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Overland Hummer H1 built by Rockstar Energy Garage :SEMA show Las Vegas USA

Overland Hummer H1 built by Rockstar Energy Garage :SEMA show Las Vegas USA

what's up guys I'm at SEMA I'm at the bullet liner booth at SEMA and they have a Hummer it's pretty badass at a rooftop tent this is a Cascadia vehicle tent on the top I check this thing out they're famous for their lining it's got a bullet liner I think is tough man I mean you really can't say a whole lot about the Hummer it's military-grade so this thing is pretty tough as it is they've upgraded a bunch of stuff to it but a winch on here they upgraded the suspension it's got King off-road shocks that's nice I put a bulldog LED light bar on there I like how they have the little small side LED lights so you could see the sides you don't have any blind spots out at night that's really nice look at this it's like a mini rack so you could step on it actually has actually has an extraction so you can step on that bar there you don't have to worry about breaking your LEDs there's the inside pretty stock on the inside for the most part they get some cool center console though a nice big cargo rack in the back and carry tons of stuff back there I have sweat Humber's your famous floors or portal axles yeah really high ground clearance look at that there's a LED light bar inside the crossmember he isn't he has a backup camera I guess it's a rock crawling camera you can see what you're backing up into these racks are made by predator by the line he's got a air tank for powertools check out this tent here's the sleeping area products in there yeah that rooftop tent you can sleep in there to see what's under the hood here we go perfect timing Cummins turbo diesel and that exactly sure love models in there but I'm sure it's got a lot of horsepower a lot of torque probably got crazy crazy torque being a Cummins turbo diesel

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  2. Talking about blind spots. With the type of side mirrors that vehicle has, they are the blind spot. We would mount those mirrors as low as we could so ya could look over the mirror. Operated these vehicles from 1987 thru 2001.

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