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  1. This company went absolutely NOWHERE because they did virtually no publicity and outreach to the collector community. I ran across them almost by accident and my registration and store setup were fraught with problems.

    The owners/operators were apathetic and I never got any sort of "thank you" or "welcome aboard", even though I was by far one of the more prolific sellers. I did massive publicity and still didn't sell shit from about 2014-2016. What a bunch of losers.

    When I began to delist my items and migrate them to other selling platforms I got absolutely no questions along the lines of "hey Steve; how come you're leaving us"?? What a waste, you spend tens of thousands of dollars setting up a website and you didn't do shit publicity or marketing. The few customers I had I steered towards the site and almost bribed them to buy from me and to leave feedback in an effort to generate interest in this apathetic website.

    Just look at this youtube page; it was put up in 2012 and in 2019 I'm the first, last and apparently ONLY person to leave a comment.

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