also to his feet and also the handle of his
weapon also don’t forget about this little pack here. And this is what we’ve
got so far now take Ushabti bone and pretty much
layer down his under cloak. Now I will take her Retributor armor and pretty much
apply it on all of the gold parts. Once again on the weapon as well and also
these little rings around his wrist OK this is what we got right now now I’m
taking Gorthor Brown and apply it on his little bag here Now it’s time to shade with Agrax earthshade all of the golden parts and also this little bag here after that you will take Corroburg crimson
and shade his coat. Now since that is done you will take Reikland fleshshade and
apply it on the Memphiston red area okay this is what we got so far now to
clean that up take Memphiston red once again and clean it up on the edges now I will combine orange and Mephiston
red to make additional highlight and pretty much you want to add more and
more highlights until you are pretty much happy with the result and here I am
adding yellow to the mix to make even brighter highlight and also I want to
remind you not to forget about the very edge of your cloak and be really careful
not to get your paint anywhere else now I will take pure orange and pretty much
highlight the fingers. So this is what we got once again here’s the progress check.
Now once again with Khorne red I will fix my mistakes on the coat Now I will add
white to mix and pretty much create highlights on elevated area of this coat and you will add more and more white to the elevated areas also water it down
quite a lot and use feathering in order to achieve a smooth transition – okay once
again this is the progress check now I will take White scar and Gorthor Brown to
highlight this little bag. I will take Dark Reaper combo with white scar and
highlight this little pack in front of him and be really careful not to mess up
here and also don’t forget about his weapon. Now I will water down my Dark
Reaper and add it to the edges to make a smooth transition and with Liberator
gold I will highlight all of the golden areas once again this is the progress looking
quite good already now I am taking Caliban green and white
scar – basecoating with Caliban green and adding white scar to make a non metallic
metal effect and because nonmetallic metal is really time-consuming process I
have actually made a video where I am explaining the whole process so don’t
expect me to show you the whole of it right here but you can check out that
video if you want Here is the first layer here is the layer after I made
some transitions and to make those transitions you want to water down your
mix and pretty much add it to the blade just like this when you want to darken
your blade just add more watered down dark mix and when you want to make it
brighter just pretty much add brighter mix and if you’re not happy with that
just push the pigment to the edge of the blade and use wet blending to mix the
dark color and the bright color. So after some work done I am happy with my blade
and it’s time to edge highlight it with white. This is the result after it’s been
done. Now once again I’m taking Liberator gold and pretty much fix any mistakes
and make it even brighter and shinier now I will show you how to create those
gems so you will base coat it with purple then you add white to the mix and
concentrate on this side of the gem make a smooth transitions as always add even
more white and also make a small line along the
opposite edge to make it actually look like a gem. Here I am just making it more
smooth. Here I am adding a white dot to create a little shine, if you are feeling
adventurous you can add a little white line under that. Now I will add similar
white line to the opposite side but make it really thin.
Now just making it more smooth. And here is what we’ve got. And this way I will do
all of the gems on the Farseer including the one on his forehead but I
have already done that one okay so here is the rest of the gems and you can see
the Farseer is looking quite good already to finish the white pauldrons and this
little scarf I will take Ulthuan Grey basecoat it with that. Take Drakenhof
nightshade, apply it to your wet palette and pretty much shade those
areas now you can clearly see I have made some mistakes so just correct it with Ulthuan Grey okay here is the progress now I will
take pure white – I am using white scar in this case and just edge highlight it as
always. We are almost finished now I have decided to add object source lightening
effect to his hand because he is after all casting a psychic
power and I am just using Ahriman blue and adding white to the mix and pretty
much after some effort this is what we got. The miniature itself of the Farseer
is now finished but what is left to do is his base to finish this model I will
take Abaddon black and apply it on the edge of the base also take Celestra grey
and paint the small stones on which he steps I will now take Stirland Mud, apply
it to my wet palette and afterwards I will apply it straight to the base. This is
what we’ve got and when it’s dry I will apply these shades – so Agrax Earthshade for the brown area and for the stones I will add Nuln oil. Once dry I
will use Ryza dust and apply it on the brown parts and I will take Longbeard
gray and apply it on the stones mainly and to finish it I will once again apply
Abaddon black to the edge of the base and the Farseer is now finished. OK with that we are now done I hope that you liked this video and if you did go
ahead and give it a thumbs up and if you really liked it you can go ahead and
subscribe to my channel to see similar videos to this one and you can leave a
comment about what you want to see next okay see you in the next one

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