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  1. Must visit there sometime. I don't actually need anything right now, but I guess I'd spend lots if I do go, haha. Hope you found what you wanted. How does it compare with Marine Bazaar?

  2. When I traveled nationwide for a living I'd aways call in at Bogeys when in the area to stock up on work clothing and to just explore the place..loved it. Pleased to see it's still there. Thanks for including a bit of history and the poem. Great video.👍

  3. Andy, You don't see many shops like that nowadays, a real treasure trove. Loved the car journey and obviously the browse through the shop, cracking video, very nautical. Many thanks for sharing. 👍👍👍 Aidan

  4. Now that was some kind of store Andy. I could spend an age in there. I liked the journey over. I noticed the chain on the ferry. It reminded me you were subject to other forces to. One thing that was more interesting though was when you got to the other side seeing them same tower blocks you passed by. The sense of perspective there was intriguing. Cool video and journey. Mark

  5. I haven’t been to Knights surplus shop for years. My dad used to take me there when I was a teenager. I used to call it boogie nights 😄 I must pay it a visit as I loved having a mooch around the place

  6. A fantastic tour!
    The history and poem as well.
    I could see the crowd marching in merriment, from one place to the next.
    Oh the shenanigans that would’ve happened from start to end.
    It’s been a pleasure.
    Thanks Andy! ✌️🍻

  7. Very well made video mate, very enjoyable, the shop looked awesome too, would love a gander around that place. All the best 👍

  8. Loved it Andy another great story, Loved the man cave 😜.. I can remember getting stuck in the traffic too cross a few years ago now brings back happy memories all the best Justin.

  9. A great trip out Andy that was a contrast of sorts between the organic and the inorganic. I will not go in to rant mode but it is criminal what has, and is happening to the Royal Naval Dockyard and the knock on effect that this has. Bogey's is my sort of place and you showcased it marvellously. I can never have too much time to peruse such wonderful places 🙂

  10. You certainly made the contrast clear. It's likely just me, but I also picked up a sense of trepidation before the crossing, and relief upon the return. Go figure 😉 I used to enjoy exploring surplus stores, but I haven't been to any in years. I can't seem to wear out the equipment I already have. Thanks and be well.

  11. Very good. Had to put on a jacket to watch. Made me chilly.
    Surplus store looked like it had a few goodies in there. Nice film

  12. awesome video,great shop to spend a bit of time the view looking over the bay.thanks for the video.take care

  13. Some great views from your spot there Andy, and you did a fine job of portraying the contrast. Would love to poke around in that old shop. Never know what you'll come across in a place like that one. Very good video … thank you.

  14. Wow what a treasure trove of stuff in that shop.. could spend hours sifting through stuff there.. and spend a few quid too I reckon..awesome Atb Lee

  15. Now that is what I call one packed shop, I would hate to do a stock check there!  Nice spot of the fawn, always great to see that out in the wild.  Looked a canny day and nice to spend it kicking back and watching the bay.  Cheers Alan

  16. Such a lovely video. You certainly feel the contrast of both sides of the Tamar. Love the poem, how many pubs! Brought back memories as my Dad was on the Ark Royal when it was decommissioned, remember picking him up from Devonport but I was quite young so detail is sketchy!Many thanks for sharing. Sarah

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